Christmas In February

Covid has fucked up a lot. We all know this, and we’re all dealing with it as best we can.

One way in which our lives around here got messed up by travel and gathering restrictions was that we could not have Christmas with my inlaws. First time ever we’ve missed being there, even when we lived halfway across the country we made it home. We hadn’t seen them since Thanksgiving! So, Christmas came and went, January came and went, and most of February too. But this week, our area relaxed a bit to gatherings of 10 (we were 6) so we went while the going was good. We were supposed to go Saturday, but while it was sunny here, they had a big snow storm there, so we waited another day and went yesterday. And even then, once we got there, we kept distance pretty well. But, especially for the kids yet for all of us: we got to visit home, and we got to have Christmas. It was so good to see them. Talk about making memories.


But you’re here for the musics – of course I got prezzies. Reviews will come in due time, so this is just a run-through, and what an incredible day it was (this is understatement).


You understand my excitement. My shock at this amount of goodness, especially for a guy who has been holding back on buying much new stuff for the better part of a year. I am going to savour all of this.


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  1. The More Malkmus, The Merrier!


  2. Better late than never. All those sweet gifts make-up for the delay and this will keep you busy for quite awhile!!


    • Yeah, I would have been good with just the visit (and that meal) but prezzie are inevitable. Especially for the kids, of course (they get spoiled every year). There is a ton of stuff to hear and enjoy here, and it’s all glorious!

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  3. Merry Merry, right there! Stones and Wilco sets are a real treat (the Summerteeth one, especially).


  4. Merry Christmas Aaron!


  5. Nice scores Dude. When u get to the Hip find out for me if they have the Crocks date from Feb 88? I would be curious to see if its in there…


    • Nope. All they have for February ’88 is Saskatoon (@ Louis’) on 1988-02-27 but that setlist is missing. At quick glance it looks like the setlists for early dates are spotty at best.

      The next month is a lot of live debuts at the Grand Central in Ottawa 1988-03-02: She Didn’t Know, Highway Girl, All Canadian Surf Club, Last American Exit, New Orleans Is Sinking, Evelyn, I’m A Werewolf, When The Weight Comes Down, Cemetery Sideroad… Cool covers too, like Suzie Q, Baby Please Dont Go, that Stones track. And some cool unknown (to me) tracks too…

      Looks like a cool time to be catching them!

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  6. Merry Belated Christmas!! That hip merch looks interesting


    • Thanks! Yeah I like to find Hip-related stuff. Timely for you guys, right now too, eh? This setlist book, if you’ve got a show you saw and don’t know the setlist, I’ll bet this book has it (lemme know)!


  7. That first Rolling Stone cover is so cool – an Eagle with jet engines!


  8. Not a bad Christmas!


  9. Nice! How do your inlaws know to get you this stuff? Mine get me gift cards to Swiss Chalet to take Sarah out to diner. I don’t even like Swiss Chalet all that much.

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    • Does Sarah like it? Ha, if not, maybe a convo is in order!?

      I keep an Amazon wishlist, mostly for myself as a reminder of what intrigued me, and what I wanna get eventually, just things I come across. It even has Telecasters and amps on it, lol. So, my brother-in-law just looks up that list and orders stuff over time, which I never notice disappear from the list because I hardly ever check it very closely. So we get together for these times and magically stuff off my list appears! For him it’s even easier – he just emails us a list. He’s a big-time collector of WWII books so his search is quite targeted.

      I like this ease of doing things, as it’s more about the get-together anyway. And the pie. My mother-in-law’s pies are always a highlight, for me! This year it was her apple pie and oh man, OH MAN!

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      • Yeah… we can’t even get Sarah’s Mom to text so, amazon lists are not an option, lol.

        Sarah does like Swiss Chalet a bit more than I do, so at least she is getting something out of it. I’d have a convo with them but it took me 10 years to get them to like me so I don’t want to rock the boat!

        Homemade apple pie… yum!


  10. Stephen Malkmus, Wilco, the Hip… Great stuff here!


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