Bidiniband – The Land Is Wild

I covered this album in a series with Mike way back in 2013. READ IT HERE.

Here in 2021, everything I said about it then still stands now. I’m not being lazy, I just love this band, I love this album, and Dave Bidini is a modern day hero of mine. This album has a wit, an intelligence, and a care that make it (and its brothers) some of my favourite things ever. 


I actually took the time to link all the tracks. It’s that important!

10 thoughts on “Bidiniband – The Land Is Wild

    1. keepsmealive says:

      On A Cold Road! I love that book so much! Gad I remembered to include a copy of it in that bunch for you! Man, I feel so bad I missed out on the doc, I wasn’t in a space to be doing a whole lot then and now… well, is there still a way for me to see it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. deKE says:

        I don’t think so Aaron. I will let you know when it appears again at some point or maybe I will just ask Frank and see what he says.


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