Bryan Adams – Christmas Time b/w Reggae Christmas 7″

So, I have to go backwards some more. After a conversation with Mike yesterday, I realized I haven’t been covering my 7″ collection here in this series. There are just a few to do before I’m all caught up for good (I think).











I have two copies of this 7″ from 1985, a standard black vinyl, and a cool clear green edition with a slip cover (pictured).

The two songs are fun. I know for sure we used to hear the title track on the radio (at Christmas) all the time, as kids. It’s a typical Bryan Adams feel-good mid-tempo song filtered through Santa’s workshop and every sappy holiday movie you’ve ever seen. The video (and its ending) represents a typical winter’s day in most towns (including mine) lol.

Reggae Christmas (the video for which includes Pee Wee Herman), is less sappy more party, but still right in that feel-good groove aimed at radio. 

Both of these tracks came right when Adams and the band were flying high with Reckless, and it was cool to see them having a bit of fun with it.


10 thoughts on “Bryan Adams – Christmas Time b/w Reggae Christmas 7″

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Absolutely, called (wait for it)… Diana. I know, a real stretch. That’s one of my fave Adams tunes. I covered it in this series a little while back, somewhere in these pages. I have it on LP and cassette!

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  1. stephen1001 says:

    Surprisingly, I hadn’t heard Reggae Christmas before last year – but our local station that switches to Christmas music had it in the rotation this year.
    So if he was aiming for radio, he hit the mark, just with a 35 year delay in making it on the airwaves in Kingston!

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