Björk – Greatest Hits

Here is an excellent primer for Bjork’s unique work, full of songs you know. It covers 1993-2002, which some might consider her main period, though she’s never stopped making vital records so she’s probably due for another Hits set by now, almost 20 years after this one.

There is one new song on here, All Is In Our Hands, which I like. There are video versions of Big Time Sensuality and All Is Full Of Love here, the versions most folks heard anyway. Conspicuously absent are It’s Oh So Quiet, Violently Happy, Alarm Call, I Miss You, Cocoon… 

This collection still really shows off how truly powerful and special Bjork is. This should have been a 2CD, though.

Here’s the full thing. Listen, then go buy it!


6 thoughts on “Björk – Greatest Hits

      1. J. says:

        I don’t particularly like them, but I remember Kaiser Chiefs having this unique idea that allowed people to create their own version of an album on their website. Tracks, running order, etc. I can’t mind if it was a hits set or what, but artists / labels should really utilise the website to allow fans the opportunity to perhaps vote for the songs that will appear on a best of collection. I get that hits collections generally include hits, but clearly something here meant those were excluded.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          That is a cool idea. I’d imagine a lot of folks make their own anyway, from the albums. (It’s what I do!)

          I looked it up and those 15 songs that did make the Bjork hits set add up to 72:19, so it looks like it’s a CD album time limit issue. More proof it needed to be 2CD!

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