Max The Axe – Oktoberfest Cheer EP

Max The Axe is back with a short, 3-song EP called Oktoberfest Cheer. This makes me happy! Let’s go! 

[good headphones and top volume recommended]

Pygmy Blowdart rocks well, with a satifying punk chug. Guitar and bass lead the charge with effective, excellent solos. And while the message isn’t one with which I can personally identify these days, I feel this one is right on the pocket of where it needs to be. Hell yeah! Excellent opener.

Long-time Readers of the KMA will know of my love for Black Flag, so Max’s cover of Thirsty And Miserable, here, is very welcome indeed. Of course, they nailed it. It’s a straight-on crasher barrelling straight toward oblivion. The energy is infectious, the vocals were on point (without being slavish to the original), the guitar solo ruled, and I loved it. 

Last up is Oktoberfest Cheer. Quick Story: I once served beer at KW’s Oktoberfest as a college volunteer, in the mid-late 90s, and swore after that to never do that again. The bacchanal is more fun when you’re part of it, I suppose, not sober on the sidelines serving up swill. Anyway. This tune reminds me of that night, all over the place busy, loud as hell, and looking for a great time. The guitar rasps and growls, the accordion adds levity, and it all brings to mind Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Mahones, the Real McKenzies in the best possible ways! “Don’t crush my smokes! Don’t spill my beer!” 

In Sum:

New Max The Axe! I love it. All three songs were on-theme and well done, indeed. The punk approach perfectly encapsulates the expansive, well-lubricated and slightly desperate need for getting a good time while you can at festivals like that. I can hear, smell and taste the party, the swirl, energy and need of it all. At three songs in under 10 minutes, this leaves me wanting more (see what I did there). Here’s hoping there’s another full album in the offing, at some point. Thanks to Mike for getting this copy to me (I still owe you for it lol!). It now sits proudly beside my copy of Status Electric. Thanks, guys!

14 thoughts on “Max The Axe – Oktoberfest Cheer EP

    1. keepsmealive says:

      I don’t know yet. James has some JBLs he likes (bought on sale). I saw Audio Technika, Skull Candy and Anker sets that came highly reviewed. And I got a gift card for the Amazons for our recent wedding anniversary (18 years!) so I can get a nice set of headphones. We’ll see.

      Probably the first I’ll listen to is my old standby tester album, the Wynton Marsalis Standard Time Vol. 3 (a desert island disc for me) because they did not fix the bass rattles, so if I can hear that, even at low volumes, I know it’s all good.


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