Today, I admit a failing and offer up the most useless non-review of all time.

You could probably stop reading now.

This will be the most vague post ever, because the CD in question, Urinesane is now a mystery to me. That CD got swept up in the last cull that I did a couple of months ago and it’s long gone from here. I couldn’t even find a picture of the album art on Google images or Duck Duck Go.

I did, however, look back at my post where I mentioned I’d got it, and found this: “Urinesane – Home Recordings Bought purely on spec, still in the shrinkwrap. Turns out to be a local band from a couple of towns over. No idea what it sounds like, but I’m gonna find out!

Apparently I found out but can’t remember it at all. There is a picture of it, at that link, but you’ll have to squint. I even mentioned, in that post, that it was time to do a cull, lol.

You could probably stop reading now.

I don’t remember the year it was released (or even if I looked to find out, at the time), and Discogs and Google were zero help. I did find a different band called Urine Sane from the Netherlands that is listed as punk, nu-metal, pop punk and horror rock, but that’s definitely not this band/album.

So now I’m left here trying to remember what it sounded like, and I can’t really. Seriously.


You really should have stopped reading a while ago.

In Sum:

I don’t have the CD anymore, I can’t find details or album art, and I don’t remember what the music sounded like.

Nevermind Urinesane. I’M INSANE. Lol.

This was the most useless post ever.

10 thoughts on “Urinesane

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Lol I think now that it was a matter of timing. The cull was happening and away it went. I hear so much music, I don’t remember it clearly enough to write anything about it, and it looks as though mine would be the only info online about it AT ALL so if it couldn’t be factual there was no point in trying.

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