Trapper – Go For The Heart

Mike recently got a new Trapper cassette, direct from Sean Kelly. There were only 50 made and they’re already sold out. Cool for Mike, bummer for the rest of us that they’re so limited in quantity.

So, as it was topical, I said, ‘hey, I’ve got a Trapper CD’ to which Mike was surprised as, it turns out, he told me there were only 300 of those made. He’d just spent a lot of money to order a copy for himself. I admitted I’d gotten mine at work, therefore at low cost.

When I bought it, a little while ago, I’d had no idea it was rare. I bought it for a couple of reasons. First, because of Emm Gryner. She is amazing and lovely and talented and can sing with power unlike most ladies you’ll hear. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing her in concert twice, so far (I’d go again tomorrow), and she’s always stellar. So I thought, Emm’s in a rock band? I’ll grab that! No-brainer. Second, I bought it because of Sean Kelly, whom I knew from my copy of Metal On Ice, though I know he’s also playing with Coney Hatch and probably working on a million other things besides because he, too, is awesome. I could listen to him play all day. In fact, I know I have.

This disc rocks. At 5 tracks, it definitely leaves me wanting more, but it’s a brilliant collection anyway. This is great driving music… well, back when we could go places on road trips. Remember that? You know, in the before times? Sigh. I do miss those days and I hope the world stops being stupid soon so we can get back to more mobility. Anyway, this would be perfect blasting from the deck as you chase that center line.

The production here is crystal clear, the band is tight as hell, and the arrangements are perfect. The three original tracks should all be on the radio. Seriously. And there are two covers, as well: Scandal (f. Patty Smyth)’s The Warrior, and The Outfield’s Your Love. Trapper absolutely nails them both.

Further, when Mike mentioned there were so few of these CDs made, I did something I hadn’t yet done since I bought it: I opened the booklet, looking to see if it was numbered in some way, you know, #157/300 or whatever. It was not numbered, but I did find, to my surprise, that my copy was signed:

I don’t know who Shea is, though Mike guessed it was the person who met Sean and Emm and got them to sign it, and he’s likely right. Bonus points for autographed copy.

I’d tell you that you need this album in your collection, but now I’ve learned they are rare, so it might be a tough find for you. If you do see one of these in the wild, grab it up without thinking twice.

We can only hope that the band will collect up tracks from their cassettes and this EP, and maybe even throw on some new tracks (!), and make a full album more readily available to all of us. This stuff needs to be heard.

If you are reading this, folks in Trapper, pretty please with a cherry on top make a full album. Then follow that up with another, then another and another… you get the idea. You’ve got a good thing going, capitalize on it! \m/ \m/

To tide the rest of us over, here are the tracks on the Tubes Of You:

22 thoughts on “Trapper – Go For The Heart

  1. Lana Teramae says:

    Hey, I could’ve sworn I saw Def Leppard in the booklet. I think Trapper opened up for Def Leppard in 2015, though, so it makes sense. That’s cool the CD was signed too! Also, I love this part of your review: “This is great driving music… well, back when we could go places on road trips. Remember that? You know, in the before times? Sigh.” Ah, the good old times.


  2. 2loud2oldmusic says:

    That is so cool. And you didn’t know it was signed…very nice surprise!! I’ve had a few like that lately that ordered of eBay or Discogs and apparently they had been signed but I didn’t see that in the description which leads me to believe, the seller had no idea what they had as I didn’t pay inflated prices.


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