MYSTIQUE! \m/ \m/

About a month ago, on July 15, Mike and Harrison hosted an awesome interview with Marco D’Auria about his film Standing On The Fire Line: The Story Of Mystique. It’s a documentary film about Hamilton’s Mystique, a local, independent band who released relatively little music, over 30 years ago, but who has a very loyal following.

I managed to catch the last part of the show live, as I had only recently gotten my Friday nights back (after switching jobs). It’s a great talk! I was happy to see Mike in the Motörhead shirt I sent him, and I agree about Hamilton (all deference to those there but I, too, consider it one of Dante’s circles of hell, from a driver’s perspective). Also, I was saddened to learn that night that Mike was shutting down regular shows – right as I got Fridays back! Gah. Anyway.

Part of this excellent discussion was giveaways, of an 8″x10″ picture (signed), and of a poster signed by three members of the band. I happened to be there for the poster giveaway and I entered my response. Mike’s Mom won, I think, but somehow I got the prize. It arrived yesterday!!!

Huge thanks to Marco, Mike, and Mystique! Metal alliteration! \m/ \m/




As for this killer poster, check out the MAJESTY!

Hell yeah! \m/ \m/
Closer look at the signatures.
Thank you for making the film, Marco! \m/ \m/

14 thoughts on “MYSTIQUE! \m/ \m/

                1. keepsmealive says:

                  Well it’s not absolutely necessary, but autographs do fade. I once met Dave Steib after a Blue Jays game, as a kid, and he signed a ball for me. I just left it out and, of course, the autograph just eventually disappeared.

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