Manipulant – Somewhereness

My many thanks to Manipulant for sending a copy of his new album for review. I’ve played it through twice, now, and I love it. This will be brief as I’ve already missed the release date (January 30) and I want to get this posted…

Somewhereness has purpose, edge, and taste. Drums and synths are strong, and throbbing bass lines anchor the efforts. Vocals range from lovely singing to almost-whispered stories to electronic radio voices. It is all well-sequenced and clear.

To me, this felt like a wide-ranging soundtrack to an 80s film, with early tracks Blade Runner-esque, evoking endless mazes of buildings in the rain under flickering neon lights. Other times, it becomes light-hearted and playful. Still others, it’s damn-near Tom Waits-ish, while elsewhere we get techno and industrial together. The longest track, Behind The Scene, lets the listener drift away for almost nine minutes of instrument clarity. It’s a massive balancing act, handled with aplomb, and it’s truly great.

In Sum: I’m unable to compare this effort to all the other Manipulant albums I’ve heard (also reviewed in these pages). Comparison is unfair anyway. This one feels different, this one feels 2023 and 1983. New directions, change, sounds and creative visions to please us all. Manipulant is now, Manipulant is progress, Manipulant is here. Get Somewhereness today (links below)!

Tracks: Wobble, Tomorrow, Hunger Stones, The Scene, Monkey Puzzle, Come Along, Beach Or Tree, The Joke, Here Come The Babies, Well Oiled Machine, Behind The Scene, Track Twelve.

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