The French Connection (1971)
The Weather Man
Bangkok Dangerous
-June 2021-

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
The Birth Of The Dragon
Grey’s Anatomy S9
Wayne’s World
Liar Liar
Simspons S10
Grey’s Anatomy S8
-May 2021 (7)-

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets
Grey’s Anatomy S7
Riders Of Justice
Grey’s Anatomy S6
National Treasure
Grey’s Anatomy S5
Simpsons S9
Boogie Nights
-April 2021 (8)-

Training Day
Lord Of War
The Dark Knight Rises
The Dig
The Dark Knight
Batman Begins
Simpsons S8
Grey’s Anatomy S4
Mr. And Mrs. Smith
Mulan (2020)
Grey’s Anatomy S3
Simpsons S7
Inside Man
-March 2021 (17)-

The Fifth Element
Simpsons S6
District 13 (Banlieue 13)
The Old Guard
Grey’s Anatomy S2
True Lies
Ghost In The Shell
Alita: Battle Angel
Simpsons S5
Bend It Like Beckham

La Femme Nikita
Up The Creek
Grey’s Anatomy S1
-February 2021 (20)-

Game Of Death
Enter The Dragon
Simpsons S4
The Way Of The Dragon
The Chinese Connection
Fists Of Fury
Simpsons S3
The Mandalorian S2
Ninja Assassin
Seven Samurai
Simpsons S2
Glass (The Eastrail 177 Trilogy, Part 3)
The Mandalorian S1
Split (The Eastrail 177 Trilogy, Part 2)
Unbreakable (The Eastrail 177 Trilogy, Part 1)
Designated Survivor S3
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Avengers: Endgame
-January 2021 (18)-

2020 (As Far Back As I Can Remember)

Captain Marvel
Simpsons S1
Ant-Man And The Wasp
Avengers: Infinity War
Black Panther
Thor: Ragnarok
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
Doctor Strange
Captain America: Civil War

Designated Survivor S2
Avengers: Age Of Ultron
Guardians Of The Galaxy
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Thor: The Dark World
Iron Man 3 
Marvel’s The Avengers
Captain America: The First Avenger
Iron Man 2
The Incredible Hulk
Iron Man
Designated Survivor S1
Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise Of Skywalker
Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi
Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens
Rogue One
Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge Of The Sith
Star Wars Episode 2: Attack Of The Clones
Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

Out Of Order But I Know We Watched:

Community (all 6 seasons)
Avatar (whole series)