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Atoms For Peace – Default

Another super-cool limited edition, embossed 12” LP single from Amok.

Default b/w What The Eyeballs Did, and Default (Instrumental Edit)

And at risk of repeating myself here, the non-album tracks here should’ve been included on Amok. I’d totally have been OK with an extended track list. I get that there was a vision for the playlist, but the b-sides were as strong as the album tracks. Amok was only 44 minutes long, they had plenty of space to include this other stuff.

Also, for those collectors out there who are really into this stuff, there were also a bunch of single-sided, single-song, limited edition 12” LP singles released for Amok: Unless, Amok, Reverse Running, Dropped, Ingenue, and Stuck Together Pieces. Cool.


Atoms For Peace – Before Your Very Eyes

Another brilliant limited edition, embossed 12” LP single from Amok.

Before Your Very Eyes b/w Magic Beanz (non-album track)

And again, Magic Beanz should be on Amok. Not replacing anything already there, just added. 



Atoms For Peace – Judge Jury And Executioner

I collected as many of these limited edition, embossed 12″ LP singles from the (amazing) Amok album as I could.

Because awesome.

Judge Jury And Executioner b/w S.A.D. (non-album track).

Honestly, I don’t know how S.A.D. didn’t get on the album. Ah well.



Atoms For Peace – Amok

For some reason I own four copies of this. Two are the deluxe fold-out CD release, one regular CD, and one LP. All have the same 9 tracks. The deluxes are very cool. Does having so many matter to me? Hell no. Maybe they’re multiplying in my collection, like rabbits…

I love this album.


Taranna Trip: Preface

TARANNA: As I mentioned in an earlier post, my Dad and I made were in Taranna recently. I bought musics, and will tell you about all of it. I plan to keep the posts super short, and to try to hone my Briefly Telling You Something Informatively skills.

(ARGUABLY UNNECESSARY) RESCUE MISSIONS: I keep a .txt list of all my music (artists and titles) on my phone. Apparently it needs an overhaul because on this last trip I bought a few items I already own. They were:


Rheostatics – Greatest Hits. I will forever love the Rheos, and not only because they called their first album their Greatest Hits. Turns out I already had this CD. And the LP.

Atoms For Peace – Amok (Deluxe Edition). I already own the CD. And the LP. But this was a shiny lovely deluxe fold-out CD edition for cheap, which I did not have. Unnecessary? Yes but also no.


Rollins Band – Nice (Advance CD). This is just the album (which I already own), with some promotional content added to the CD (which I also already own). This was a rescue mission (and my third copy). Because ROLLINS.

Mounties – Thrash Rock Legacy. I already own this CD, but it’s Hawksley (et al.) and it was in the clearance for $2.99 so I could not leave it to languish. I will find it a good home.

OK. First CD from BMV posts tomorrow.

Atoms For Peace – Amok

I’d been after this album for a while, and I got the CD for Christmas! I’ve been through it three times since boxing day and I’m entranced.

Here we have a super-group of Thom Yorke, Nigel Godrich, Mauro Refosco, Joey Waronker, and Flea. They’re named after a speech Eisenhower gave at the UN in 1953 (and the subsequent program).

9 tracks in 45 minutes, it’s equally ethereal and immediate, mature and playful, and entirely engaging (and well it should be, given the crew involved). It sounds like anything could happen at any moment, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Essential listening.

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