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Ontario Bands Series: Bunchofuckingoofs – Barrage Of Battery And Brutality

Get yerself a healthy eyeful of this glorious series logo made by the illustrious Mike @! Don’t you just love it!

Get yerself a healthy eyeful of this glorious series logo made by the illustrious Mike @! Don’t you just love it!


















I bought this in a CD shoppe at Circle and 8th in Saskatoon, the name of which I can’t remember and I’m sure is long gone. It was tucked back in from the road, almost behind another building, attached to a bad breakfast-type restaurant… They had another location downtown, their signs were black and yellow… James?

Anyway, the guy working that day was (and likely still is) pretty gay, and he was kinda hitting on me, which is flattering even though my wife might be proof I wouldn’t be reciprocating. But I remember clearly that he looked at the CD I brought to the counter and said “oh dear.” Haha. Awkward!

Bunchofuckingoofs were a Kensington Market fixture in the 80s, leaders of a scene that spawned several punk bands and ruined the hearing of many. This compilation disc (covering tracks recorded from 1984-1995) is in your face, angry shouting punk awesomeness. They have plenty to say, and they sure don’t pull any punches.

My favourite track has always been Get A Bike Asshole, ranting about bikes being better than cars. It reminds me of a friend, Luc, back when we lived in Montreal. He said “when I am in my car, I hate bikes! But when I am on my bike, I hate cars!” Haha.

Anyway, I’m rambling and not telling you about this CD. Honestly, in a way, this is pretty terrible – the production is muddy and all over the map (given different years), the vocals are brutal, and the songs sound kind of amateurish, like a garage band your brother thrashes with so he can work out his angst. BUT THAT’S WHY I LOVE IT SO! This sort of stuff pleases me to no end, and I love it completely. Perhaps the track titles tell the story:

Trust Me
Bad Dream In Toronto
Get A Bike Asshole
Bleeding Dead Cowards
Knock Em Down
It’s Your Problem
Alcoholiday Turned Alcoholacaust
Crack Attack
Fucking Right You’re Sick
Little Brother Watches Back
Fascist Statement
Have U Ever Seen
Total Breakdown
– and buried at track 69, it’s Oh Canaduh.

In Sum:

You’d have to be into drunken Canadian hardcore punk to want a copy of this for yourself, but me, I love it. I still play it every so often, and my run-through for this post was like visiting a long-time friend. A very drunk, very angry, slightly off-kilter, but never boring long-time friend.



If you want to know about them in detail, Wiki’s got ya covered:

Bunchofuckingoofs, or the BFGs, are an infamous Canadian hardcore punk band from Kensington Market in Toronto, Ontario who formed in November 1983 as a response to “a local war with glue huffing Nazi skinheads.”

They ran a 24 hour a day, seven day a week boozecan for five years from July 1983 to July 1988 at their Baldwin Street address known on the street as “Fort Goof”. Their “live like there is no tomorrow, end of the world by nuclear war” attitude and lifestyle was documented in Ruth Taylor and Edward Mowbray’s Victory Video Arts Presentation’s “Not Dead Yet” in 1984.

For another three and half years they continued their antics at the 26A Oxford Street warehouse (Goof World) until May 5, 1991. Spawned from this local scene were the bands 4½ Reasons For Retroactive Abortion, Brutally Honest, Ded Fuck, No Identity (No I.D.), Blasphamy, Nunoyerfuckinbiziness (N.F.B.), Armed and Hammered, B. Bob’s Banned, Verboten, PolitiKILL inCOREct and the singer of the present line-up for Random Killing. The band has a notorious reputation for their excessive beer drinking, anti social outbursts and violent behaviour on and off stage as well as their followers. They were label mates with the Dayglo Abortions on God Records and Fringe Product.

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