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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds – Live At Luther College

Hands-down, one of my favourite Dave Matthews releases ever. Maybe even THE favourite. It’s just soooo good. What these two guys do (in a live setting and perfectly recorded) with two acoustic guitars and their imaginations on all these classic tunes over two full CDs is just mind-blowing.

I got my first copy of this waaaay back when my lovely wife and I were still dating, and we hadn’t moved to Montreal yet, so that would have been somewhere in the first half of 1999. For some dumb reason I didn’t have that copy anymore, so I replaced it. And now the greatness lives in my house again so all is right in the world.

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds – Live At Radio City

An easy Taranna grab…

I loved early Dave Matthews stuff, but I probably fell off buying every new release after Before These Crowded Streets. I know, I know, he’s put out a ton of stuff since then, a lot of it great. I just went in different directions, I guess, though it’s always fun when I hear him here or there.

Anyway, one of the releases I love most is the 2CD set he made with Tim Reynolds at Luther College. I played the hell out of that. There’s just something about those two dudes with two acoustic guitars, just jamming like hell and ripping it up… it pleased me more often than DMB itself does, you know? I know, I’m weird.

I honestly didn’t even know this set existed (I haven’t been paying attention), so of course I grabbed it up super-fast, a steal at $5.99 for the 2CD set. And what did I think? It’s excellent, of course. The sound is big and clear, and the versions here are brilliant. There’s also this info:

“The tracks were recorded at a live acoustic rock concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on April 22, 2007. The 26-song set features 12 songs from Dave Matthews Band albums and six songs from Dave Matthews’ Some Devil album. The other songs in the set include various unreleased and cover songs. Matthews and Reynolds played the entire set together, with the exception of two solos by Reynolds—”Betrayal” and “You Are My Sanity”—and one solo performance by Matthews—”Some Devil.” This is the first time Matthews has played piano at a show, and he also plays a small piece of The Beatles’ “Blackbird” before “Out of My Hands”.” (Wiki)

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