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Grail List Success! Dayglo Abortions – Little Man In The Canoe

So I was in Taranna at BMV, and had my awesome finds bought and paid for… then I saw their CD bin by the front door… damn it… I couldn’t just walk past it… I had to look… aaaaand I found two more that had to come home… of course…

Even better, this is a Grail List Success story!

I love me some Dayglo Abortions. Now, probably because they didn’t print millions of copies of anything, copies of their stuff are hard to find, and when you do find them, they’re usually prohibitively expensive. Not this one! Thanks BMV for hooking me up with this brilliant blast of CanCon punker awesomeness!

Hit It Or Quit It? Hit, of course!

Grail List Item Success! Dayglos!


Dayglo Abortions – Feed Us A Fetus (1986)

Yes! Another super-exciting Grail List item success story! I’ve had most of the Dayglo’s short-ish discography on the Grail List for a while, because typically their albums (especially the earlier ones) are priced pretty high. So when Feed Us A Fetus appeared online for a decent price, it was an instant ordering pour moi!

Ahhhh, man I haven’t listened to the Dayglos in a good long while, and it turns out I have truly missed The Cretin (guitar and vocals), Spud (bass and vocals), and Jesus Bonehead (drums). It’s so awesomely refreshing! Of course they’re silly, like the “blah blah blah” verses of Argh Fuck Kill, while Bedtime Story even has a piano solo of Brahms’ Lullaby as an intro, and Dogfarts is hilarious. Religious Bumfucks is the purest punk I’ve heard in a long time, and is doubly hilarious after my recent listening of Arvo Pärt. Proud To Be A Canadian (“pass me another beer!”) is fun too. Scared Of People – Black Sabbath is brilliant, especially the latter half when he reveals his love of pretending to be Black Sabbath, and I Want To Be East Indian channels pure Sex Pistols.

I could list what I loved about every track. Honestly this is all super-tight punk rock, unquestionably an overall excellent effort!

In looking this one up, I learned that my CD copy is missing one track that is listed as the last track on Wiki, called Kill Cunt Brain – Whiter Than Hitler. What a bummer, with a track name like that! Also, this was released in 1986, yet it has several tracks from their 1981 release Out Of The Womb thrown onto it because… well, why not? I guess? Haha whatever! Who cares?

This CD will make you drive really, really fast. Go go GO!

Feed Us A Fetus fuckin’ rules!

The Black Sabbath bit starts at 1:40:

Dayglo Abortions – Grail List Additions

Grail List Additions For Aaron

Quickly poking my head in from hiatus to add to my Grail List requests. I’m looking for Dayglo Abortions. I used to have more of them here but am unsure where they went. They may have been loaned out and not returned. Anyway, prices on some of these are high (you’d think they were Japanese imports, eh, Mike?) so just like the Gojira we’re looking for someone who doesn’t know/care what they have and are selling the CDs at a regular used price.

I have their Two Dogs Fucking (Deux Chiens Fourrent) CD, but would love any others, especially Little Man In The Canoe. Here’s a handy list:

Out Of The Womb
Feed Us A Fetus
Here Today, Guano Tomorrow
Little Man In The Canoe
Corporate Whores
Stupid World, Stupid Songs
Death Race 2000
Holy Shiite
Live 2011

Thanks, KMA Community!

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