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James Rulez

James rulez. We all know this.

About a week ago, James messaged me to say that Jesse Dangerously had everything on his Bandcamp super-cheap. To get in on it, I had to create a Bandcamp account and, when I tried to do so, it kept failing before giving me the Captcha to prove I’m human (I am, I swear it!). The site wouldn’t let me create an account. Eventually, I gave up. It was OK, there wasn’t much physical product I needed in stock, by then, anyway. But the digital discography was appealing. Ah well.

Yesterday, I got an email from Bandcamp. You Have Received A Gift From James. He’d sent me a link to the entire Jesse Dangerously discography in MP3.

Seriously, folks, James rulez. 

THANK YOU JAMES!  I am in Jesse Dangerously heaven!


Here is the list, in order I got them. 23 releases in all!

The Rap Hundreds, Season 3
Want, For Wanting, Of Wanting EP (Danger Grove)
The Rap Hundreds, Season 2
Want, For Nothing (Danger Grove)
The Rap Hundreds, Season 1
Remixes (Danger Grove)
Subversive Ciphers
Stay Warm
Pumpkin Spice Illuminatte
fml lol smdh
There! Are! Four! Lights!
My Dinner With Andre
Ghostbusters Lo-Fi Edit Piece
A More Blessed Perfection
Slept Through A Landslide (Tired Angels remix)
Bring Your Girlfriend To Rap Day
Humble & Brilliant
Hallowax 2008
Verba Volant (9th Anniversary)
Inter Alia
How To Express Your Dissenting Political Views Through Origami
The ImF Ride b/w Even Exist (As In, We
Eastern Canadian World Tour 2002

This is all beyond awesome.

Jesse Dangerously – Verba Volant

Welcome to my Gratitude Series, wherein I go through the loveliness I have received for my birthday this year! Here we have more goodness from James. Check it out!

Jesse Dangerously – Verba Volant

Picking right up where Inter Alia left off, Verba Volant is another stellar collection of knock-out raps and beats, all glued together with soulful and infectious bass lines. There are a ton of guests again, as well, even an appearance from Wordburglar (whom James has reviewed in these pages). We flow from track to track and the whole thing plays like a greatest hits. Tons of styles flip in and out, like sweet R&B, Roots goodness, Public Enemy-style jams, even parts I could’ve sworn were Young MC. And that’s only a few. This is real hip hop, the stuff that makes you think AND moves your ass. Jesse Dangerously (and crew) do it right.

This record is an absolute bomb! As usual, James knew what I’d like to hear without my even being able to verbalize that I was wanting to hear something. James does that. He’s awesome that way.

Yup, this seals it. I need the other Jesse Dangerously jams. This isn’t a want, it’s NEED. A little research online shows his stuff is tough to get (well, physical copies anyway), and JD’s web site has everything available but as download only. But you know my love of physical product. I’m adding them poste-haste to my Grail List. If we can’t ever find them, I’ll get the downloads so I can at least hear the rest in the interim!

James. This rules. Thank you so much for hooking me up with this!

verba volant

Jesse Dangerously – Inter Alia

Welcome to my Gratitude Series, wherein I go through the loveliness I have received for my birthday this year! Here we have goodness from James. Check it out!

Jesse Dangerously – Inter Alia

I didn’t know much about Jesse Dangerously, but if James is sending it, you know it has to be cool! And once again, it’s totally true. James’ sense of cool is fairly unerring, as always!

Wiki says: “Jesse McDonald, better known by his stage name Jesse Dangerously, is an alternative hip hop artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is an active member of the Canadian East Coast music scene through the release of his own albums, appearing as guest vocalist on a large number of recordings by other artists, hosting a weekly radio show, writing a weekly column, and producing beats for other musicians. He is a member of the Backburner crew.

Right on! It goes on to say “Dangerously is a fan of 1988 to 1994-era hip hop, states a wide collection of influences, including such bands as Public Enemy, Das EFX, early LL Cool J and Fresh Prince, among others.” As I listened to Inter Alia (JD’s fourth album), this was immediately apparent. These are really sweet grooves with amazingly fat bass lines. The raps are intelligible, super-smart and delivered with excellent flow. There are moments, like in The Day-To-Daily, where the words are spit so fast it’s boggling, but so much fun!

The guest stars are also great, and it all fits together seamlessly. Damn, he’s even included all of the lyrics in the liner notes! I found myself hitting this joint again immediately after it ended. Absolutely superb. Going in, I knew next to nothing about this. I walk away from it a big fan. Right On!

Thanks heaps, James!!!

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