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Manipulant – Almost Elegant

Manipulant very kindly sent me an advance link to Almost Elegant, which drops December 4, 2020. I love getting sneak previews on great music! Especially from an artist who has established themselves in these pages as a great creator! Here’s a sneak peek at what to expect…

I Am Free features Lee “Scratch” Perry, and is atmospheric, with a pulse that grows beautifully. I love the Tom Waits-ish clank and stomp of Ghost Farm, and the slinky yet bluesy pop of Wet Chicken (Explicit). Tuesday At The Park offers a descriptive walk through the park via effect-laden voice, while The Ships is a whispered fever dream of electronic simplicity. 

The Caller has a relentless, hypnotic beat and more narration, seeking and answering. Not A Freak sees the return of Lee “Scratch” Perry, echoing and speaking/preaching truth. I Am Free is a soundscape, a soundtrack, a sound expedition, while Wet Chicken (Radio Edit) cleans up track 3, though it’s no less playful and catchy. I Am Free (Glove Of Bones Ali Dub) adds a story and poem (I won’t give it away here) over colliding elements, and I Am Free (Return Of The Stoneygate Remix) is exactly that, and it’s a soulful keeper.

Long-time Readers of the KMA know I love it when artists submit their original work for review. And, since he’s sent multiple releases to date, you’ll also know from previous posts that I’m very much a fan of Manipulant’s work. Perhaps best of all, it’s not my usual music, but I deeply appreciate it because it always shows me new worlds that unfold with fearlessness, creativity, and edge. Here, as usual, each track taken individually is its own universe, yet the album still absolutely holds together as a whole. Now that’s art.

This was exactly what was needed to see us out of this year.

Get yours on December 4, 2020! 

Manipulant Home 
Submarine Broadcasting Company
Pink Dolphin Music
Girly Girl Musik

Manipulant – Sundries And Souvenir

Folks! Manipulant is back! Today, February 14, 2019, sees the release of a retrospective of the past couple of years of Manipulant’s work, along with one new song, too!

I’ve been privileged to have a copy of this release here in the KMA Eastern offices for a wee while in advance of the release, and I must say it is amazing to have so much great music in one place. I wondered how the tracks would sound, taken out of context of the original releases, but I needed haven’t worried as it all flows beautifully. Top to bottom this collection showcases the energy and strong, highly creative work of Manipulant in full stride. 

As an added bonus, there’s one new track here,  Melted Roses, Invisible, which happily pops along on a buzzy bassline over busy drums and occasional guitar stabs and a Tom Waits-ish vocal bit. When he says “…anything for you” over and over again, it has weight!

Here’s the track list:

01 SandS
02 Run (f. Stoneygate)
03 Shiveresque
04 Doctor, I Need Your Expertise (f. Dr. Terenzi)
05 Electric Cigarette (Secondhand Mix)
06 Melted Roses, Invisible
07 Methodical
08 The Organist
09 What Good Are The Stars (Alternate Vocal Mix) (f. Jennifer Doll)
10 N/A/B/C/F
11 A Fresh Perspective

And dont forget the Three Mile Island remixed version Of Melted Roses, Invisible released seperately on February 1!

Currently, my favourite way to jam through these tracks is through the good headphones, so I don’t miss any of the subtleties in the music. But I can attest that it also plays GREAT in the car!

For those of you looking to dip your toes into the worlds of Manipulant, this collection is a great taster for you, though I do know you’re going to want to get the rest of his releases after you hear all this!


Newbury, UK:

Lancaster, Pennsylvania artist Manipulant is set to issue the retrospective Sundries & Souvenir, featuring songs from 2016-18 plus one newly recorded track on UK label Submarine Broadcasting Company. The Valentine’s Day release (14/02/2019) will be available in 8-track tape, vinyl record, cassette tape, compact disc and digital formats. 

Hypnotic rhythms drive the hybrid electro/industrial post-punk sound influenced by Brian Eno, Tom Waits and The Fall. Featured guest artists include renowned astrophysicist, Dr. Fiorella Terenzi, on “Doctor, I Need Your Expertise”, Jenn Doll on “What Good Are the Stars?”, and Stoneygate on “Run”.

Look for Sundries & Souvenir on  

To find out more about Manipulant visit or email


Sundries & Souvenir: 02/14/19 Submarine Broadcasting Company
The Stars are Good… What?: 08/03/18 Submarine Broadcasting Company
What Good are the Stars? Maxi-Single: 07/06/18 Submarine Broadcasting Company
Perspective ep: 04/26/18 Submarine Broadcasting Company
2xthru Single: 10/13/17 (self- released)
Eclectro: 6/20/17 (self- released)
Méthode de Narration: 09/13/16 (self- released)

Get yourself to Manipulant:

Manipulant Home
Submarine Broadcasting Company

Manipulant – Melted Roses, Invisible (Three Mile Island Mix)

Hey folks, I lost track of days and meant to get this posted for February 1st (apologies, good sir!), because that was the day this exclusive new Manipulant single (remixed) was released into the wild!

And the track? It’s all jagged edges and guitar stabs with electronic accoutrements while the drums pound away and the vocals growl and rasp like Tom Waits beside it all. Hypnotic goodness!

The lyrics, slightly tricky to decipher, are thus:

Spent a month on this bouquet – Paper roses for today 
I borrowed a suit, stole my pops new shoes. 
I’d do anything for you. 
Late to the train, I set off on foot through the rain. 
And the rain melted my roses. 
Tattered suit, muddy shoes, melted roses 
And still invisible to you

This single is released now, prior to the (upcoming) February 14 release of Sundries and Souvenirs, a retrospective of the past couple of years of Manipulant’s work. Mark your calendars!

Get yourself to Manipulant:

Manipulant – What Good Are The Stars?

Heads up, folks, Manipulant is back with new music, dropping July 4, 2018! 

I am honoured to receive the tracks of this single in advance of release, and I am here today to tell you about it. All the details you need for this release will be below the following thoughts…

There are four tracks here, all titled What Good Are The Stars, though one features a special guest, and two are remixes. Check it out…

01 What Good Are The Stars swings along on a sweet urban groove, open and breezy and big-sounding. The electronics wash in and out as he posits his questions, and the piano catches your ear in a haunting way. This is a feel good track, I love the bass line. It’s thought-provoking and beautiful at the same time.

02 What Good Are The Stars (with Beltism)(Beltism Burnt Umber Mix) brings the drums to the fore with cool snare rumbles to boot, and brings back the brilliant piano stabs of the original track. The feel here is perfectly matched to the contemplative nature of the tune.

03 What Good Are The Stars (featuring Jennifer Doll) is next. Here we have the original track with Doll’s harmony vocals added to the mix. Damn, that extra layer makes a strong track even better! Manipulant’s deeper vocals contrast nicely with Doll’s, and I love the inflections she adds. This one really, really draws the ear! 

04 The Anisotropic Mix turns the bass fuzzy, adds different wonky electronics, a filtered-sounding cowbell-like percussion for texture (while removing the piano parts), and adds broad echoes to the vocals. It’s the soundtrack of a dream sequence in an avant-garde film. Awesome!

In Sum:

You know, a lot of remixes seem superfluous to me, but these are four very different looks at the same track, a creative and artistic feat that shows intent and willingness to boldly play with the recipe. I highly recommend all four! This is truly superb work.

The pre-order is available RIGHT HERE!!!



Manipulant – What Good Are The Stars?

Newbury, 06/07/18-Lancaster, PA based artist Manipulant (David Speakman) releases the single “What Good are the Stars?” – catalog number SBCE008 on Submarine Broadcasting Company. The single features four versions, including a guest vocal from Jennifer Doll, two remixes. The original utilizes swirling keys over a melodic bass and percussion that surround melancholy vocals. 

I also received this message from David, about the release date: 

“Heads up… it is hitting on July 4th… The version featuring Jennifer Doll is being played on In the Moog on Wednesday and New Music Saturday on, well, Saturday.”


Here are the lyrics of the track:

What  Good  are  the  Stars?
What  good  is  the  sky?
What  good  is  the  moon?
What  use  are  these  eyes if they  can’t  see  you?  

What  good  are  the  clouds?
What  good  is  the  rain
If  it’s  not  allowed
To  wash  away  pain?  

What  good  are  the  stars
when  they  don’t  know  where  you  are?
What  good  are  the  clouds?
What  good  is  the  rain
If  it’s  not  allowed
To  wash  away  pain?  

What  good  are  the  stars?
What  good  are  the  stars?
What  good  are  the  stars? 

Manipulant – Perspective EP

Brace yourselves, folks, it’s new Manipulant music for 2018!

You’ll recall that I covered the excellent 2017 release Eclectro, and even interviewed the artist. Read it RIGHT HERE.

So, imagine my joy when an email appeared recently to say that a new Manipulant EP will drop on March 26! Happy days indeed, and thank you very much for the chance to hear this, sir.


This EP is 5 tracks in a total of 16 minutes. Let’s get straight to the tunes:

Wander, RTL is a short minute (and a bit) of synth intro, shifting from right ear to left ear, repeating notes creating a mood for… SandS, which takes the tone darker, that bell-like tone pulsing throughout as the drums lay down an energetic beat and the vocals drone and echo and reverberate. This track has a real push/pull to it, equally danceable and melodically meditative, and it totally works! It goes instrumental at the end, taking your mind with it on its journey, then dissolves into electronics…

A Fresh Perspective has a sound that’s slightly askew, jazzy and almost carnivalesque on the keys, as the fingersnaps and occasional cymbal crashes and drum hits provide intermittent reminder of the beat. The vocals are spoken, and sound like a megaphone being heard through a telephone, then amplified, as he advises us to step back, take a new look at things, which is a message I think needs to be heard. I loved this track for the quirky oddball that it is, because it is fearless, soulful, and unlike anything else I’ll hear for ages.

Next, I drifted along to Shiveresque, which brings a pulsing bassline, crash-like drum sounds, and more echoed vocals sung/spoken as a single note synth line repeats. This tune is very atmospheric, like some laidback, darker and more sinister Depeche Mode meets NIN track. It sounds easy-going, but don’t turn your back on it… there’s menace in its swagger. And finally comes All Good Boys, which offers timpani rolls and tapped beats, descending synth notes and a cool roaring/echoing sound that has falsetto vocals swirling in it. It’s another mood, another taste, another angle, and it’s awesome. A cool, haunting thing about it is that single wee vocal bit at the end as the music fades, which I take as a promise of more.

And all too soon it is over. Folks, this is a fully-realized, mature, wonderful piece of art. Each track transports you into its world, and holds you there. I thought of each track as a portal into unique worlds, where the sound prevails and your brain adjusts, accepts and then adores each stop along the way. I loved the overall sound, very roomy and open and expressive, enveloping in all the right ways.

I fully recommend you check out this EP when it drops March 26, as well as getting 2017’s Eclectro!

Here’s the info you need:

Manipulant Bandcamp

twitter @ManipulantMusic

Manipulant Facebook



And here’s the official press release for Perspective: 

Newbury, 26/03/18-Lancaster, PA based artist Manipulant (David Speakman) reveals his third release, ‘perspective’ on UK label Submarine Broadcasting Company (catalog #SBCE005).  perspective, a five song EP, tails the self-released ‘Eclectro’ (2017) which placed on several year-end ‘Best Of’ lists and helped him collect a nomination on the Wigwam Online Radio Awards in the ‘Best Indie/Alternative Act’ category. “This record is so much more personal than my past efforts” said Manipulant. “Before, the songs were just stories. These are pieces of me, reflective of my current state. The music, though electronic, avoids sterility. It’s very imperfect, just as we are.” Manipulant cites The Fall, Tom Waits, The Legendary Pink Dots, & Brian Eno as stimuli.



Track Listing

1. Wander, RTL
2. SandS
3. A Fresh Perspective
4. Shiveresque
5. All Good Boys

. Submarine Broadcasting Company (SBCE005) ©2018

For inquiries and additional information visit  or .


Manipulant – Eclectro: Review And Interview

Since starting this blog over ten years ago (oh god we’re old), we’ve always said that if anyone has their own music they want heard to please send it to us and we’ll gladly review it. Over these years, a few people have indeed taken us up on our offer. We love when this happens!

Manipulant found the KMA through Stoneygate, and wondered if I’d like to hear his new record. Of course I would! He also graciously agreed to answer a few of my questions, interview-style, which was very brave as I’m not the world’s best interviewer. Anyway.

This post will be made up of three parts: I: my review, II: an interview with Manipulant, and III: Manipulant’s EPK info and site links.

Disclaimer: This sort of music is not my usual wheelhouse, so listening here takes this old dog outside my already fairly broad comfort zone and that’s fantastic. Challenge me! Others, more knowledgeable than me, would write more eloquent things about this than I can. I’m just going to go from my gut and give impressions of what I hear.




Run (f. Stoneygate) is such a restless track, with a cool 60s spy music feel but then this atmospheric, electronic stuff going on in the background, and with those occasional drum crashes too. Stoneygate’s vocals soar throughout, a perfect fit to this fascinating track. I loved it. Methodical thumps like Nine Inch Nails met Pet Shop Boys in the club, while the vocals come from the side, almost an afterthought, an echo as addition to the music, not overbearing at all.

Dr. Terenzi, I Need Your Expertise (f. Fiorella Terenzi) is a wee bit menacing, with distorted music and occasional vocals over a buzzsaw sound. We’ve entered the land of disorientation, a perfect soundtrack to that dream you can’t quite remember in the morning, though the edges of it nag at you all day. Marshmallow Fabrik’s bass throb with skittering overtop is utterly hypnotizing, perfect for the next club mix.

Faulty Tap is a brief half-minute intermission, some miltary-style drumming with almost a dripping sound added in, but we quickly move into jusq’à la mort nous sépare* (The Organist), which lifts us back up with that same skittering beat and some lovely organ notes held and soul-reviving. There’s real beauty here, even though he says, at one point, “I’m worried, I have a bad feeling about this” and other things besides in echoing vocals to offset it all.   [* translates roughly as ‘until death separates us’ or until death us do part.]

Requiem for 11th Earl Of Sandwich is another brief intermission, only a minute long, with a repeated musical line. Add in clicks and thumps and the atmosphere is definitely a wee bit creepy. But it’s a segue into N/A/B/C/F, an instrumental which brings synths and piano to the fore in one of my favourite tracks on the record. It’s almost as though it’s set to a ticking watch, and while one restlessly hammers out notes, the other holds long and sweet. When the piano goes solo, I’m held completely. This one has lift and hope. Beauty.

And finally, Doctor Terenzi Meets 808 (f. Fiorella Terenzi) brings back the atmosphere and throbbing bottom end, as well as the buzzing sounds and the play with volume up and down to match the beats. “… you are listening to real sounds, scientific sound space…” seems apt to me! He’s calling for Dr. Terenzi, he needs her expertise, but this track has been compiled by an expert already! When the track (and thus, the album) stops abruptly, your ear wants more, so much more.

In Sum:

I said in my disclaimer off the top that this is not my usual type of music. However, I know brilliance when I hear it, and the dark corners and hypnotic lulling of this effort are perfectly done. There’s an energy throughout, a real, thoughtful control, and fearless execution at every turn. Despite things being bleak sometimes, there’s hope, and in this way it is perfect for our times. A truly impressive, packed 27 minutes of music, and an album to which I will return because it will reveal more and more with each subsequent listen.

I thoroughly enjoyed Eclectro. Thank you so much, Manipulant, for this opportunity to hear your work!




[NB: For this reading, Manipulant is “M” and Aaron is “A.”]

A: You found this site through (the awesome) Stoneygate. How did your collaboration with her on this record come about?

M: You are correct, Stoneygate is awesome.  She actually found me.  I had a song featured on Radiocoolio out of Toronto. They do a fantastic job of giving exposure to some really excellent artists.  Stoneygate heard me on the show and dropped me a message. I did a little stalking and found her stuff on the web and although our styles are completely different I felt her vocal would be a good fit on “Run”  I think it creates a nice contrast.

A: How did you reconcile the (rather bleak) social commentary lyrics with such fun musical work on Run?

M: I think Stoneygate described the music as menacing when she first heard it.  That really was what I was trying to accomplish with it.  Something dark and driving.  It needed to try to capture the mood I was seeing around me in the aftermath of the U.S. elections and some of the chaos that was happening elsewhere in the world.

A: Your EPK info indicates that Dr. Fiorella Terenzi is an Italian astrophysicist, which makes this a unique collaboration indeed. Tell us how you came to work with her?

M: Pure luck. I was familiar with her “Music From the Galaxies” album released on Island Records some years ago and a song I was working on reminded me of her Acoustic Astronomy recordings that came from her research.  Really fascinating stuff, look her up.  Anyway, I sent her a copy of what I was working on and she loved it. She asked if she could get involved with the project and I of course agreed immediately.  Now I’m the only person I know with an astrophysicist in their rolodex.

A: From this album I hear worry and fear about society at large, but also hope and beauty. Can you tell us a little bit about the album’s concept?

M: It all evolved from Run. It can be difficult to maintain a theme throughout an album but I had several bits of things I had been working on at different times that all seemed to fit together. I don’t typically delve into social issues in my songwriting but I guess at the time it was something I felt appropriate.

A: Are the interludes (Faulty Tap and Requiem For 11th Earl Of Sandwich) mere segues, or do their brief moments carry heavier burdens, telling stories and shifting moods in little time?

M: Ah, now we are getting deep.  Tap was an extension of the frustration of Run put into something as simple and maddening as a leaky faucet.  Earl is kind of a death a civility thing.  So yes, they do contribute to the feel of the album in the form of a brief moment.

A: I looked up the 11th Earl Of Sandwich, John Montagu. Can you explain why he was chosen to be titular to your track?

M: It wasn’t the man in particular, it was more of an example of civility.  It could be a bit of a reach but when I think of civility I imagine Nobility. I hope he doesn’t become angry with me.

A: What does N/A/B/C/F mean? It’s one of my favourite tracks on the record, so I’m curious.

M: N/A/B/C/F is Not All Birds Can Fly. Originally released on (Manipulant’s 2016′ album) Méthode de Narration. This version took a different approach with different instrumentation so I gave it a different name – sort of.

A: Your EPK mentions Kraftwerk as an inspiration in Marshmallow Fabrik. Who are a few of the other artists you admire as being able to drive you towards your own creations?

M: I feel like I should explain Fabrik first.  I think many of us carry on as if we are living in a marshmallow factory. Everything is in order and it’s all fluffy and delicious. We don’t focus on things outside of our own space. We continue on with blinders as long as our personal factories keep producing things that make us happy.

Kraftwerk are a big influence for anyone that ever touched a $25 Casio.  Until Fabrik I never really noticed a defined influence on my work but it has always been there. New Order, the Fall, Legendary Pink Dots, Tom Waits, many others.

A: I read that this is your second record, 2016’s Méthode de Narration being your first. Not having heard Méthode myself, can you describe for us how Eclectro works beside Méthode, in what ways they’re similar or different? Does this second effort continue the first, or move in its own direction?

M: MdN was more of a feeling out process. Like what can I do by myself with a keyboard. It actually had a good amount of guitars and live percussion but it was certainly a step in cutting the cord which I did completely with Eclectro.

As for the songs themselves, they are mostly just stories of things. No real depth or theme.

So it is less of a continuation and more of an evolution.

A: Who is The Organist? Another player, an alter-ego, a character you made up?

M: The Organist is based entirely on a real person. In fact, most of the lyrics are actual quotes as the police led him away.

A: Anything else at all you’d like to add for our Dear Readers?

M: Don’t work in a marshmallow factory.


My huge thanks to Manipulant for agreeing to this interview, and for these excellent answers!




“The second Manipulant release mostly adheres to the blueprint of 2016’s Méthode de Narration. The hypnotic rhythms, dark tones and vivid imagery are all present in “Eclectro” due 6.20.17. This time though, he brings along some help. Italian Astrophysicist Dr. Fiorella Terenzi and England’s chilled trip-hop siren Stoneygate both join in with sterling contributions. The latter in the driving social commentary of “Run” and Dr. Terenzi, the Goddess of Acoustic Astronomy, vocal bombs her own tribute song in “Dr. Terenzi, I Need Your Expertise”. Additionally, “Methodical” comes dance floor ready, “Marshmallow Fabrik” harkens Kraftwerk and The Organist makes a twisted reappearance. Once again, Manipulant manages to draw the listener inside his head, drag them through his thoughts and drop them into an empty room to contemplate what the hell just happened.”

Track listing; 1. Run (feat. Stoneygate) 2. Methodical 3. Dr. Terenzi, I Need Your Expertise (feat. Fiorella Terenzi) 4. Marshmallow Fabrik 5. Faulty Tap 6. jusqu’à la mort nous sépare (The Organist) 7. Requiem for the 11th Earl of Sandwich 8. N/A/B/C/F 9. Dr. Terenzi Meets the 808 (Feat. Fiorella Terenzi)

Recorded at Le Petit Manoir & Rotten Alex’s Basement. Mastered by Logan Kennedy. Ryan Durborow – Additional Keyboard on Methodical

twitter @ManipulantMusic

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