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Another Batch Of Randomness

It’s A Long Bloody Time, Alright

Man, that Trooper song “We’re Here For A Good Time (Not A Long Time) totally negates its own message. I mean, if we’re not here for a long time, why in the hell are we still listening to you repeat an catchy little sound bite interminably? Does that sound like a good time to you? This is a tune that could be great if it were at least half its original length. Yeesh.

Fresh Breath Of Mint! Issue #12

Hooray! It’s here, and Immaculate Machine are on the cover! Hot Panda gives us tour stories, the Superfantastics talk Halifax hotspots, cub offers up shots from their photo albums, Rennie Sparks tells us some, er, interesting things about the Hollow Earth… yeah. And then there’s many Minty favourite roadside attractions, Dustin and Cup of I Am Spoonbender share tour spots and insights, the Smugglers at Mt. Rushmore, and lots of snapshots from SXSW in Austin.

But that’s not all. Oh no, not by far. Nardwuar interviews the San Diego Chicken (haha yes!), Shane Nelkin of Awkward Stage answers Andrew Apostle Of Hustle’s question, the Pack A.D. talks snacks and breakfast, Carolyn Mark shares her fish taco recipe, Immaculate Machine appear in another awesome cartoon, and Montreal’s Phonopolis gets a nod as a cool record shop. It wasn’t there when we lived there… I wish I could visit it right now. Plus all the usual checklists… er, I mean discographies are here too, so you can all keep up with the releases you need to complete your Mint collection! I totally want to order some of those Mint candles, too. So awesome.

Thanks Mint, this is a superb issue. Hey you! Get yours NOW!!

ALSO: Go Team Mint!

I hadn’t really thought about it until I recently got a parcel from Mint in the mail with a pile of the new FBoM (see above) in it… The package also came with a little card that pointed it out in plain ol’ black and white… because I gleefully distribute their zine, I am a proud member of Team Mint! This rules.

Really, it should have occurred to me sooner. I’ve been touting their incredibly awesome roster’s output in these pages for a long time now. Surely you’ve read every review of the brilliant records they send to us for review. I’ve been happily taking their Fresh Breath of Mint magazine (get yours now!) to the proper places in my little town so that they can be placed in the hands of the people who’ll care the most. I’ve been telling everyone I know about their bands for a long time now, letting word of mouth drum up even more interest. I’ve been going to shows of their bands when I can… Yeah, it was staring me in the face but I guess it never hit me: I’m a member. Hooray for Team Mint!

Morning Moon

I’ve been hearing ‘Morning Moon’ from the Tragically Hip’s latest (and awesome) record over the piped-in music “station” at work. I don’t know how I feel about this. On the one hand I’m thrilled they’re getting their stuff played. We should all play them, and often. On the other hand, it doesn’t deserve to be wedged in there with all that Lite FM pap that I hate with a burning passion hotter than the burning sun. Still, it’s a nice lift to hear in an otherwise craptastic day at work.

Michael Jackson, Pt. 2

C’mon, people. Get over yourselves. Why is everyone still going on and on and on about this guy? Seriously, the guy’s dead and yes, it’s a tragedy. Wouldn’t wish it on anybody. But all of this nonsense now is, if you’ll pardon the pun, capitalizing on a dead horse while you Beat It. Look, just let him go and move on, people. For the sake of us all. Please.

K-OS – Yes!

There’s something extra-musical about K-OS’ output. It’s very thoughtful, creative and highly listenable. His lyrics contain hope and they come from a good place. This new effort definitely continues his flow in great directions. It’s funky, funny and fun. Musically it’s all over the map but it works. I could do without the synthesized vocals that appear in places, but whatever, I always say that. Happily, this is the logical, excellent next step in his discography. Well done.

K-OS – Yes! Remixed (It’s Yours)

Rap fans get all atwitter about remixes. As we all know, usually it’s a DJ or another rapper who get their hands on somebody else’s perfectly fine song and mess it up to how they would have done it differently. They’ll change the beat, add vocals or other instruments, take away essential elements of the song, speed it up, or slow it down… you know the drill. But I don’t think I’ve ever heard a remix that was better than its original. This disc is no exception. I didn’t hear anything here that I couldn’t have lived without. Still, I bought this because it seemed like half the set would be missing if I left this behind when I bought Yes! last week. Oh, it’s fine. But I liked the original record better. This added nothing.

Gordie’s Due For A Make-Over

Round 2 of filling up Gordie, my new MP3 player (it has 2GB! Imagine!) is due about now. I love what’s in there, but I’m thinking I’d have more to post here if I filled it with stuff I actualy intend to review. If the content level goes up in these pages, you’ll know I was successful.

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