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Motörhead – Ace Of Spades 40th Anniversay Boxed Set As Unboxed By Henry Rollins

Come for the Motörhead. Stay for the Rollins. 

That boxed set looks amazing!


Motörhead – Under Cöver

Can I just say off the top that I am thrilled my first post of 2018 is a Motörhead effort? It just feels right!

I got this disc for Christmas and hell, any Motörhead is a great gift indeed! That said, this was an interesting listen…

Breaking The Law (Judas Priest) and God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols) were what you’d expect, fairly straight-on renditions. Good, but except for Lemmy’s vocals there’s not a lot to distinguish them from the originals. Their cover of Heroes is a highlight only because you kind of forget you’re listening to Motörhead while it plays. Weird to hear them hew so close to Bowie…

Starstruck (Rainbow) kicks the tempo up and rips well. Cat Scratch Fever does a decent job, playing it pretty straight. Then it’s two Stones tracks – Jumpin’ Jack Flash rocks hard, I liked it. Lemmy’s rasp adds some cool menace to Sympathy For The Devil. You know, I don’t tend to like covers of the Stones (just listen to the originals, seriously) but these two were bloody damn good. Especially when the guitar rips a solo in SFTD. Twice! Whoa.

Next is Ozzy’s Hellraiser (I forgot that Lemmy wrote this one for Ozzy). It’s pretty close to the No More Tears version, but my ear kept wanting Ozzy’s vocals. Lemmy sounds odd here, especially in the chorus – still cool, mind you, and the band’s smokin’ on this one wow. Next is the Ramones’ Rockaway Beach, and here’s a track with some real energy, finally! Go go go! Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Twisted Sister’s Shoot ‘Em Down is a nice addition and they play the hell out of it. Great track. And finally it’s Metallica’s Whiplash. Whooaaa goddamn they really blast this one! Best track here! YES! Go go go! Smash! (Seek And) Destroy! Rarrrgh!!!!!!

In Sum:

Especially early on, some tracks just felt like they were playing it safe or something. I dunno. Maybe more listens will prove I’m wrong as I write this up tonight and I’ll love this disc as I know I should! The album seems to pick up steam as it goes, all the energy buried in the second half… They might have been better to reverse the track order of the CD!

I did find that Lemmy’s vocals were sometimes buried in the mix, and he’s hard enough to understand as it is! But there’s no knocking any of the playing, in fact most of the time it’s amazing work. And I gotta hand it to them, this is a stellar selection of tunes to cover!

2017 Christmas Goodies

Each year I do a quick post of the goodness that has come my way from the holidays. Of course, most importantly, we were able to spend time with family and friends. And watching the kids tear through their stuff in record times was fun (and unnerving). As it should be.

My main gift this year was a new chair, a recliner. It’s pretty sweet, and I’m adjusting to it – I’m a bit tall for most chairs, so I’m figuring out how to maximize my use of it. But this is a music site, so I’ll share a few other things that might interest you guys…

CD (in alphabetical order):

Yup, the 2CD last-ever concert of Sabbath, oh baby… I’ve been wanting that case/lang/veirs album for a long time, right on… these two CCR albums (Green River, Pendulum) are the 40th anniversary releases, with bonus tracks, so now I wants them all…and the Motörhead covers album just pleases me to no end. Can’t wait to dig in!







This one’s from James. He probably got tired of telling me to buy the damn thing and just got it for me himself! Hooray! Thanks heaps James!!


Letterkenny is also from James (thanks again, Dude!). It’s been recommended to us many times, as it is apparently sure to remind my lovely wife and I of where we grew up (the fictitious place of the show is based on a town about 20 minutes from our own home towns). Looking forward to seeing what’s up… Rogue One and The Force Awakens were ones I should already own and didn’t so here they awesomely are… and the two Tragically Hip DVDs are gonna be glorious and sad and wonderful and painful and awesome and, yeah, mostly awesome but also sad.

Birthday For Christmas:

I also got something awesome for myself. Which I know you’re not supposed to do. But I have good reason… see, I was given an Amazon gift card for my birthday, back in July. Over the past few months I’ve spent that thing a million and one times already without ever actually using it, just browsing and checking things out. Good thing they don’t expire! Well, last night I found a ridiculous post-Christmas sale on something I really wanted (and let’s be honest, I really need it too!), aaaaaaand it’s ordered. I will be sure to do a seperate post about it when it arrives, maybe even an unboxing if all goes well. I am so excited about this. Oh baby!


My final post for 2017 will be my annual year-end list. I’m still agonizing over the final details, but I promise to have it posted before the new year, which only gives me a couple of days… Stay tuned!


Thanks for reading – not just this post, but for every post you read. We really love this community and we thank you all for making us a part of it!

Motörhead – Motörizer

Scott sent this record and it blew me away from track one. I love Motörhead. It’s pure metal blues rawk. Of course it is, it’s Motörhead! The first four tracks (Runaround Man, Teach You How To Sing The Blues, When The Eagle Screams and Rock Out) play like a greatest hits collection, and then the record just keeps relentlessly going with great tune after great tune and a blissful rock-out state settles in… I found myself totally impressed by the straight-up and uncompromising sound this band puts forth. For a trio, they make a helluva lot of noise! At high volume (and through the good headphones), this is a masterpiece. This record makes me want to break some stuff and then drive really fast! To where? Does it matter?

Yeah, you could argue that all Motörhead sounds kind of the same. You might not be far wrong, I mean, this is their 19th studio album since 1975 and it sounds like only Motörhead sounds… But a better question is: who cares? When a band rocks this hard and lays down such crushing riffs at such a punishing pace, who really fucking cares? Not me!

Motörizer. Get it. Plug it in and turn it the hell UP. Thanks heaps, Scott!!

Motörhead! Motörhead! Motörhead! Motörhead! Motörhead!…

Motörhead – Ace Of Spades

Ah, Motörhead. Straight ahead, balls-out, dirty, sweaty and skanky rock and roll. Simple song structures that support awesome guitar solos, breakneck drumming and Lemmy’s inimitable voice. Ace Of Spades will rock you as you call for another round. Drink in hand, you’ll watch the sun come up and then you’ll spin the whole platter again.

Every rocker wishes they could make this record; it kicks ass and takes names, it swaggers and it bleeds from exertion. Like AC/DC’s Back In Black, it’s an exemplary template of their sound.

And all across the land, devil horns are lifted lustily into the sky…

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