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Primus – Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People

Primus has such a trademark easily-identifiable sound, unlike any other band I’ve ever heard. Also, they’re consistently awesome.

When promoting this release, bassist Les Claypool remarked that “It seems of late that bands are adding supplemental DVD material to their album releases to promote record sales. We’ve done the opposite. We’ve added a supplemental audio recording of brand new music to an extremely comprehensive DVD of classic visuals.”

It’s only five tracks, but they’re all great. The Carpenter And The Dainty Bride is funky and throbbing and rocks like hell after a long build. Pilcher’s Squad is full-on Primus madness in under two minutes, story-telling and whacky instrumental squeals on hand! Mary The Ice Cube takes us into psychedelic territory, things all wobbly and distorted with pounding tribal drums, while occassionally the guitars fuzz out and rock and the bass makes the whole thing stomp. Whoa. The Last Superpower AKA Rapscallion is a seven minute experimental rockin’ expedition, my goodness. This is totally a jam session that made the EP, I swear. This one would need multiple listens to be fair to it! And finally, My Friend Fats ups the ante to almost eight minutes, with most of it making us sure it’s going to explode at any minute, that tension and groove edging closer to kaboom… and it takes five minutes to get there. What a trip! All of this is just so much fun.


But there’s more, this set also contains the aforementioned DVD. It features all of the bands videos to date (2003), short films and live performances. Honestly, some of the content here is of very poor quality, but that’s alright, it’s shot as home video and would never be perfect anyway, and there’s a lot of greatness to outweigh such minimal concerns. There’s even a cameo from Alex Lifeson, Buckethead…

If you wanna know all that’s on it, here ya go!

Music videos

1″John the Fisherman” * (from Frizzle Fry) – Directed by Mark Kohr
2″Too Many Puppies” (from Frizzle Fry) – Directed by Kevin Kerslake
3″Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” * (from Sailing the Seas of Cheese) – Directed by Mark Kohr
4″Tommy the Cat” * (from Sailing the Seas of Cheese) – Directed by Mark Kohr
5″My Name Is Mud” * (from Pork Soda) – Directed by Mark Kohr
6″Mr.Krinkle” * (from Pork Soda) – Directed by Mark Kohr
7″DMV” * (from Pork Soda) – Directed by Mark Kohr
8″Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” * (from Tales from the Punchbowl) – Directed by Les Claypool
9″Southbound Pachyderm” (from Tales from the Punchbowl) – Directed by Les Claypool
10″Shake Hands With Beef” (from the Brown Album) – Directed by Les Claypool
11″Over the Falls” (from the Brown Album) – Directed by Les Claypool
12″Lacquer Head” (from Antipop) – Directed by Les Claypool – (Banned by MTV)
13″The Devil Went Down to Georgia” (Charlie Daniels cover, from Rhinoplasty) – Directed by Mike Johnson

* Optional commentary track featuring Les, Larry and Tim.

Short films

•Cheesy Home Video – transfer of the video with the same name, edited to exclude the music videos.
•Horrible Swill – transfer of the video with the same name, previously available exclusively to the fan club.
•Horrible Men – previously unreleased assortment of clips from on-stage, backstage and in the studio.
•The Making of “Mr. Krinkle” – previously unreleased short on the making of the music video.
•The Making of “Wynona” – previously unreleased short on the making of the music video.
•The Making of the Brown Album – transfer of a segment from the Videoplasty video.

Live performances

•Radio Relics – Recorded at Stanford University’s KZSU college radio station for a campus-only cable channel in 1989
•”To Defy the Laws of Tradition”
•”Too Many Puppies”
•”Frizzle Fry”
•New Year’s 93-94 – Recorded at the Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium in Oakland, on New Year’s Eve 1993-1994
•”Groundhog’s Day”
•”Mr. Krinkle”
•Woodstock 94 – Recorded at the 25th anniversary of the Woodstock Festival in Saugerties, New York in 1994
•”Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers”
•”My Name is Mud (Bootleg Quality)”
•Florida 95 – Recorded in West Palm Beach, Florida during the Punchbowl tour in 1995
•”Pudding Time”
•”Southbound Pachyderm”
•”Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread” – Recorded at Irving Plaza in New York for HBO’s Reverb in 1998 (Erroneously listed as “Kalamazoo live” on some pressings)
•”Lacquer Head” – Recorded during the Family Values Tour on Halloween in 1999


•”Sgt. Baker” – Recorded at a rent party at Kommotion in San Francisco sometime between 1986 and 1988

•”Groundhog’s Day” – Recorded at the Omni in Oakland in late 1988

•”Tommy the Cat” – Recorded by Bob Cock and the Yellow Sock, 1991, and venue not noted

Other features

The DVD also includes an illustrated discography and slideshow of promotional photographs. Easter eggs include a short video clip of Bob Cock in heaven and an interview.


Thank you, Wiki, for saving my typing all that in.

In Sum:

It’s Primus! It rocks. Fun times!

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