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Shout Out Out Out Out (October 27, 2006)

After a stack of shows, I was feeling a bit burnt out from going to see bands and a LOT burnt out from writing reviews. But this was Shout Out Out Out Out, one year (minus a day) from their last performance in Saskatoon, and their last performance was great, and I like great performances, so away we went to Louis’. Louis’ concerts generally start and finish early, which is a blessing, because I was exhausted before the show even began. I hadn’t slept well all week, and I’d driven from Regina to Saskatoon right before heading to the bar. There were reports that I nodded off at least once during the evening. I don’t believe this to be true, but I know I was doing the head bobbing thing during the drive. I also drove over the rumble strip, but that was a separated and isolated incident that involved me trying to find a safe piece of car floor where I could toss my empty water bottle.

Louis’ appears to have been renovated again. Not drastically, but stuff like tables and that, they were in weird places. Which was pretty amusing, given that when they finished their big renovations a few years ago, I wondered if they could have made it any worse to see bands there. The answer, it turns out, is yes.

We found a table in the back, the least advantageous vantage point I’ve seen in some time. From here we could see a whole lot of nothing. Which was fine, because Junior Pantherz were the first band. I’ve now seen these guys three times, and… okay, I try not to be a jerk about these things. Some stuff I don’t care for, and whatever, nobody will like everything. They’re from Saskatoon, so go hometown go, and it’s not like they’re untalented or anything, but I would be perfectly fine with never seeing these guys again ever. It’s not like they’re not bad, which is a shame, because if they were, I could make fun of them, or be tortured by them, or something. Instead I just don’t care. Three times now, I have failed to care. And I assume that as they are from Saskatoon, I will be given plenty of opportunities to not care in the future. This did not help to keep me awake; in that area, they were significantly outclassed by a Diet Coke. And I don’t even like Diet Coke.

Luckily, we still had Shout Out Out Out Out. I have never been a fan of dance music, and I’m still not enamoured with the genre, but a live Shout Out Out Out Out show is something to behold. We almost didn’t behold it, given our distant table, but the call was made to move up close and that saved the evening for me. There were multiple drummers and multiple keyboardists and multiple singers and multiple guitarists and a machine that goes ping. And a cowbell. And random people out of the crowd shaking maracas and tambourines and hitting the machine that goes ping. And SHOUT in blinking lights.

There were a bunch of people dancing (which doesn’t seem to happen often here), bopping around to songs like Self Loathing Rulz, Your Shitty Record Won’t Mix Itself, and Chicken Soup For The Fuck You. The energy level from the band and in the room started strong never dipped for the length of the concert. Despite being tired and old and ready for bed, I have no idea how long the show was, because I never once bothered to look at my watch. This is dance music for people who hate dance music, and the dance music fans seemed to like it too. I’m still not sold on the CD, but it’s growing on me, thanks in no small part to the quality of the live show. I wonder if MSTRKRFT is awesome live too? This could be the start of a personal revolution. The system is DOWN, yo.

After the show I picked up a t-shirt, partly because it looked cool, but mostly because I still find great novelty in actually being able to fit into the shirts they sell at concerts. This one has… something… on it. A cowbell with airplane wings? I think so, though some people have suggested that it is, in fact, a cheese grater. With airplane wings. Either way, I like it. And I’d totally go see these guys again.

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