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The Saga Of The Sunrise Gift Card

I was given a Sunrise gift card for Father’s Day, back in June. $25! Yay! 

Except, being the awesome superhero that I am, I lost the card. 

It was in my pocket one day we went to the mall, then it wasn’t in my pocket anymore. I did not spend it. I’ve looked everywhere, to no avail. I went back to all the places we went that day, no luck. I asked at the store if anyone had turned one in – and was told (with fair certainty) that if anyone found a gift card, the staffer figured that person would just spent it. Gotta love faith in humanity, eh? At home, I went through the couch cushions, my wallet, looked under the seat in the car, in my desk, and in the bottom of the clothes dryer, thinking maybe it went through the wash… nope. Nothing. Gah.

I went back to the store, and asked (wondering) if we could maybe find the receipt at home, could they just cancel that card and issue a new one? Maybe, came the answer, provided they could verify the lost card still had a balance on it. Logical. Challenge accepted.

My lovely wife dug around and found her receipts. Relief!

I went back to the store. Apparently they cannot check a balance at store level, they have to call somewhere. The staffer could not get through. She took my info (by snapping a picture of the receipt with her personal cell phone, I might add, which seemed all kinds of wrong to me) and said she’d get back to me ASAP. I never heard anything. Days passed.

I went back to the store. She said she hadn’t ever been able to get through, as the number she calls has a hold system and even with it on speaker phone it was hard to do it, apparently, if helping other customers too? I dunno, listening to hold music doesn’t seem taxing. Anyway, no luck.

I went back a couple more times, and she still hadn’t been able to make one phone call. One time I got another staffer, who tried to cancel the transaction using the receipt, to see if that would show us a balance, but it did not. She, too, promised to look into it. Nothing.

A couple of weeks had passed, by this point. Here’s where, as is my wont, my suspicious, conspiracy theory brain kicked in… The staffer had found the card and spent it, and was hoping I would go away… or had given it to a friend and they’d spent it… Or they truly just didn’t care to help me because they didn’t like my face… or I was making extra work for them and that wouldn’t do… Or maybe they’re just truly that apathetic and this is just a minimum wage job so why should she give a shit? Or…

I went back to the store one more time. The staffer was leaning on the desk, texting on her goddamn cell phone, not making any attempt to make my simple phone call. There were no other customers in the store. She did not see me walk in. When I got in front of her and asked if she’d had any luck on my behalf, she stood up and started straightening the desk and blubbering some excuse about a busy day. I interrupted to tell her I would be trying to solve this one my own from now on. I left the store.

I went home, slept on it, then sent a fairly detailed message of all of this through to the Sunrise Customer Service page the following morning, sent at 07:53am. And isn’t it amazing that I had a reply back from them that they’d spoken to staff at the store, and there was a new gift card waiting for me to pick it up at the desk and it was all solved, and I’d gotten that reply at 12:38pm the very same day! That’s 4 hours and 45 minutes elapsed for them to receive my message, call the store, sort it out and have a new card good to go. That’s quite a bit faster than the weeks that had elapsed dealing in person at the counter. Also interesting to note, they did not indicate (in the message) whether the lost card still had a balance on it or not, just that a new one was waiting for me. My conspiracy brain will never know if it was found and spent or if it is still just lost.

I went back to the store to get the card. The staffer greeted me friendly enough, but proceeded to melt away to the back room, leaving the other staffer to be with me. Nice. I browsed a while, to see if she’d come back – she did not. I eventually chose something to buy, as I did not want to have another card I might (probably) lose before I spent it. At the counter, the other staffer knew of the card (of course, they’ve been dreading my coming back in, I’d imagine, as I’m fairly certain a wee bit of trouble was caused by my email to Sunrise). The transaction did not go entirely smoothly with the gift card on the register, but it eventually did go through. I paid the small difference to finalize, and walked out. I was friendly throughout. 

And if you’ve read this far, I thank you for your indilgence and patience. I understand that it was on me, having lost the card, and they were not really obligated to help too much, although finding out whether the card had a balance or not WITH THE TRANSACTION RECEIPT ought to have been an easier process than all of this actually was, I figure. Guess not. 

In Sum:

In future, I will just email Sunrise if I have issue. And if I ever get another gift card, I’ll spend it straight away so I cannot lose the damn thing.

It is also worth noting that when this whole thing started, I was clean-shaven. I now have a full beard. Yes, this took long enough for me to grow a beard. Amazing.

PS: I will be covering what I bought with the replacement card very soon. It’s a doozy!

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