The KMA is a music site, so why list books? Well, why not? I read a lot, and by keeping this list I can remind myself in case I’ve already read things. TBR stands for To Be Read.

2017 (5)

khoury – the last templar
bach – jonathon livingston seagull
hogan – devils in exile
adams – last chance to see
pratchett – nation

2016 (49)

adams, douglas – young zaphod plays it safe
adams, douglas – so long, and thanks for all the fish
adams, douglas – life, the universe and everything
adams, douglas – the restaurant at the end of the universe
adams, douglas – the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy
vaughan et al. – we stand on guard
morrison et al. – nameless
vaughan et al. – paper girls vol.1
knisley – something new
yelin – irmina
hernandez/cooke/stewart – the twilight children
gillen/francia/lopez – mercury heat
remender/murphy/hollingsworth – tokyo ghost: the atomic garden
inman – the terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances
st. john – hardcore troubadour: the life and near death of steve earle
kiedis – scar tissue
staples/vaughan – saga vol.5
wiebe/fowler et al. – rat queens vol.3: demons
wiebe/upchurch/sejic – rat queens vol.2: the far-reaching tentacles of n’rygoth
wiebe/upchurch – rat queens vol.1: sass and sorcery
martinetti/lebeau/franc – agatha: the real life of agatha christie
vaughan/staples – saga vol.4
vaughan/staples – saga vol.3
vaughan/staples – saga vol.2
sacco – the fixer and other stories
blutch – peplum
vaughan/staples – saga vol.1
gaiman/buckingham – miracleman: the golden age
igort – the ukrainian and russian notebooks: life and death under soviet rule
kleist – an olympic dream: the story of samia yusuf omar
fior – 5,000 km per second
rabagliati – paul up north
blechmon – amadeo and maladeo: a musical duet
fitzgerald – long red hair
harris/golden et al. – cemetery girl 2: inheritance
harris/golden et al. – cemetery girl 1: the pretenders
ottaviani/purvis – the imitation game: alan turing decoded
wilson/shimojima – the 47 ronin
wilson/morikawa – the demon’s sermon on the martial arts
benjamin – remember
lee, david – amazing, fantastic, incredible: a marvelous memoir
tomine – killing and dying: stories
various – moonshot: the indigenous comics collection
oliveros – the envelope manufacturer
cross – over the edge: the revolution and evolution of new rock
hemingway – the sun also rises
welch – led zeppelin: dazed and confused
tarantino/wagner/polls – django zorro
various – bob dylan revisted
larson – gary larson’s the curse of madame “c”
hemingway – torrents of spring
kilmister/garza – lemmy: white line fever (the autobiography)

2015 (166) 

* My 2015 TBR20 was complete at the end of August. Thanks again to Eva Stalker for the fantastic idea!

sorese – curveball
towle – oyster war
little – hunter s. thompson’s fear and loathing in las vegas
zdarsky/quinones – howard the duck
lemire/nguyen – descender volume one: tin stars
waid et al. – star wars: princess leia
zub et al. – wayward volume two: ties that bind
snyder et al. – wytches: volume one
samanci – dare to disappoint: growing up in turkey
terfry – wicked and weird: the amazing tales of buck 65
tomine – killing and dying: stories
morrison et al. – doctor who new adventures of the 12th doctor: fractures
wiebe and upchurch – rat queens vol. 2: the far-reaching tentacles of n’rygoth
wiebe and upchurch – rat queens vol. 1: sass and sorcery
mccreesh – ramshackle: a yellowknife story
ten napel – nnewts vol. 1
beaton – step aside, pops: a hark! a vagrant collection
millar/murphy – chrononauts
king/poirier/ahn – intro to alien invasion
moynot – suite française: storm in june
hennessey et al. – the comic book story of beer
milligan et al. – the names
miller et al. – mad max: fury road
miller/rodriguez – george rr martin’s in the house of the worm
young – nanjing: the burning city
tolstikova – a year without mom
frakes – prison island
rall – snowden
patterson/macdonald – zoo
morrison/irving – annihilator
moench/wong – batman: hong kong
ball/nowlin et al. – maze runner: the scorch trials
smith/fox – long walk to valhalla
salvatore – dungeons & dragons forgotten realms: the legend of drizzt: homeland
soule et al. – wolverines: dancing with the devil
millar/mcniven – wolverine: old man logan
moon/bá – daytripper
aguirre-sacasa et al. – nightcrawler: the winding way
ewing et al. – doctor who: eleventh doctor – serve you
eastman & waltz et al. – teenage mutant ninja turtles volume 1: change is constant
millar et al. – the ultimates: super-human vol. 1
*tbr20 – vonnegut – god bless you, dr. kevorkian
black et al. – a flight of angels
barker et al. – clive barker’s hellraiser: pursuit of the flesh
wilson et al. – ms. marvel: crushed
wilson et al. – ms. marvel: generation why
siedell et al. – star wrs: darth vader and the ninth assassin
coelho – the alchemist: a graphic novel
horowitz et al. – alex rider: skeleton key
horowitz et al. – alex rider – point blank
horowitz et al. – alex rider: stormbreaker
garcia/stohl/jean – beautiful creatures
*tbr19: king – the colorado kid
balak/sanlaville/vivès – last man: the secret (book 1)
hubert/caillou – adrian and the tree of secrets
tamaki – supermutant magic academy
brown – vader’s little princess
brown – darth vader and son
baxter/faudem/shadmi – mike’s place: a true story of love, blues, and terror in tel aviv
scioli/barber – transformers vs. g.i. joe
mosher (ed.) cariacature cartoon canada
harbin – diary comics
padua – the thrilling adventures of lovelace and babbage
slott/ramos – the amazing spider-man – the parker luck
kupperberg et al. – the death of archie
simone/dodson/chang – wonder woman: the circle
simmons – black river
*tbr18: moore/chambers – from hell
chambers-culbard – the king in yellow
samson – lyrics and poems 1997-2012
gillen/mckelvie/wilson/cowles – the wicked and the divine: the faust act
devlin (ed.) et al. – drawn and quarterly: 25 years of…
seeley et al. – grayson, vol.1: agents of spyral
lynch et al. – teenage mutant ninja turtles: heroes
smith/scott – all-new ghost rider: legend
mclintock/hughes – tru detective
scheer et al. – deadpool: the ones with deadpool
spotnitz et al. – the x-files
abadzis et al. – doctor who: revolutions of terror (new adventures with the 10th doctor)
morrison et al. – doctor who: terrorformer (new adventures with the 12th doctor)
*tbr17: tohei – aikido in daily life
*tbr16: pratchett – small gods
ewing et al. – doctor who: after life (new adventures with the 11th doctor)
rancourt – melody: story of a nude dancer
young/parker – rocket racoon: a chasing tale
bendis/mcniven/pichelli – guardians of the galaxy: cosmic avengers
bendis/pichelli/immonen – guardians of the galaxy: the trial of jean grey
zuehlke et al. – the loxleys and confederation
zub et al. – wayward volume one: string theory
spencer et al. – bodies
maclean – apocalyptigirl: an aria for the end times
gaiman/mckean – mr. punch
bagieu – exquisite corpse
gibbons, rude et al. – superman/batman: world’s finest
gillen/mcelvie – young avengers: style > substance
waid et al. – amazing spider-man: family business
humphries/medina/williams – legendary star lord: face it, I rule
davodeau – lulu anew
north/paroline/lamb – the midas flesh Vol.1
moore – alan moore’s another suburban romance
la boucane-benson/mellings – the outside circle
bidini – writing gordon lightfoot
ostrander/duursema – star wars: dawn of the jedi book 2 – prisoner of bogan
ostrander/duursema – star wars: dawn of the jedi book 1 – force storm
waid/rivera/martin – here comes… daredevil
tynion iv/dialynas – the woods: vol.1 – the arrow
wooding/diaz – pandemonium
carroll – through the woods
morrison/quitely/tan – batman & robin: batman reborn
fraction/aja/pulido – hawkeye: my life as a weapon
tobin & coover – bandette
doctorow/wang – in real life
watson – princess decomposia and count spatula
riggs/jean – miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children
wilson/alphona – ms. marvel
ellis et al. – ocean
ellis et al. – red
ewing/garbett – loki: agent of asgard – trust me
ellis et. all – the authority
aguirre-sacasa/francavilla – afterlife with archie book one: escape from riverdale
millar/fegredo – mph
henderson et al. – neil gaiman’s lady justice: the complete comics vol.1
fitzgerald – photobooth: a biography
*tbr15: ferlinghetti – san francisco poems
aaron/kubert et al. – wolverine – back in japan
prince – tomboy
radiguès – moose
ahonen/alare – sing no evil
climo – the little world of liz climo
seth – palookaville twenty-two
*tbr14: munroe – what if? serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions
millar/quitely – jupiter’s legacy
obata – just so happens
allison – bad machinery: the case of the good boy
soule/mcniven – death of wolverine
brubaker/phillips – the fade out
*tbr13: leguin – orsinian tales
vaughan/staples – saga volume 4
ilya – room for love
*tbr12: sheard – the swing era
koyczan – to this day
*tbr11: ellis – gun machine
mccloud – the sculptor
*tbr10: engel – bear
carré – heads or tails
than – zen pencils
leibovitz – a broken hallelujah: rock and roll, redemption and the life of leonard cohen
knisley – displacement: a travelogue
*tbr9: rilke – letters to a young poet
van sciver – saint cole
*tbr8: neely & friends – henry & glenn forever & ever
robinson – on tour with leonard cohen
* tbr7: berner – festival man
snyder/murphy – the wake
the oatmeal – the terrible and wonderful reasons why I run long distances
wilson – musashi’s the book of five rings: a graphic novel
*tbr6: westlake – nobody’s perfect
mcguire – here
morvan/bengal – meka
*tbr5: pyper – the demonologist
van cook and romberger – the late child and other animals
*tbr4: coupland – worst. person. ever.
roy and wordie – tiger lung
cho – shoplifter
*tbr3: lehane – mystic river
perry – rocks: my life in and out of aerosmith

2014 (92)

*tbr2: mcdonell, nick – twelve
*tbr1: delaney, samuel r. – the einstein intersection
maurer/amundson – sobriety: a graphic novel
bunjevac – fatherland
jacobs – safari honeymoon
golden et. al. – sons of anarchy
deconnick et al. – pretty deadly
bossé – loiterers
gaiman – murder mysteries
abirached – I remember beirut
palmiotti et al. – hugh howey’s wool
maroh – skandalon
aronofsky et al. – noah
vivès – polina
o’malley – seconds
ollman – happy stories about well-adjusted people
porcellino – the hospital suite
gaiman/campbell – the truth is a cave in the black mountains
knisley – an age of license
feiffer – kill my mother: a graphic novel
vehlmann/kerascoët – beautiful darkness
vaughan – saga 3
vaughan – saga 2
millar/romita, jr. – kick-ass 3
millar/romita, jr. – kick-ass 2
millar/romita, jr. – kick-ass
del toro/beacham – pacific rim: tales from year zero
tamaki – this one summer
delisle – even more bad parenting advice
carey/larroca – x-men: no more humans
yang and liew – the shadow hero
mccourt et al. – anne rice’s the servant of the bones graphic novel
yost/ferry – orson scott card’s ender’s game
means, et al – the cute girl network
hanawalt – my dirty dumb eyes
lemire – trillium
marsters/santacruz – spike: into the light
borenstein et al. – godzilla: awakening
cleijne – legends of the tour
georges – calling dr. laura: a graphic memoir
lindsay – dexter: dexter down under
beyer – little fish
brown – andre the giant: life and times
chast – can’t we talk about something more pleasant?
britt/arsenault – jane, the fox and me
mcfadzean – other stories and the horse you rode in on
cliff – delilah dirk and the turkish lieutenant
allison – bad machinery: the case of the team spirit
o’malley – the rook
reklaw – couch tag
novgorodoff – the undertaking of lily chen
keenan and fox – dogs of war
harrell – monster on the hill
kay – tigana
maihack – cleopatra in space book 1: target practice
king – doctor sleep
wittman – priceless
maroh – blue is the warmest color
murphy – punk rock jesus
king – duma key
katchor – hand-drying in america: and other stories
king – the dark man
harris/golden – cemetery girl, book 1: the pretenders
bidini – a wild stab for it: this is game eight from russia
albero/hafenbrak/paetzel – biografiktion
oatmeal – why grizzly bears should wear underpants
thomson – complicated shadows: the life and music of elvis costello
light – the holy or the broken
james – fifty shades of grey: freed
james – fifty shades of grey: darker
james – fifty shades of grey
ruth – the lost boy
yang – saints
yang – boxers
yost/stegman/edwards – scarlet spider: life after death
small – stitches: a memoir
lewis/aydin/powell – march, book 1
oatmeal – my dog: the paradox
konzak – samurai spirit
bidini – keon and me: my search for the lost soul of the leafs
kafka/mairowitz/jaromir 99 – the castle
hunter – map of days
tipton, tipton, lee, woodward – star trek next gen/doctor who: assimilation2 vol. 1
murakami – stargazing dog
jurgens, raney, bennett, immonen – the mighty thor: lord of asgard
rioux – cat’s cradle: book 1 the golden twine
fawkes – the spectral engine
ollmann – science fiction
tiwary, robinson and baker – the fifth beatle: the brian epstein story
greenberg – the encyclopedia of early earth
randolph and rousseau – marvel’s her-oes
rees – robert plant: a life

2013 (113)

kay – the fionavar tapestry book three: the darkest road
kay – the fionavar tapestry book two: the wandering fire
kay – the fionavar tapestry book one: the summer tree
kay – ysabel
kay – the last light of the sun
golden – memoirs of a geisha
kay – the lions of al-rassan
straczynski et al. – before watchmen: nite owl/dr. manhattan
wein, lee et al. – before watchmen: ozymandias/crimson corsair
azzarello et al. – before watchmen: comedian/rorschach
kay – a song for arbonne
palahniuk – doomed
kay – under heaven
auel – the plains of passage
kay – river of stars
weiderhorn and turman – louder than hell: the definitive oral history of metal
palahniuk – fight club
wimberley – prince of cats
rozrum – xombi
feldstein and ingels – child of tomorrow
auel – the mammoth hunters
aaron and ribic – thor: god of thunder – the god butcher
auel – the valley of the horses
auel – clan of the cave bear
macgregor – wayne gretzky’s ghost
robinson – star dance
jason – lost cat
robinson – time pressure
cooke et al. – before watchmen: minutemen/silk spectre
ellison – 7 against chaos
chihoi – the library
ottaviani and wicks – primates: the fearless science of jane goodall, dian fossey and biurté galdikas
thung – august moon
de la cruz – blue bloods: the graphic novel
various – miles davis: the complete illustrated history
robertson and henderson – 7 generations: a plains cree saga
kovac and hirsch – the royal historian of oz
pearson – everything we miss
sfar – antoine de saint-exupéry’s the little prince
lieberman and rawlings – the silver six
robinson – the callahan chronicles – callahan’s secret
robinson – the callahan chronicles – time travellers strictly cash
robinson – callahan’s crosstime saloon
robinson – the crazy years
berne – on a beam of light: a story of albert einstein
delisle – a user’s guide to neglectful parenting
nilson – the end
kim – tune, book 1: vanishing point
adams and gage – the first x-men
visconti – the genius of leonardo
mckay and lafrance – war brothers
westerfield – uglies: cutters
westerfield – uglies: shay’s story
yolen and cavallaro – curses! foiled again
david, et al. – the avengers: road to marvel’s the avengers
jenkins et al. – the avengers: mythos
st. pierre – the way of the fight
simone et al. – batgirl volume 1: the darkest reflection
abirached – a game for swallows: to die, to leave, to return
vidaurri – iron: or, the war after
clare – the infernal devices: clockwork angel
larson – mercury
gaiman – the dream hunters
man – ninja: 1000 years of the shadow warrior
brown – inferno
vaughan and staples – saga, volume one
moore and o’neill – heart of ice
shen and hicks – nothing can possibly go wrong
hernandez – marble season
martin – game of thrones graphic novel: volume two
knisley – relish: my life in the kitchen
brewer – the chronicles of vladimir tod: eighth grade bites
millar et al. – kick ass 2
millar et al. – kick ass
larson – who is ac?
gulledge – will & whit
cunningham – how to fake a moon landing
reaves and gaiman – the silver dream
nytra – the secret of the stone frog
saatchi – brutal simplicity of thought
mclees (ed.) – halo graphic novel
mcclintock – I, witness
gaiman – chu’s day
gaiman and reaves – interworld
gage et al. – x-men legacy: back to school
hurwitz – penguin: pain & prejudice
pham – sumo
groening – bart simpson’s treehouse of horror spine-tingling spooktacular
larson – madeleine l’engle’s a wrinkle in time
david b. – black paths
stewart – rod: an autobiography
siegel – sailor twain: or, the mermaid in the hudson
halliday and hoppe – peanut
gibbons et al. – superman/batman: world’s finest
donovan – buddha da
andersen – mick
giallongo – broxo
kido – batman: death by design
oatmeal/inman – how to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you
snider – shut up and give me the mic
rankin – standing in another man’s grave
bidini – for those about to write
brown – paying for it
wilson – the book of five rings: a graphic novel (yes, I read it twice)
wilson – the book of five rings: a graphic novel
ambaum and barnes – unshelved: too much information
sala – delphine
morrison – joe the barbarian
simonson – the judas coin
tommaso – the cavalier mr. thompson
lambert – annie sullivan and the trials of helen keller
hearn – heaven’s net is wide: the first tale of the otori
nelson – the girl who owned a city

2012 (99)

inman – the oatmeal: 5 very good reasons to punch a dolphin in the face
lockwood (ed.) – the lovecraft anthology volume two
mercer – a nation worth ranting about
hearn – brilliance of the moon: scars of victory
hearn – brilliance of the moon: battle for maruyama
hearn – grass for his pillow: the way through the snow
hearn – grass for his pillow: lord fujiwara’s treasures
hearn – across the nightingale floor: journey to inuyama
hearn – across the nightingale floor: the sword of the warrior
ellis – transmetropolitan: one more time
ellis – transmetropolitan: the cure
ellis – transmetropolitan: dirge
ellis – transmetropolitan: spider’s thrash
ellis – transmetropolitan: gouge away
ellis – transmetropolitan: lonely city
ellis – transmetropolitan: the new scum
ellis – transmetropolitan: year of the bastard
ellis – transmetropolitan: lust for life
ellis – transmetropolitan: back on the street
deas – dalen and gole: scandal in port angus
furman – transformers: saga of the allspark
rosado – giants beware
snyder – batman volume one: the court of owls
lowe (ed.) – x-men: origins
fraction – fear itself
wooding – pandemonium
gaiman – midnight days
bell – the voyeurs
muchamore – the recruit
groening – radioactive man: radioactive repository volume one
li kunwu – a chinese life
lemire – the underwater welder
arni – sita’s ramayana
tennapel – cardboard
snyder – batman: the black mirror
petty – bloody chester
bellstorf – baby’s in black
morrison – batman: incorporated
welsh – skagboys
bechdel – are you my mother?
delisle – jerusalem
fleming – diamonds are forever
powell – any empire
kirkman – the walking dead book one: a continuing story of survival horror
long – the silence of our friends
kirkman – the walking dead volume one: days gone bye
collier – collier’s popular press: 30 years on the newsstand
rabagliati – the song of roland
abraham – game of thrones volume one
talbot – dotter of her father’s eyes
millar – kick ass 2
inzana – ichiro
allison – I’m not a plastic bag
walker – the mysterious death of tom thomson
bunn – spider-man: season one
pak – x-men’s magneto: testament
westerfield – uglies: shay’s story
catel – kiki de montparnasse
filiu – best of enemies: a history of us and middle east relations part one
axelrod – the battle of blood and ink: a fable of the flying city
moon and ba – daytripper
tran – vietnamerica
david b. – the armed garden and other stories
amir and khalil – zahra’s paradise
kellerman – silent partner: the graphic novel
lemire – animal man volume one: the hunt
higgins – moonshadow: rise of the ninja
bingley – gonzo: a graphic biography of hunter s. thompson
forbes and jesse – the zen of steve jobs
fleming – moonraker
mckagan – it’s so easy (and other lies)
hicks – friends with boys
dysart – neil young’s greendale
beaton – hark! a vagrant
gaiman – smoke and mirrors
fleming – casino royale
snyder – american vampire volume three
snyder – american vampire volume two
snyder – american vampire
cunningham – psychiatric tales
gibson – distrust that particular flavour
bach – out of my mind
bennett – the clothes they stood up in
moore – necronomicon
rankin – the impossible dead
ottaviani and myrick – feynman
laurie – the gun seller
lang – lone hawk: the story of air ace billy bishop
rankin – let it bleed
osbourne – trust me! I’m dr. ozzy!
delano – hellblazer: the devil you know
sowa – marzi: a memoir
clowes – the death-ray
lee – batman: noel
bocquet – the adventures of hergé
lepage – the blue dragon
stone – five ancestors 7: dragon
stone – five ancestors 6: mouse
stone – five ancestors 5: eagle

2011 (177)

stone – five ancestors 4: crane
stone – five ancestors 3: snake
stone – five ancestors 2: monkey
van lente – iron man: industrial revolution
stone – five ancestors 1: tiger
brooks – iboy
lyga – manga man
richie – clive barker’s hellraiser volume one: pursuit of the flesh
edugyan – half-blood blues
spurlock – comic-con episode iv: a fan’s hope
drew – toothpaste for dinner
drew – married to the sea
palahniuk – damned
seth – the g.n.b. double c. (the great northern brotherhood of canadian cartoonists)
thompson – habibi
carey – thor: wolves of the north
adams – buffy the vampire slayer: omnibus volume three
brereton – buffy the vampire slayer: omnibus volume two
guay – a flight of angels
ferguson – coal dust kisses
aguirre-sarcasa – nightcrawler: the devil inside
smith – green hornet volume one: sins of the father
morrison – batman & robin: batman reborn
konzak – samurai spirit
brosgol – anya’s ghost
aguirre-sarcasa – nightcrawler: the winding way
gischler – x-men: curse of the mutants
rodi – astonishing thor
coupland – box of pain presents: highly inappropriate tales for young people
hickman – ff
bendis – new avengers
ellis – astonishing x-men: xenogenesis
snyder – american vampire volume two
beagle – the last unicorn
snyder – american vampire
rankin – mortal causes
rankin – the black book
rankin – stripjack
rankin – tooth & nail
rankin – hide & seek
rankin – knots & crosses
ollman – mid-life
david – I am iron man
ten napel – bad island
hatke – zit the space girl
ford – stickman odyssey: an epic doodle volume one
kibuishi – copper
bee – I know I am, but what are you?
hemingway – the old man and the sea
bouchard – buddha in the garden
santat – sidekicks
moore – the griff
adams – your accomplishments are suspiciously hard to verify
calero – ray bradbury’s the martian chronicles
wimberly – ray bradbury’s something wicked this way comes
quesada – x-men: civil war
millar – kick ass
fey – bossypants
ba/moon – daytripper
abnett – thor/iron man: god complex
sfar – the little prince graphic adaptation
pratchett – I shall wear midnight
pratchett – wintersmith
lee – exca;ibur: the legend of king arthur
lustbader – french kiss
pratchett – a hat full of sky
hornby – juliet, naked
leonard – bandits
morgan – archienew look book 5: goodbye forever
lewis – free realms 2
lewis – free realms 1
holm – babymouse: our hero
ellis – iron man: extremis
straczynski – wonder woman: odyssey volume one
pratchett – the wee freemen
neri – yummy: the last days of a south side shorty
pratchett – nation
inman – 5 very good reasons to punch a dolphin in the mouth
munroe – xkcd volume 0
palahniuk – survivor
hergé – the adventures of tin tin 5
hergé – the adventures of tin tin 2
hergé – the adventures of tin tin 1
moench – batman: hong kong
worton – the klondike
gownley – amelia rules! superheroes
kanata – chi’s sweet home volume one
bowen – one fine day you’re gonna die
ellis – transmetropolitan: one more time
ellis – transmetropolitan: the cure
ellis – transmetropolitan: dirge
ellis – transmetropolitan: spider’s thrash
ellis – transmetropolitan: gouge away
ellis – transmetropolitan: lonely city
ellis – transmetropolitan: the new scum
ellis – transmetropolitan: year of the bastard
ellis – transmetropolitan: lust for life
ellis – transmetropolitan: back on the street
bradford – young samurai: the ring of water
girard – big foot
girard – reunion
tomine – scenes from an impending marriage
rice – of love and evil
mizuki – onward towards our noble deaths
delano – john constantine: hellblazer – original sins
fleisher – dungeons & dragons classics volume one
rucka – batwoman: elegy
torres – alison dare: the heart of the maiden
patterson – witch and wizard: battle for shadowland
peirce – big nate out loud
daniel – batman: battle for the cowl
torres – alison dare: little miss adventures
simonson – world of warcraft book two
osbourne – I am ozzy
davis – watch you bleed: the saga of guns n’ roses
kramer – hit hard
sakai – usagi yojimbo: 12 – grasscutter
sakai – usagi yojimbo: 3 – the wanderer’s road
sakai – usagi yojimbo: 2 – samurai
sakai – usagi yojimbo: 1 – the ronin
coelho – the alchemist: a graphic novel
pekar – huntington, west virginia: on the fly
mccreery – kill shakespeare
dorkin – beasts of burde: animal rites
straczynski – superman: earth one
porcellino – the next day
shiga – empire state
evanovich – trouble maker book one
jason – werewolves of montpellier
renier – the unsinkable walker bean
black – the good neighbours: 3 – kind
black – the good neighbours: 2 – kith
black – the good neighbours: 1 – kin
ten napel – ghostopolis
groening – simpsons comics: hit the road!
bradford – young samurai: the ring of earth
bradford – young samurai: the way of the dragon
bradford – young samurai: the way of the sword
thomas – led zeppelin: the illustrated biography
spires – binky the space cat
dunning – salem brownstone
kim – city of spies
kibuishi – amulet book two: the stonekeeper’s curse
kibuishi – amulet book one: the stonekeeper
bradford – young samurai: the way of the warrior
gollo – jimi sounds like a rainbow: a story of the young jimi hendrix
ellis – crooked little vein
o’donnell – wild ride: a graphic guide adventure
dillon – the tale of the madarin ducks
suarez – freedom ™
suarez – daemon
davis – lz ’75
davis – hammer of the gods
foster – prince valiant volume one: 1937-38
suzuki – a single match
king – full dark, no stars
king – blockade billy/morality
riordan – percy jackson and the olympians: the lightning thief
deutsch – hereville: how mirka got her sword
mustaine – mustaine
shanower – baum’s the wonderful wizard of oz
millar – civil war
bouchard – harvey
niciela – azrael: death’s dark knight
koontz – odd is on our side
carey – sentences: the life of mf grimm
richards – life
groening – simpson’s comics: belly buster
groening – simpson’s comics: homer for the holidays
groening – simpson’s comics: holiday humdinger
stroud et al. – the amulet of samarkand: a bartimaeus graphic novel
bidini – home and away
carroll – the hunting of the snark: an agony in eight fits (illustrated)
warner – sex, sin and zen
gabaldon – the exile: an outlander graphic novel
jacobson – anne frank: the anne frank house authorized graphic biography
cussler – crescent dawn

2010 (229)

welsh – crime
vachss et al. – heart transplant
wolfman et al. – nightwing: the lost year
gagné – the saga of rex
mechner et al. – solomon’s thieves
roman et al. – the last airbender prequel: zuko’s story
smith – green hornet volume one: sins of the father
matthews – the chronicles of arthur: sword of fire and ice
kim et al. – brain camp
david b. – the littlest pirate king
horrocks – hicksville
prohias – spy vs spy: danger! intrigue! stupidity!
davis – stinky
glidden – how to understand israel in 60 days or less
wang – be good koko
butler – pride and prejudice
burns – x’ed out
clowes – wilson
telgemeier – smile
halper – shit my dad says
chantler – two generals
shiga – meanwhile
azuma – yotsuba! 8
azuma – yotsuba! 6
azuma – yotsuba! 5
azuma – yotsuba! 4
azuma – yotsuba! 3
azuma – yotsuba! 2
azuma – yotsuba! 1
gaiman (ed.) – the best american comics 2010
hinds – the odyssey
davis – h.g. wells’ the time machine
davis – h.g. wells’ the invisible man
chantler – three thieves book one: tower of treasure
snyder et al. – american vampire
azuma – yotsuba! 7
mullen and red hot chili peppers – an oral/visual history by rhcp
niffenegger – the night bookmobile
ryall – shaun of the dead
axe – war is boring
gibson – zero history
chwast – dante’s divine comedy
moench – batman: hong kong
talbot – grandville
baltazar – tiny titans: sidekickin’ it
delillo – point omega
busiek – superman: redemption
chernis – powerless
white – how I made it to eighteen
robinson – batman: face to face
cooke – superman: kryptonite
delisle – shenzhen: a travelogue from china
delisle – burma chronicles
delisle – pyongyang: a journey in north korea
lehane – shutter island (graphic novel)
tezuka – pluto 001
gorelick – archie: freshman year book one
gaiman – the eternals
gaiman – 1602
porcellino – thoreau at walden
seth – it’s a good life, if you don’t weaken
tyler – you’ll never know: a graphic memoir book 1: a good and decent man
groening – simpsons futurama crossover crisis & (see below)
groening – simpsons comics #1: the amazing colossal homer
krueger – justice
roddenberry – days missing
claremont – x-men: the dark phoenix saga
anderson – king: a comics biography (special edition)
burford – syncopated: an anthology of non-fiction picto-essays
gerber – now and zen
wayne – batman: the brave and the bold
o’connor – olympians: athena – grey-eyed goddess
moeller – magic the gathering: path of the planeswalker
dowling – alice
doxiadis – logicomix: an epic search for truth
dysart – neil young’s greendale
cammuso – knights of the lunch table 2: the dragon players
cammuso – knights of the lunch table 1: the dodgeball chronicles
parker – missile mouse: the star crusher
bendis – the avengers: disassembled
small – stitches: a memoir
larson – mercury
norton – teen titans go!: titans together
lemire – sweet tooth: out of the deep woods
groening – futurama conquers the universe
ono – not simple
gownley – amelia rules! the tweenage guide to not being unpopular
gownley – amelia rules! what makes you happy
davis – the secret science alliance and the copycat crook
byrne – superman: the man of steel
taylor – amelia earhardt: this broad ocean
davis – h.g. wells’ the invisible man
busiek – marvels
ellis – freak angels: volume one (tpb)
yang – forget sorrow: an ancestral tale
tardi – it was the war of the trenches
simonson – world of warcraft book one
kunkel – billy batson and the magic of shazam
brooks – the zombie survival guide: recorded attacks
o’connor – olympians: zeus – king of the gods
hale – calamity jack
tomasi – the mighty
koji kumeta – sayonara, zetsubou senei one: the power of negative thinking
morrison – superman (allstar) volume one
morrison/mckean – arkham asylum: a serious house on serious earth
benjamin – remember
aguirre-sa casa – nightcrawler: the winding way
aguirre-sa casa – nightcrawler: the devil inside
austen – uncanny x-men: the draco (nightcrawler)
card – ender’s shadow: command school
adams – dilbert gives you the business
yolen – the seeing stick
loeb – batman: the long halloween
acheson – grandpa’s music: a story about alzheimer’s
gaiman – instructions
miller – batman: year one
kibuishi – amulet book 2: the stonekeeper’s curse
demi – the legend of lao tzu and the tao te ching
cavallaro/yolen – foiled
hill – the 500 years of resistance comic book
pak – x-men: phoenix – endsong
vaughan – runaways: pride and joy
vaughan – ex machina: the first hundred days
cosenting – batman: the story of the dark knight
mcdougall – born to run
adams – don’t step in the leadership
johns – green lantern: no fear
adams – when body language goes bad
smith – rasl: the drift
vaughan – y: the last man – unmanned
carey – the unwritten: tommy taylor and the bogus identity
berry – britten and brülightly
ellis – transmetropolitan: tales of human waste
martel – beatrice and virgil
arakana – full metal alchemist 14
arakana – full metal alchemist 13
arakana – full metal alchemist 12
arakana – full metal alchemist 11
arakana – full metal alchemist 10
arakana – full metal alchemist 9
arakana – full metal alchemist 8
arakana – full metal alchemist 7
arakana – full metal alchemist 6
arakana – full metal alchemist 5
arakana – full metal alchemist 4
arakana – full metal alchemist 3
arakana – full metal alchemist 2
ellis – transmetropolitan: one more time
ellis – transmetropolitan: the cure
ellis – ocean
ellis – transmetropolitan: dirge
ellis – transmetropolitan: spider’s thrash
ellis – transmetropolitan: gouge away
ellis – transmetropolitan: lonely city
ellis – transmetropolitan: the new scum
ellis – transmetropolitan: year of the bastard
ellis – transmetropolitan: lust for life
ellis – red
ellis – transmetropolitan: back on the street
wenzel – j.r.r. tolkien’s the hobbit
morrison – seven soldiers of victory 2
morrison – seven soldiers of victory 1
varon – robot dreams
mazzuccelli – asterios polyps
arakana – full metal alchemist 1
colfer – artemis fowl: the arctic incident
groening – will and abe’s guide to the universe
gownley – amelia rules! a very ninja christmas
welsh – ‘remittances’ in ‘because I am a girl’ anthology
azuma – yotsuba! 6
jacques – questionable content 1251-1500
jacques – questionable content 1001-1250
rocco – fu finds a way
breathed – edwurd fudwupper fibbed big
kibuishi – amulet
azuma – yotsuba! 5
azuma – yotsuba! 4
azuma – yotsuba! 3
azuma – yotsuba! 2
azuma – yotsuba! 1
sturm – satchel paige: striking out jim crow
berner – definitely not for little ones
addams – creature comforts
morrison – who’s got game? the ant or the grasshopper?
haspiel – mo and jo fighting together forever
cammuso – otto’s orange day
rosenstiehl – silly lilly and the four seasons
spiegelman – jack and the box
hayes – benny and penny in just pretend
bliss – luke on the loose
way – umbrella academy: dallas
way – umbrella academy: apocalypse suite
pak – x-men: magneto testament
andrews – spiderman: reign
lemire – the nobody
coupland – generation a
busiek – trinity
takei – shaman king 14
jacques – questionable content 751-1000
jacques – questionable content 501-750
jacques – questionable content 251-500
jacques – questionable content 1-250
powell – the goon: nothin’ but misery
black – the good neighbours 2: kith
black – the good neighbours 1: kin
takei – shaman king 13
takei – shaman king 12
takei – shaman king 11
takei – shaman king 10
shan – cirque du freak 2
shan – cirque du freak 1
d’errico – burn
takei – shaman king 9
takei – shaman king 8
takei – shaman king 7
takei – shaman king 6
takei – shaman king 5
takei – shaman king 4
takei – shaman king 3
takei – shaman king 2
takei – shaman king 1
smith – little mouse gets ready
gotsubo – samurai champloo
morrison we3
ellis – freak angels 1-25
robbins – b is for beer
matsumoto – yókaiden volume 1
parker – turned on: a biography of henry rollins

2009 (163)


more to be added

5 thoughts on “TBR – A

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Hey thanks Geoff! Yeah I started keeping track of everything I read a few years ago, back when we still lived in Saskatoon. I found I was starting books and, after a while, things were getting familiar… because I’d read them already! The list helps cut down on that problem, for sure.

      This is the first time I’ve ever digitized the list, it’s always just been in a dollar store notebook. This is way more easily searched (CTRL-F, everybody!) and neater too (my handwriting is often indecipherable).

      There’s still a lot left to do, though. It’s one of those projects I will finish one day! I’ve gotten it back to all of 2011 done. But yes, when I finish a book, I pop it on top of the list (it’s all reverse-chronological). Check back when you like, I’m usually adding newly finished stuff on a regular basis!


  1. Sarca says:

    Fifty Shades? Ha, dude.
    (I read the book too, but won’t read beyond the first one. I had enough of him “cocking his head to one side”.)


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yup, this list is warts and all! There’s probably other embarassing things in the lists too, and as I add more we’ll just have to see! I sometimes read those big cultural phenomenon books (like Dan Brown, etc) just to see why everyone’s yapping about them. The 50 Shades books were so hilariously bad. You didn’t miss anything by skipping the last two. It was only the completist in me that made me read them all. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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