Are you ready?

As a final exercise in this KISS Poll series, let’s try something insane!

Let’s take all of the Top 5 Results from every decade polled, from 1974 up to 2016, and see if you can choose a Top 5 KISS albums OF ALL TIME!

Logically, given 4 decades of KISS music (!), there should be 20 albums in this list. However, I’ve gone a step further and included all tied results within each decade’s Top 5, to make the list as complete as possible. This gives you 28 entries from which to choose!

Can you do it? Too difficult? LET’S FIND OUT!

Trooper Red ‘N’ Black

Last night I tried out a new (2016), Limited Edition beer created by Iron Maiden. Naturally, it’s called Trooper Red ‘N’ Black. It’s a porter, not to be confused with a stout. Or is it easily confused? Let’s get Wiki to do the talking:

“Porter is a dark style of beer developed in London from well-hopped beers made from brown malt. The name was first recorded in the 18th century, and is thought to come from its popularity with street and river porters.

The history and development of stout and porter are intertwined. The name “stout” as used for a dark beer is believed to have come about because strong porters were marketed under such names as “Extra Porter”, “Double Porter”, and “Stout Porter”. The term “Stout Porter” would later be shortened to just “Stout”. For example, Guinness Extra Stout was originally called Extra Superior Porter and was only given the name Extra Stout in 1840.

Anyway, knock it off, Knowlton. Maiden’s beer fucking rocks.* I like darker beers (Guiness is my go-to), so I’m all for this new invention. The flavour is grand, heavy but not overbearing. There’s no nasty “ugh” aftertaste, either. It’s a very drinkable beer, quite a bit darker than the very drinkable regular Trooper beer. Yay!

Sad that it’s Limited Edition, though. It oughta be more readily available. Perhaps, in future, it will be. Maybe this “Limited” run of it was to see if people like it. Yes, people, we do! Then again, when has Maiden ever done anything on a small scale? Ach, who knows. Drink up if you’ve got ’em!

I did find it a wee bit pricey at $4.50 (CDN) for one 500mL bottle. I can get a 4-pack of Guiness of $10. Granted, it rocks in at 6.8% alcohol (whereas Guiness is 4%), so perhaps all can be forgiven due to its quicker inebriating properties. It’s also weird to complain because (I think) the Trooper beer is priced at $4.25 for a bottle. Here’s a quarter, call someone who’s drunk!

In Sum:

I’m glad I got to try this excellent beer. It is very, very tasty. UP THE IRONS!  \m/  :)  \m/

* At this point I think it’s a given that whatever Maiden does, typically, rocks.

Sweet Magazine Score

Look what I found for $0.50, in perfect shape… 100 pages of glory!


Poll Results: Your Top 5 KISS Albums 2000-2016

Alrighty, folks, it’s that time again…

With the closing of this poll yesterday, we’ve polled every decade of KISS records from the 1970s on up.

Thanks so much for your participation!

I hope you’ve been having as much fun with this as we are…

And without further ado…

Here are your results for the Top 5 KISS Albums 2000-2016 (number of votes received):

4 Monster
3 Sonic Boom
3 The Box Set (box)
2 KISS Symphony: Alive IV (live)
2 The Casblancas Singles 1974-1982 (box)
1 Alive! The Millenium Concert (live)
1 KISS 40 (comp)
1 KISSteria – The Ultimate Vinyl Case (box)

So that makes our top 5 from the decade pretty interesting!

1 – Monster
2 – Sonic Boom
3 – The Box Set (box)
4 – KISS Symphony: Alive IV (live)
5 – The Casblancas Singles 1974-1982 (box)

Nicely done, folks… and this is a sweet look at the decade as chosen by you, the most knowledgeable KISS fans I know!

Also: these entries received no votes at all!

KISS Rocks Vegas (live)
KISS Instant Live (Clear Channel Instant Live)
KISS Alive 35 (Clear Channel Instant Live)
KISS Sonic Boom Over Europe (Clear Channel Instant Live)
The Very Best Of KISS (comp)
The Best Of KISS, Volume 1: The Millenium Collection (comp)
The Best Of KISS, Volume 2: The Millenium Collection (comp)
Gold (comp)
The Best Of KISS, Volume 3: The Millenium Collection (comp)
Jigoku-Retsuden (comp)
KISS Chronicles: 3 Classic Albums (box)
KISS Alive! 1975-2000 (box)
Ikons (box)

Thanks again for all of your votes, folks!

Kevin Hearn – Days In Frames

Mike found this one for me, in the sale bin at Sonic Boom, bringing my count of Kevin Hearn albums found on this trip to three! Nice one, Dude!

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 38 (CD)

This album is laid-back and dreamy, introspective and creative and absolutely beautiful. Throw it on and drift away…

The quality of the music here is truly fantastic stuff.

Lou Reed co-wrote the lyrics and played guitar on Floating, here, and there’s a bunch of other guests too, like Ron Sexsmith, Dan Hill, and a whole cast of others.

It’s safe to say that with every Hearn record I hear, I become a bigger fan each time.

White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan

This was an interesting 45 minutes spent in the Man Cave!

Sunday Man Cave Series, Part 5

I do like the White Stripes, but for some reason I never bought this CD. Oversiiiiiight!

Only Blue Orchid, Instinct Blues, and Red Rain sound like the Stripes of old. The rest is acoustic, wonky, experimental, just different. I like different. If they’d just remade White Blood Cells over and over, people would complain about that too. Blue Orchid, My Doorbell, and The Denial Twist were all singles.

This is a fun listen. I like it when bands branch out!

Buttless Chaps – Where Night Holds Light

I found this one at Sonic Boom for $3. I could never part with a disc of theirs so cheaply! It oughta be full price!

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 37 (CD)

Here’s an excellent record! It’s a beautiful amalgam of pop, country, new wave, and rock. With every track, you never quite know what’s going to happen next, but each one is fascinating and makes sense once it gets going. The band is stellar, buoying the rich and warm vocals easily, and there are trumpets! I like trumpets.

What an absolute pleasure to play this record top to bottom. If you find their work, grab it up!



PS: Buttless Chaps broke up in 2009 to start other bands. Dave Gowans and Lasse Lutick also run Red Cat Records in Vancouver.

Inspectah Deck + 7L & Esotreic – Czarface

Sunday Man Cave Series, Part 5

Inspectah Deck and Esoteric offer up a fascinating concept album. Czarface is a comic book-style hero here to save hip hop. Awesome beats, great flow of the main acts, all the special guests, even the awesome cover art, make this a must-have. This project nails it completely.

There’s real wit here, and all the melody, violence and reality that thematically makes good hip hop strong. This likely sailed past most people, but it’s better than many.


From Wiki: “The album features guest appearances from Roc Marciano, Oh No, Ghostface Killah, Action Bronson, Cappadonna and Vinnie Paz. The album’s production comes from 7L, Spada4 and DJ Premier.”

Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble – In Step

I paid only $3 for this CD at Sonic Boom. Crazy!

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 36 (CD)

Their fourth record, this was Stevie’s last with Double Trouble (he died a year later).

It’s been noted that the title likely refers to Stevie’s addiction rehab. Perhaps that’s why he was jamming the blues rock of his we all love with sweet soul (horns! I love the horns!) and just a fantastic sound all around.

He recorded Family Style with Jimmie after this. That and this record were excellent directions in which he was heading!

Kittie – Oracle

This one livened up my organization project…

Sunday Man Cave Series, Part 4

Oracle is good, but not one I could play a lot.

Huge riffs, heavy bass, I really dig the music. The demon-screaming vocals get tiresome, though. I prefer the melodic moments. Their cover of Pink Floyd’s Run Like Hell is an interesting take, indeed.

I met a guy who claims he knew a guy who worked on this record. By hearsay, it apparently required a lot ProTools.

For all that, not a bad record. Just in small doses.

Wilco – A Ghost Is Born

I spent $3 for this one in Sonic Boom. It’s worth SO much more! Oh my goodness, what a record…

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 35 (CD)

Easily one of my biggest scores of the Taranna trip, I absolutely fell in love with this record. I already love Wilco, but this one I’d never heard and WOW.

The band remains unafraid to try new things, dynamically exhilirating. Their music achives lift-off one minute, and gently caresses the next.

Take everything you already love about Wilco, the rock and country and ballads and indulgent creativity and keep pushing it forward. That’s this album.

Pure love!

Wynton Marsalis At The Rex, 2008

My lovely wife sent me the link for this blast of beauty from October 2008 at the Rex in Toronto. Shoddy camerawork, but the playing’s awesome!



Led Zeppelin – Houses Of The Holy (1CD, RM)

Sunday Man Cave Series, Part 3

I found a cheap copy of the 1CD remaster of this stone classic record, and I snapped it up… why? Pure impulse, surely. I mean, how many times do I own this record, now?

1 – this 1CD RM
2 – original CD
3 – all the tracks are on the 1990 boxed set
4 – 2LP deluxe RM

Alright, so only four times. I know for sure that I own a lot more copies other records of theirs!


One of my favourite enduring memories of this record:

We went to Exhibition Stadium in August of 1994 to catch a show by Harry Connick, Jr. on his Funk Tour (promoting the excellent She album). We even met him that day! Anyway, the opener was the awesomeLeroy Jones Quintet. Leroy worked double-shift that day because after his own band opened, he jumped in and took up his regular spot in Harry’s band too!

Anyway, the LJQ gets done playing, and someone starts playing recorded music between sets to keep the crowd warm while they set up for Harry’s show. And what were they playing? Houses Of The Holy. In its entirety. It surely didn’t fit between two jazzy sets, but then again, why not? It sounded wonderful over the big sound system in the stadium…


So, what can I say about this record? Hahaha here’s all you need to know:

The Song Remains The Same
The Rain Song
Over The Hills And Far Away
The Crunge
Dancing Days
D’yer Mak’er
No Quarter
The Ocean


Morcheeba – Big Calm

Here’s a $3 absolute frickin’ score from Sonic Boom. Somewhere along the line, I misplaced/sold/lost my copy of this, and I was absolutely thrilled to find it so cheap on this trip. This is the return of an old friend. I knew every note and move. What a record!

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 34 (CD)

I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard this album, but it’s a ton. We lived in Montreal 1999-2001, and this was everywhere. Supreme Beings Of Leisure, Massive Attack, Portishead, etc… and Morcheeba was a big part too.

Big Calm was first of theirs I heard, and it became my favourite of theirs. That sound, that feel, that drift into calm and cool, bluesy and smooth and sweet… Absolutely tuneful, fucking brilliant.

Fully recommended. Get it!

Me Too

Alright. Meghan Trainor. She’s written a bunch of songs you hear at work and on pop/pap radio. They’re catchy, sure-fire pop leprechaun gold. The kind of thing that is fun and cool for ten minutes and then gets annoying (and disappears). You know the type. Anyway.

Her song Me Too. It gets played at work all the time. It’s catchy, it’s funny, it mentions G-d so it appeals to the bible belt. And it sounds like a wonderful anthem for self-esteem and positivity. Well, I say it’s an anthem for masturbation.

Who’s that sexy thing I see over there? That’s me!

Haha I say that every day. Uh huh.

Standing in the mirror.
Put that icy thing hanging from my neck? That’s gold!
Show me some respect, oh oh

OK, Mrs. T. Calm down. It’s a necklace. Relax. Also, very nice, your reflection turns you on.

And then we get to the meat of my supposition, in the catchy-as-hell chorus:

I thank God every day
That I woke up feeling this way
and I can’t help loving myself
and I don’t need nobody else, no!

Is she singing about positivity? Or is she about to take some me-time with something that vibrates, if you know what I mean?

I say the latter. And there is NOTHING wrong with that.

This is right up there with Norah Jones’ one night stand that saw him get an orgasm but left her frustrated and unfulfilled, so she turned it into a jazzy song. But that could just be me.

As you were.


More Fun Times:

Green Day – Dookie

Here’s another one I rocked in the Man Cave this weekend…

Sunday Man Cave Series, Part 2

I’m probably losing cred here, but I love this album. I know people who have no time for Green Day at all. They say three chord pop punk is shite, and just bash it mercilessly. Me, I just listen and nod but don’t try to defend it. There’s no point, with those folks.

Listen closely, though, and hear how tight and cleverly-crafted it is.

I say it’s just unabashed, smartly-played fun, so crank it!

A Hawk And A Handsaw – The Way The Wind Blows

Here’s an unique, beautiful $3 score from Sonic Boom…

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 33 (CD)

Forgive me for thinking this was a Geoff Berner record, full of accordion klezmer folk music and haunting, beautiful melodies!

This duo consists of Jeremy Barnes of Neutral Milk Hotel, and violinist Heather Trost (Beruit, also married to Barnes). This is their third record of this (largely) instrumental, Eastern European style.

Partially recorded in the Romanian village of Zece Prajini, it features members of Fanfare Ciocarlia. What a sound!

I didn’t know what to expect, but I liked this!

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication

Five singles, all of them huge. Plenty more that shoulda-been. John Frusciante returns, replacing Dave Navarro, and the sound shifted. Melodic and contemplative, their irrepressible energy remains (sounds like Chilis!). This one sees them making strides towards finding a bit more balance.

I’m known in these parts as a Chilis fan, and I won’t sell this to some of our Readers, but that’s OK. Chaçun â son goût! More for me!

Californication rules, top to bottom.

DJ Muggs Vs. GZA The Genius – Grandmasters

I had occasion to spend all day in the Man Cave on Sunday, tidying up and organizing. It was glorious. I’m sure you agree just how awesome it is to be able to be surrounded with music… just organizing… And of course, I rocked several albums over the course of those sweet, sweet hours… Let’s have a look…

Sunday Man Cave Series, Part 1

I’d have a hard time picking a favourite Wu-Tang member (I mean, why choose?), but at gunpoint I’d always say GZA.

DJ Muggs (Cypress Hill, Soul Assassins, many others)’s beats are pitch-perfect, and razor-sharp. His work here is gorgeous. And GZA’s lyrics are truly superb, and his flow bang-on. I could listen to him rap all day. Wu members and associates are here too.

This chess-themed beauty is the real deal.


PS From Wiki:

“”Chess is the ultimate board game. Monopoly is not in its league and Checkers doesn’t compare at all. It’s civilized war. It’s a mathematical thing, its science, and it’s strategy. That’s life all the time. Just planning your day, being ten steps ahead and seeing the moves ahead. That’s what chess is about. I’m not the greatest player. I’m not a master or a grandmaster. I lose a lot, but I learn. I’ve been defeated plenty times. I play online and I might have 900 wins and 850 losses but I play all the time. The game is fascinating and I am captivated by that. The album I just dropped is called Grandmasters. That’s the highest level you reach when playing chess and it’s also the highest level of emceeing, producing and deejaying. Most of the titles are chess slang ‘Queen’s Gambit,’ ‘Destruction of a Guard,’ ‘Unprotected Pieces,’ and ‘Illusionary Protection.’ I incorporate chess into certain rhymes. I use chess all time. Chess is a big part of what I do.” – GZA”

Poll: Your Top 5 KISS Albums 2000-2016

OK folks, we’ve only got this last one to do! I was gonna do 2000-2009 and 2010-2016, but there were only two studio albums after 1998 (!) (in 2009 and 2012). Man, going 1998-2oo9 between albums, I mean, that’s 11 frickin’ years, man. That’s kinda sad.

Anyway, I’ve bundled all the 2000s together into one list. As usual, I’ve included the two (!) studio records, live albums and boxed sets. I’ve even included the Clear Channel Instant Live stuff for all you super-fans.

Ready to pick your Top 5 KISS for 2000-2016? Have at ‘er!

R.I.P. Eddie Harsch

I totally missed this news. It was my sister (she’s a huge Crowes fan) who informed me of his passing recently.

A fellow Canuck, Eddie played keys with the Black Crowes from 1991-2006. He was also in James Cotton’s band in the 80s!

He’d just formed a new band, The Magpie Salute, a band including old Crowes Rich Robinson, Marc Ford and Sven Pipien.

No information has been given about cause of death. Eddie died in Toronto on Nov 4, 2016. He was 59 years old.

Poll Results: Top 5 KISS Albums 1990-1999

Alright, faithful KMA Readers, once again I have forgotten to put up the results of the most recent KISS poll. Thanks for your patience!

This time, we were selecting our Top 5 KISS records 1990-1999. How’d we do?

6 Revenge
5 Carnival Of Souls
5 Alive III
5 KISS Unplugged (live)
4 Psycho Circus
1 You Wanted The Best, You Got the Best (live)
1 Greatest KISS (comp)
0 Greatest Hits (comp)

Which obviously makes your Top 5 for 1990-1999 look like this:

Carnival Of Souls
Alive III
KISS Unplugged (live)
Psycho Circus

And there was poor old Greatest Hits not getting a single vote!

Thanks for voting!

The Rebirth Of Cool

Here’s a $3 total score from Sonic Boom…

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 32 (CD)

Man, I was sitting at the computer late at night, good headphones on, and I fell in love with this CD. It’s jazzy, it’s trip-hoppy, there’s rapping, singing… it’s really wonderful. But most importantly, there’s just sweet groove after sweet groove.

When we lived in Montreal (1999-2001), restaurants all over town played this kind of music. I hold a special love for that town, and this music.

This CD* really made my day.

Track List:
1. Chameleon – Jazz Warriors
2. Taurus Woman – The Subterraneans
3. Don’t Say Nothin’ – Opaz
4. Kickin’ Jazz – Outlaw
5. Bad Brother – Ronny Jordan
6. Fever – Stereo MC’s
7. Revival (Rebirth Edit) – Martine Girault
8. Caroline – MC Solaar
9. Loud Minority (Club Mix) – United Future Organization
10. Inner City Boundaries – Freestyle Fellowship


* Minimal interwubs research indicates this is a whole series. If I find more, I’m buying them all!

Vampire Weekend Meets Toy Selectah – Contra Megamelt

With this “Free CD given away with initial copies of 2010 album “Contra,”” here we find myself, your intrepid reporter, admitting that I don’t know anything about Vampire Weekend, but the cover and the name attracted me to the purchase. Also, it was $1.50 for a 3-track single. Hard to say no!

Both Contramelt A and B are exclusive ‘megamixes’ of songs found on the Contra album.

Anyway, Contramelt A has a definite eastern, Indian feel to it. It’s a bit too techno/dance-y for me, but I can appreciate what happened here and I know many people would fall hugely for this. Contramelt B is almost classical at the start, then goes into a bouncy beat and a lot of experimental sounds that the dance crowd would really love. Myself, I thought it was rousing and interesting. I couldn’t play it all the time.

There’s also Cousinz (Toy Selectah Mex-More Remix), which goes even further into the electro-noise thing. It could be a fun tune if they laid off that damn scritchy noise over (almost) everything.

In Sum:

I get it, I do. I’m glad I didn’t pay a lot for it. I feel like I listened to world music and dace music all at once. And that’s cool, by me. but I’m not entirely sure how much I’d play it, going forward. Maybe I’d like the main Vampire Weekend album more…

Rage Against The Machine – The Battle Of Los Angeles

Ages ago, I owned this. Must’ve sold it off when we moved provinces, or something. Silly me.

Found at work for cheap, this one is (predictably) a fucking bomb going off in your stereo. These tunes are perfect for November, 2016, and until people get their shit together, this stuff is going to continue to be salient, and bang on the nose.

Also, these fucking tunes are killers! All of them! Just look!

1. Testify
2. Guerrilla Radio
3. Calm Like a Bomb
4. Mic Check
5. Sleep Now in the Fire
6. Born of a Broken Man
7. Born as Ghosts
8. Maria
9. Voice of the Voiceless
10. New Millennium Homes
11. Ashes in the Fall
12. War Within a Breath



Neil Young – Silver & Gold

Here’s another $3 score from Sonic Boom…

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 31 (CD)

Thirty years later, here’s the sequel of sorts to After The Gold Rush. Largely acoustic, gentle Neil (as opposed to rockin’ Neil) lays out some really stellar songs about nostalgia and the past. These rootsy, country-ish tunes won’t challenge anyone. This is late night, quiet and reflective Neil.

Goddamn, his band rules: Ben Keith, Spooner Oldham, “Duck” Dunn, Jim Keltner, Oscar Butterworth… and Linda Ronstadt and Emmy Lou Harris for good measure!

This one’s a keeper.

Fleetwood Mac – Greatest Hits

Covering from the mid-70s to mid-80s, this disc so full of songs you know forwards and backwards, whether you’re into the band or not. In fact, they transcend mere like or dislike – these are culturally universal. Holy mackerel, talk about a knack for writing massive hit songs (even the weirdo track, Tusk).

There are also two new songs here, As Long As You Follow, and No Questions Asked, and they fit seamlessly.

This disc is impressive and monumental.

Our Lady Peace – Live

Occasionally, I fall for this trap. You see, I’ve never much liked OLP… By dint of being a 90s Canuck-rock kid, I should love these guys… but… it’s Raine Maida’s vocals. They grate something awful.

I bought this live record… it didn’t help. Hell, I even heard them perform up the street from my old house, years back. Nope.

Fair play, and I keep trying, but yet again I’ve failed to like this band.


PS: For those who want a more knowledgeable look at this release, CHECK OUT BROTHER DEKE’S REVIEW RIGHT HERE.

Neil Young – Living With War

Found for $3 at Sonic Boom, we’re already at #30 in the series and there’s miles yet to go…

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 30 (CD)

Here’s Neil’s 2006 strident bash at George W. Bush’s Iraq war. Written in nine days after Young saw a headline about medics helping wounded soldiers, Young called it “metal folk protest music.”

As it stands now, ten years later (and with a president-elect sure to elicit another album just like this) it’s a shambling, under-cooked (and therefore awesome) effort. It’s immediate, and it’s real.

It dates itself, but it also doesn’t.*


* When this happens, it’s always sad commentary. As we well know, those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Kula Shaker – Summer Sun EP

Yet another $0.99 find at Sonic Boom!

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 29 (CD)

Govinda (’97, Hari & St. George) (from K) has a lovely Indian eastern sound while still building into rock bliss. Gokula is a bouncy bluesy rocker that’s tons of fun. Dance In Your Shadow sounds like Norwegian Wood done KS-style.

Raagy One (Waiting For Tomorrow) noodle-builds into a bit-too-like-Oasis for me. Moonshine is 70s lovechild pop-rock, and Troubled Mind is kinda-like-Oasis again. Oh dear.

Still: Eastern thread and cool instrumentals = cool EP.

Last Action Hero

After yesterday’s post about Def Leppard’s Retro Active, during which I’d forgotten that Two Steps Behind was on the Last Action Hero soundtrack, I bumped what I’d lsated for posting this morning so that I could cover this soundtrack.

We kick things off with AC/DC’s Big Gun. Fuck yes. Alice In Chains rolls in next with What The Hell Have I?, which has a delicious eastern sound to it and is typical AIC awesomeness. Megadeth is next with, honestly, standard (if not lesser) fare for them, on Angry Again.

Queensryche’s Real World is next, and it’s a plodding rock ballad that’s pretty with its strings and acoustic guitars, and wannabe Floydian moments, and all, but not one I need to hear often. Then it’s (as I’d forgotten) Def Leppard’s Two Steps Behind. As I heard it twice on Retroactive (both acoustic and electric), I didn’t need to hear this song we all know by heart again anyway.

Anthrax rocks us back up again (thank goodness) with Poison My Eyes. It takes a while to build but eventually becomes a pretty good thrashy rocker. Then we go back into slower with Aerosmith’s Dream On. We all know that one, though this version is live). Next. Alice In Chains is back! This time it’s A Little Bitter, a quicker but still very AIC-sounding tune. The chorus bit is heavy as fuck. Yeah!

Cypress Hill is next, with Cock The Hammer, which sounds like CH doing Public Enemy, honestly. It’s not a bad thing, but I can hear it. Am I the only one? Fishbone steps up with Swim. What a crushing riff! Haha wow. Too bad, being Fishbone, there was too much weirdness over top of it. They did what they did, and fair play. But man, this one could’ve been so much more.

Tesla give us Last Action Hero, which builds, of course, into an excellent Tesla rocker. This band definitely knew (knows?) what it’s doing when it comes to the rockin’. And finally, it’s score time… and being Kamen, of course, it’s big and epic. It’s a bit western in feel at points, and then jazzy, and then metal as fuck… This track features Buckethead, which is pretty awesome.

In Sum:

This is a decent soundtrack to an hilarious movie. I liked most of the tracks here, though some of it I will skip on future listens. Still, it’s an impressive list of performers!

AC/DC – For Those About To Rock (Group Post)

For more awesome posts about the 35th (!) anniversary of this release, check out BOPPIN and DEKE!

This is a re-post for me. Turns out, I covered it back on March 17, 2014!


I’d received this disc as a gift from our Heavy Metal Overlord. WHAT A GIFT!

Listening back to it for this post, I found I agreed with my past self, so there ain’t a whole lot extra to add. I ain’t cheaping out on the post word count, I’m too busy rocking!

For Those About To Rock (We Salute You), indeed!

\m/  :)  \m/

Wooden Stars – The Moon

Here’s yet another disc I found at Sonic Boom for $0.99. Total score!

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 28 (CD)

Y’all know I love Julie Doiron’s work, and in 1999 she did a collaboration record with this band. The Moon was done the same year, and Doiron appears here too.

A shining example of Canuck indie rock, this is brooding, yet still playful, and incredibly beautiful. It sounds so simple, but there’s a complexity underneath it all too. The sound is perfect, the songs ideally realized… Hot damn!

My only complaint is it’s only 8 songs!

Def Leppard – Retro Active

Collecting b-sides and previously unreleased tracks from 1984-1993, a lot of these songs appeared in other places (singles, Japanese bonus tracks *VERY EXPENSIVE*). She’s Too Tough first appeared on Helix’s Wild In The Streets album.

Cover tunes include Sweet’s song Action, and Mick Ronson’s Only After Dark. Ring Of Fire was not a Johnny Cash cover. There’s even a hidden track.

In all, I quite enjoyed this. It sounds, well, like Def Leppard!



Track listing (copied from Wiki):

1″Desert Song” (Steve Clark, Joe Elliott, Rick Savage) – 5:19
Outtake from the Hysteria album sessions (1984–87)

2″Fractured Love” (Clark, Elliott, Savage) – 5:08
Outtake from the Hysteria album sessions

3″Action” (Andy Scott, Brian Connolly, Steve Priest, Mick Tucker) – 3:41
Original version released on the “Make Love Like a Man” single (1992)

4″Two Steps Behind” (Acoustic version) (Elliott) – 4:16
Original version released on the “Make Love Like a Man” single
•Originally released on the Last Action Hero soundtrack (1993)

5″She’s Too Tough” (Elliott) – 3:41
Original version released on the “Heaven Is” single (1993) and is the bonus track for the Japanese pressing of Adrenalize (1992)

6″Miss You in a Heartbeat” (Phil Collen) – 4:04
Original version released on the “Make Love Like a Man” single

7″Only After Dark” (Mick Ronson, Scott Richardson) – 3:52
Original version released on the “Let’s Get Rocked” single (1992)

8″Ride into the Sun” (Clark, Collen, Elliott, Savage) – 3:12
Original version released on the “Hysteria” single (1987)
•First recording of the song released on The Def Leppard E.P. (1979)

9″From the Inside” (Elliott) – 4:13
Originally released on the “Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad” single

10″Ring of Fire” (Clark, Collen, Elliott, Robert John “Mutt” Lange, Savage) – 4:42
Original version released on the “Armageddon It” single (1988)

11″I Wanna Be Your Hero” (Clark, Collen, Elliott, Lange, Savage) – 4:29
Original version released on the “Hysteria” single

12″Miss You in a Heartbeat” (Electric version) (Collen) – 4:58
This was the Japanese bonus track for Adrenalize

13″Two Steps Behind” (Electric version) (Elliott) – 4:29

14″Miss You in a Heartbeat” [(Piano version) (Hidden track)] (Collen) – 4:09

Kelly Joe Phelps – Slingshot Professionals

I cannot believe I got this record for $0.99, at Sonic Boom! That’s a disservice to Mr. Phelps! It’s worth full price every time. I first heard his work through CDs I found at the Saskatoon Public Library over ten years ago, and I’m ashamed to admit he’s not an artist I’ve heard in ages. I have been totally remiss! 

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 27 (CD)

Oh wow I love this album. Phelps is described as a blues artist, but he’s more, too. There are folk and Americana layers to the songs here that reward the listener constantly.

Phelps’ guitar playing is stellar, full of restraint and power equally. His lyrics are stories, and the blues is ever-present. This band is perfect.

Add appearances by Bill Frissell, Jesse Zubot, and Petra Haden (among others), and this is one of my biggest scores this trip!

Treasure Trove Award

Imagine. Another blogging award! That’s four! We’d like to thank the Academy… This one also comes to us from Danica at Living A Beautiful Life. Thanks heaps, Danica!

This one is fun. There are no rules. Post it up and have fun!



What is the Treasure Trove Award?

I’ve created the Treasure Trove Award for bloggers who share treasures.  Treasures can take the form of:  art; community participation and support; creative writing; entertainment; friendship; health and fitness; humor; information; knowledge and insight; life lessons; music; photography; skills and instructions…anything that adds value and is a treasure in the blogosphere.

The Treasure Trove Award is for blogosphere treasures. 

What are the rules for the Treasure Trove Award?

The rules are that there are no rules.

You can post the Treasure Trove Award image to your blog — or not.  

You can give the award to other bloggers — or not.




All of you! You rock.

Mystery Blogger Award

More blog awards! Imagine!

This Mystery Blogger Award came to us recently from Danica at Living A Beautiful Life. If you’re not yet reading her excellent blog, go Follow her now!

At the time we received this award, I didn’t have time to put together a whole post about it, following the guidelines and all that good stuff. I did answer the questions in a comment, but that’s not classy enough for this. So here’s a post for it. Thanks Danica!  

It should also be noted that the answers (below) are by Aaron. James knows about these awards and may add his input too!

What is the Mystery Blogger Award, you ask?

The Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts.  Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates.  They are one of the best out there and they deserve every recognition they get.  This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion.

~ The award was created by Okoto Enigma.

The Rules or Guidelines for the Mystery Blogger Award:

  • Display the award logo on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link.
  • Tell your readers 3 things about yourself.
  • Answer 5 questions from the nominee.
  • Nominate 10 – 20 bloggers.
  • Notify your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.
  • Ask your nominees 5 questions of your choice, including 1 weird or funny question.
  • Share the link to your best post.

3 Things about Myself:

  1. I have lived in three different Canadian provinces (so far).
  2. We have a big old lazy orange awesome cat named Sam. He rules.
  3. I know all of the words to Billy Joel’s We Didn’t Start The Fire. WHY?

The Questions I Answered:

1. If you could speak any language you don’t currently speak, what would it be?

– Chinese or Russian. I get the feeling we might be needing them in the future…

2. If you could (or had to) live anywhere other than where you currently live, where would it be?

– I’d go back to Montreal. I love that town, and living there was one of the coolest things we ever did.

3. If you were famous — and could choose why you were famous — what would you be famous for?

– I’d be the greatest guitar player in the world, ever.

4. If you had to die for a cause, belief or ideal what would it be?

– If I HAD to? Any cause worth believing in wouldn’t ask me to die for it.

5. The weird question: If you could be on the first spacecraft to Mars (and make it back to Earth in your natural lifetime) would you?

– Abso-frickin’ lutely!

The Questions I’m Asking All Y’all:

  1. What’s your favourite album of all time?
  2. Can you describe yourself in one word?
  3. Can you name one food you could never give up?
  4. Why did you start blogging?
  5. Weird Question: What is your least favourite word?

The Nominees:

It’s the usual suspects, you know who you are. You’re all reading this. If you wanna participate, fantastic! This is your nomination! Congrats!

Mike Ladano
Heavy Metal Overlord
Boppin’s Blog
Caught Me Gaming
1001 Albums In 10 Years
Resurrection Songs
Vinyl Connection
Free City Sounds
Tangled Up In Music
The Audible Stew
Metal Odyssey
Vinnie H
Mixolydian Blog
…and anyone not listed here who clearly should have been!


Thanks again, Danica!


2fer: Live – Birds Of Pray, and Songs From Black Mountain

I’m putting these two together because I am completist enough to want to hear the Live albums in order, as I go along. I did not buy Birds Of Pray in Taranna with Mike, but it’s next in the discography, so here we go!

Live – Birds Of Pray (CD/DVD)

In 2003, Live sounds the same, and this is a strong Live record. I found upset people online (including a band member), saying the songs weren’t memorable, the lyrics were too strident and/or obtuse, that this album was Live settling down and giving up.

I don’t get nearly that much bad out of it. There are lots of excellent tunes here.

This copy also had a DVD with live videos of four songs from Pinkpop 2002. Sweet.


And now here’s another one that I found at Sonic Boom in Taranna with Mike, and again I paid $0.99…

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 26 (CD)

This was Ed’s last album with Live (so far – rumours are they may reunite soon). By this point, people may have written them off, but the songs here are still uplifting and rousing. They are a bit formulaic, perhaps, but this is probably because (happily) I’ve heard four Live albums in the past few days…

It’s typical Live, which means that this is a solid outing all around, and as strong as the albums directly preceeding it.

Liebster Award

Zack at The Audible Stew has nominated us for a Liebster Award!

The Rules:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you and answer the 11 questions they’ve written for you.

2. Nominate 11 different people and give them 11 questions to answer.


1. Thanks so much from both of us, Zack! Truly, it’s a thrill to be thought of.

For this next part, Aaron is answering the questions, but James has been emailed and if he receives it in time, he may enter his answers here too! Also, I found 12 questions here, not 11. That’s Zack for you, going above and beyond! Let’s give ‘er!

Zack’s Questions For Us:

1 – Did you go to college? What was your major?

I went to university as a communications major, then to college as a print journalism major. Sadly, I finished neither.

2 – Have you ever been arrested? For What?

Never been arrested. But I have gotten two speeding tickets in 26 years of driving, does that count?

3 – Favorite and Least Favorite Band?

Wow that’s tough. I’ll wanna change whatever I answer… OK, um, Favourite Band panic answer: Rolling Stones. Least Favourite Band: The list is loooong…

4 – Biggest Celebrity Crush?

Haha no idea. Next.

5 – What is the airborne velocity of an unladen swallow?

That depends. Is it an African swallow or a European swallow? 

6 – When was the last time you went to the hospital? For what?

About three years ago. I broke my right foot playing basketball. I do not recommend the experience.

7 – Who’s your favorite superhero?

I was gonna say Batman, but he’s hasn’t got super powers. He’s a human with cool toys and mad skills. So, a superhero? For kicking ass, Wonder Woman. For making me laugh, Deadpool and Spider-Man.

8 What’s your day job?

I work part-time in a thrift store, pricing either the men’s clothes or the books/music. The rest of the time, I’m a Dad to two awesome wee kids.

9 What’s your dream job?

Drummer for the Rolling Stones, but Charlie ain’t budging from his seat.

10 Where would you most like to visit?

Japan. All of it.

11 If you had the chance and the time machine, would you kill baby Hitler?

Oof, tough one. I wanna say yes, because that would save a lot of horror in the world. But the paradoxes of time travel are too many. Changing one thing could change so many other things, and could even make our present worse upon my return… Time travel is, I think, a really bad idea.

12 What’s the first thing you would do if you became independently wealthy?

I’d make it so my family and friends never had to worry about money again. And then I’d buy an original, vintage 1952 Telecaster and an old tube amp.

And my questions, if anyone wants to answer them:

1 – Can you drive a manual transmission vehicle?
2 – What’s your favourite quote (and who said it)?
3 – What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
4 – If you could master one useless skill, what would it be?
5 – Live anywhere: where would you choose?
6 – Your life story gets made into a film: which actor portrays you?
7 – Have dinner with anyone (alive or dead): Who do you choose?
8 – What’s your favourite book?
9 – Do you have any nicknames?
10 – Do you have any pets?
11 – Describe your blog in three words.

And the nominees are:

Mike Ladano
Heavy Metal Overlord
Boppin’s Blog
Caught Me Gaming
1001 Albums In 10 Years
Resurrection Songs
Living A Beautiful Life
Vinyl Connection
Free City Sounds
Tangled Up In Music
Metal Odyssey
Vinnie H
Mixolydian Blog

The award said 11 bloggers, and I did way more than that… oopsey… Anyway, you’re likely all reading this, so consider this your nomination for a Liebster Award! Do with it what you will! Thank you all for your wonderful blogs.

Cheers everybody, and thanks again Zack!

Versatile Bloggers Award

What better way to start the week than with winning awards? That’ll put a spring in your step! Today we’re covering some honours sent our way by superb bloggers themselves! 

80smetalman / Peaceful Rampage (a most excellent blogger, folks, go check out both pages!) has nominated us for a Versatile Blogger Award! THANK YOU SIR!

Since this site is run by both James and Aaron, we thank you twice! Aaron is typing up this post… James has been emailed, and if he receives it in time he may also add to this very post before it goes live…

As it usually goes with these things, there are rules/steps to follow (copied from the PR site):

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and pass it on.
  2. Share the award on your blog
  3. Share random facts about yourself
  4. Tag on 10 bloggers and tell them that they are nominated.

Right, here we go…

1 – Thank you so very much 80smetalman / Peaceful Rampage for acknowledging our little corner of the internet!

2 – This post is sharing the award on this blog right now! The future is now!

3 –  Some random facts about Aaron:

a. He has dunked a basketball on a regulation-height (10’) hoop, but only once in his life.
b. He can roll his tongue.
c. He once met Harry Connick, Jr.
d. Sloan is the band he has seen the most times in concert (5 times). B.B. King is next (saw him 4 times).
e. His first car was a Honda Civic that had a cassette of Me First And The Gimme Gimmes stuck in the player.

4 – Most people say thanks for the nomination but have busy lives and can’t always participate, so we’ll just drop some names here (in no particular order, mind you!) and y’all can participate if you like. since you’re likely all reading this anyway, this is your notification! You still get nominated by us right here (because you all rawk!), with acknowledgement and thanks for your awesome blogs, even if you cannot participate. You rock. You know it.

Mike Ladano
Heavy Metal Overlord
Boppin’s Blog
Caught Me Gaming
1001 Albums In 10 Years
Resurrection Songs
Living A Beautiful Life
Vinyl Connection
Free City Sounds
Tangled Up In Music
The Audible Stew
Metal Odyssey
Vinnie H
Mixolydian Blog
…and so many more if we missed you all apologies…

Just realized: the award said to list 10 bloggers, this list has 20. Yes!

Cheers everybody, and thanks again!

Live – V

Here’s another one I got for $0.99 at Sonic Boom!

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 25 (CD)

Never intended to be an album (the band planned to release it free to fans), the label got hold of the tracks and forced release anyway.

These are more great Live tracks. They have a unique sound that works well. As singles, Simple Creed and Overcome (big after 9/11) are deserving. I heard many others here that could also have been singles. Guest vocals from Adam Duritz and Tricky make things even more interesting.

I really liked this record.

April Wine – The First Decade

Here are 18 tracks of awesome good times. I’ll admit, quite a few of these songs I hadn’t heard before.

Covering 1972-1978, mostly chronologically, a lot of classic early tunes await within. There are also four unreleased tracks thrown in. It’s a solid mix of heavier stuff, hits and lighter stuff (which were for Myles Goodwyn’s planned solo album).

As far as a well-thought out collection ought to be, this one nails it completely.


Tracks: It’s A Pleasure To See You Again* / Bad Side Of The Moon / Drop Your Guns / Lady Run, Lady Hide / Electric Jewels / Cum Hear The Band / Slow Poke / The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazy / Lovin’ You / Baby It’s You* / Somebody Like You* / Am I In Love* / Forever For Now / Wings Of Love / Marjorie / Child’s Garden / Mama Laye / Comin’ Right Down On Top Of Me

* previously unreleased

Metallica – Hardwired… To Self-Destruct (album proper)



Time for the (much-ballyhooed) new Metallica. There follows my first thoughts on this new album (I’ll do the bonus disc later). It’s quite possible that subsequent plays will bring about more (even different) opinions. This time, though, the paint is still damn wet! I wrote this in real-time, as I listened.


Hardwired (3:09) is one we’ve heard a ton already (released early, as it was). “We’re so fucked, shit out of luck…. hardwired to self-destruct!” This is an American song about Trump, right? Talk about timing. Anyway, it’s a total fucking blast, I love it. Ripping along at 100 mph and heavy as fuck. What a riff!

Atlas, Rise! (6:29) doesn’t ease off at all. What a great fucking tune! Feels like it’s straight off the Black album, honestly. Great energy, huge riffs, wailing solos… This one’s huge!

Now That We’re Dead (6:59) builds heavily and becomes another massive stomper set to destroy. Holy crap the riffs on these early tracks are so strong! As it unwinds, this one just takes over. Everything you love about 90s+ Metallica is here.

And holy fuck we’re into yet another punishing heavy fast riff with Moth Into Flame (5:51). If this isn’t a single, I’ll scream recount. What a track! It’s melodic, heavy, and it rants about the dangers of celebrity. Kirk’s solos, yet again, are nailing it. I’m lovin’ it. All I can think is go go go go GO!

Dream No More (6:30) is a wee bit slower, groovier, but still as metal as fuck. Another huge solo from Kirk. Oh man. Classic Metallica. Already I am in love with this record. Love love love…

Halo On Fire (8:15) teases with a gentler, melodic intro section… but don’t buy it! You’re about to get pummelled! Go! Hahaha hell yeah. This oughta be a single too. It’s such a well-constructed song, and it rocks like hell… Goddamn it, Metallica. You’re not even making it fair for mere mortals anymore. This is insanely good.


Confusion (6:41) pounds away at us right out of the gate. It builds and grows and becomes another metal stomper that other bands would kill for for their own records. By the time James starts singing, it’s another classic, definitely Load/Reload-era awesomeness.

ManUNkind (6:56) teases being gentler, and then stomps all over those assumptions with another bluesy metal monster of a tune. It’s slower, sure, but no less heavy. Goddamn!

Here Comes Revenge (7:18) is another straight-on rocker. Hell yeah! \m/  \m/  It folds down into quieter parts for the verses, but don’t be fooled. It’s just so they can build it back up again. Don’t be daunted by it’s 7+ minute running length, this track’s a keeper.

Am I Savage? (6:30) goes for heavy, bluesy and groovy as all fucking get out. Are you savage, Metallica? Only if rocking the fuck out is savage, then yes you certainly are!

Murder One (5:45) teases with gentler bits, but the real meat is in the heavy bashing about that comes right after. Man this album is absolutely owning.

Spit Out The Bone (7:09) rocks like it’s 1985 again! This is as epic as it gets. Why the hell did they leave this for the last track? This oughta be up top, where no one can miss it! Possibly the best track here, and not because it’s faster than everything else on this set. This is classic Metallica, this is such a flashback. Holy crap that’s amazing! That bit where it slows right down and is still heavy as fuck, though. Oh man. And then Kirk takes off on a massive solo…

In Sum:

This album is absolutely unrelenting. It is unrelentingly massively. It is massively perfect. Metallica has absolutely nailed it.



Live – The Distance To Here

I got this one for $0.99 in Sonic Boom!

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 24 (CD)

I loved Throwing Copper and Secret Samadhi, and had this one too. It got sold (dummy!) so here’s a replacement. What a record! It’s a natural extension of what came before, while still exploring new things. On a fourth record, that’s what you want in a band this strong!

I was shocked to find many detractors online, saying it’s too bombastic and cheesy. Silly people who just want retread Throwing Copper. I really liked this album.

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium

The Chilis do their funky thing… but haters, don’t dismiss yet – hear all of the intricate, perfect instrumental additions in these songs… the songwriting’s stellar. Not a dud track anywhere (there were 5 singles here!). Also, power in sadness: it’s Frusciante’s last with them. But what an exit… Pure, ambitious, masterful, delicately beautiful glory abounds.

Did you know this was to be a trilogy of albums, but got condensed to a double? True story. LOVE IT.

2fer: Crash Test Dummies – I Don’t Care That You Don’t Mind… and A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Dummy

I bought this for $0.99 at Sonic Boom. I didn’t realize there were two CDs in here! So, um, bonus!

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 23 (and 23.5) (CD)

I have a strange relationship with CTD, which I will not go into here (please don’t ask). Suffice it to say, I like them well enough, and I recognize their absolute talent, but they always remind me (personally) of a bad time.

That said, I generally like their records. And I generally like this one, for the very mellow, gentle, plodding exercise that it is. There are a couple of country tunes, which work; later tracks are jazzy.

My relationship with them aside, this is OK!


Obviously a tip-in for the the album (see above), this collects full album tracks of Comin’ Back Soon (The Bereft Man’s Song), Superman’s Song, The Ghosts That Haunt Me, and Androgynous, all earlier songs.

Then we roll into a Susan Demery interview with Brad Roberts (intercut with full tunes we’ve already heard on this CD), and some ‘interview bites,’ which is the interview over again without the full songs from the interview section. A lot of repetition, but there are some insights in here, for what it’s worth.

Karajan Festival (5CD)

I buy Herbert Von Karajan’s work with the Berlin Philharmonic every chance I get – it never fails to amaze. The beauty and power, the strength and tenderness this pairing always created makes them sure winners every time.

This 5CD boxed set has taken me ages to get through, but it was all so worth it. There’s something edifying and fulfilling in these works, something that made me want to start over as soon as I’d finished.




Johannes Brahms – Hungarian Dances No. 1,3,5,6,17-20
Alexander Borodin – Prince Igor
Alexander Borodin – Dance Of The Polovtsian Maidens
Peter Tschaikovsky – Polonaise & Waltz
Bedrich Smetana – The Bartered Bride
Bedrich Smetana – Dance Of The Comedians

Edvard Grieg – Peer Gynt (Suite no.1 and no.2)
Jean Sibelius – Finlandia
Jean Sibelius – Valse Triste
Jean Sibelius –  Tapiola

Maurice Ravel – Bolero
Maurice Ravel – Daphnis Et Chloé Suite no.2
Claude Debussy – La Mer
Claude Debussy – Prélude À L’Après-midi
Claude Debussy – D’un Faune

Gioacchino Rossini – Overtures:
– Il Barbiere Di Siviglia
– L’Italiana In Algeri
– La Gazza Ladra
– La Scala Di Seta

Giuseppe Verdi – Overtures And Preludes
– Nabucco . La Traviata
– Les Vêpres Siciliennes
– Un Ballo In Maschera
– La Forza Del Destino
– Aida

Bedrich Smetana – Vltava (The Moldau)
Antonin Dvorak – Scherzo Capriccioso
Franz Liszt – Les Préludes
Hungarian Rhapsody no.4





2fer: Lisa Loeb – Cake And Pie… and Hello Lisa

Here’s a 2fer of Lisa Loeb… I got both of these for $0.99 at Sonic Boom! And fear not, all will be explained as to why they’re combined here… 

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 21 (CD)

Loeb’s third record continues to prove the power of her songwriting. Co-produced with Glen Ballard, it sounds great. Collaborations with Dweezil Zappa, Randy Scruggs, and Peter Collins add stength to strength.

Every song here is catchy as hell*, and whip-smart. The band backs her perfectly on ballads, folk pop or satisfying pop rock. But don’t be lulled by the beauty here – there’s a knife edge in her words and she’s not taking prisoners. Great!


But hang on a minute, she released another record that year! Here’s what happened…

The 5th Annual Toronto Expedition Series, Part 22 (CD)

Loeb moved labels and re-released Cake And Pie as this. New artwork (with legal Hello Kitty usage), three new songs added and four songs from C&P removed… it’s sort of a new album, also sort of not. Call it record 3.5, I guess!

No matter, it’s all still perfectly Loeb, and new tracks Did That, What Am I Supposed To Say, and Take Me Back fit fine. I’m cool with owning both records. Yay!


* Check out the bluesy Payback. Yes!

N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton

I was late to this party – I wasn’t listening to this as a kid (I was into jazz). But once I heard this (ages ago, in high school), I was sold completely. Straight Outta Compton and Fuck Tha Police send us headlong into a record that is a funky, rebellious, angry, socially conscious, pro-free speech bomb going off. The message and strength here is incredible.

My 2002 copy has 4 bonus tracks, all worthy of inclusion. Unquestionably influential.

Accept – Blood Of The Nations

Holy shit this was awesome, what a great rockin’ album! I only know the hits of Accept, so this, their first album in over a decade (at the time) and first with new singer Mark Tornillo is my first real kick at an Accept album.

It just sounds classic. Every element you want from full-on metal are here, in big full and glorious sound. Honestly, this is 13 tracks of Fuck Yeah! Crank it up and go go go!


PS: If you want a real review of this one, go read MIKE’S!!

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