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Rage Against The Machine – Renegades

So it’s 2000 and Rage drops a covers album. What. Haha it rocks, and the songs are well selected, so fear not.

Even the cover art is a parody of another artwork, Robert Indiana’s LOVE, replacing LOVE with RAGE. Of course. I’m really sure we stood with the reproduced LOVE sculpture at 6th Ave and 55th St. in New York City…


As for the tracks:

Eric B. & Rakim – Microphone Fiend
Volume 10’s – Pistol Grip Pump
MC5 – Kick Out The Jams
Afrika Bambaataa – Renegades Of Funk
Devo – Beautiful World
EPMD – I’m Housin’
Minor Threat – In My Eyes
Cypress Hill – How I Could Just Kill A Man
Bruce Springsteen – The Ghost Of Tom Joad
Stooges – Down On The Street
Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man
Bob Dylan – Maggie’s Farm

So it’s either rap or punk artists… oh yeah, and Stones, Dylan and Springsteen. Right on. There was a version that bonus tracks, a couple of live versions, if that interests you.

They play the whole damn thing with aplomb, turning each track from whatever it used to be into a Rage song. I used to bitch about how they turned the Stones track into a Prodigy-feel rave-up, but now I don’t mind so much. The Ghost Of Tom Joad was always my fave, here. Anyway, it all hits damn hard, and in the good headphones you’re in for a right pounding! And now that I’ve typed that, I’m pretty sure I didn’t need to. You knew this already.

Carry on. And CRANK IT!

Rage Against The Machine – XX

I’ve already covered this record, in these pages. It really is like a bomb going off in your stereo. I love it completely. After so many play-throughs over these decades I know every note and word, and if I had a drum set, I’ll bet I could play along fairly well with every song. True story: ages ago, a guy with whom I occasionally jammed loved to play Know Your Enemy, him on guitar, me on drums. Even with just two people, much fun!

So I was at HMV (soon to be defunct!) and had got enough stuff that I would be allowed to buy a selected $12 CD for $7. Most of the stack sucked, but this remaster caught my eye. Still, I hesitated. Did I need it? I mean, I have owned that CD since forever, did I care about a remastering? Did I need it again just for three live tracks? And then I was told it would be closer to $5 with the new HMV death throes discount. Ah what the hell, sold.

So I brought it home, plugged it in and it still sounds as great as it ever did. Did I notice anything in the remastering job? Not really. I read somewhere one criticism that it’s now more compressed and louder, but for me it wasn’t noticeable enough to stop me. I was too busy getting indignant about the world and getting ready to break some shit! This record never fails to get me fired up.

Actually, thinking about it, given the recent inauguration of a new president in our southern neighbours’ fine and beautiful country, a track like Take The Power Back really, really, REALLY hit the spot.

The three live tracks are great documents. It’s awesome to hear how they attacked the songs in a live setting, and they sound pretty damn great. Bombtrack (from the Bombtrack single, including Zach’s rant about Leonard Pelletier as intro), Bullet In The Head (from the Bullet In The Head single), and Take The Power Back (from the Freedom single).

This set also came in a bunch of super-fancy-pants versions, none of which I could afford or would even really need. All I need is the main album tracks, played in order, at top volume. Put it in, crank it, and achieve fuckin’ lift-off.

If you don’t own this album, uh, first of all, WHY NOT? You need this, so go get it. This RM is really cheap right now, and worth every damn cent for thinking persons everywhere.

In Sum:

If you already own an old original copy of the album (as I do), then you don’t really need this. But it’s friggin’ cheap, and the extra live tracks are therefore worth it.


Rage Against The Machine – The Battle Of Los Angeles

Ages ago, I owned this. Must’ve sold it off when we moved provinces, or something. Silly me.

Found at work for cheap, this one is (predictably) a fucking bomb going off in your stereo. These tunes are perfect for November, 2016, and until people get their shit together, this stuff is going to continue to be salient, and bang on the nose.

Also, these fucking tunes are killers! All of them! Just look!

1. Testify
2. Guerrilla Radio
3. Calm Like a Bomb
4. Mic Check
5. Sleep Now in the Fire
6. Born of a Broken Man
7. Born as Ghosts
8. Maria
9. Voice of the Voiceless
10. New Millennium Homes
11. Ashes in the Fall
12. War Within a Breath



March Break Thrift Shop Scores

March Break Thrift Shop Scores

Every once in a while, I prowl our local thrift shop.* Every time I post an album and say “hey, I bought this for $2!” this is where I’ve found it. It’s also worth noting, before we go much further, that I have come across many wonderful things there that I’ve left behind. Why? Quality of the item. So many times I’ve found great things, like a CD I really want, and everything is in great shape except the CD is all scratchy because some people are animals and treat their CDs like an animal would. I will only buy from there when the whole item is in perfect shape. Collection integrity!

Now, I haven’t been keeping stats on success rates, but it’s more often that I don’t find anything at all that I’d want. However, every once in a while, I find some cool things. A good recent example is that Peter Gabriel album I posted about, the one all sung in German. The cool finds make it worth all the times I don’t find anything.

On a recent foray, I did find some cool things, in a few formats. Thought I’d tell you about it:

DVD: rage against the machine – Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium ($2.99)

This is cool because it documents (what was, at the time) their last gig. Of course, they reunited in 2007 but at the time, when everyone thought this was going to be the end, emotions were gonna be high. Can’t wait to watch it.

BOOK: C.R. Avery – 38 Bar Blues** ($1.99)

Cool collection of poetry from this one-of-a-kind artist. I read snippets here and there and I can’t wait to dig further into it!

CASSETTES***: Beatles – The Beatles Ballads: 20 Original Tracks/ 20 Greatest Hits ($0.99 each)

I looked these up on Discogs, and in the NM or M condition of my copies, they’re worth enough to hang onto them. Very cool!

CD: The Story Of THEM featuring Van Morrison: The Anthology 1964-1966 (2CD) ($1.99)

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this! I sure do love me some Van Morrison, and his early years have been a hole in my collection thus far. But this set, my goodness! CD1 is 26 tracks, CD2 is 24. I went from not having much Them in my collection to having 50 tracks of awesome sauce, all in one fell swoop!

When we got home, I looked this up on Amazon, and I was shocked to see these prices: Used from $81.69, new at $120.95! Of course, I went on Discogs and there are two copies (one used, one new) for under $40, but still. I paid $2 for the whole 2CD set! SCORE!

And there you go.

I was quite happy with my little finds, and for $8.95 total, I think I got some pretty great scores.  I’ll keep trolling the bins, never know what will turn up next…


* For those of you in Canada, yep, it’s our local Value Village.
** Yes, this breaks my TBR20 rules of not buying more books, but I couldn’t leave this one, at $2.
*** Yeah yeah, I know, I know, tapes. I’ve never stopped playing them. They work fine for me. 🙂

rage against the machine – rage against the machine

Every so often comes a record that shakes up the way you see things; love, life, politics, whatever the case may be, that one record stands above all else and shows you how things could be. We’re lucky if this happens more than once in a lifetime, and it will, if you have your mind and your ears open.

I was in the right place at the right time to be infected by the strength of this first album from rage against the machine. It was the early ‘90s, I was still in high school but headed off to university soon, looking at the world outside with the knowledge that I, too, would soon be more of a participant. Couple that with the explosion that was Grunge, and this album rolled in perfectly.

Anger pours out of every track on this record, but what was refreshing was the way it was presented – point blank, in your face and with no fear of being shut down. We know that anger has its place, that it is a valid emotion and that it must be dealt with immediately, not bottled up for the sake of the status quo. And here was this record, letting it out, venting about the things that bothered the band most and being completely unapologetic about it.

Some friends (and even a band on the Short Music compilation) have called rage against the machine phonies, sell-outs who foist their own propaganda about DIY and Damn The Man while still taking Corporate money to get the message out there. Frankly, there are other ways to get your stuff into the hands of fans. Look at Ani DiFranco, or Fugazi. Even Rollins (sometimes). Oh, and a little thing called the Internet. Heard of it, have you?

But those people missed the point. It wasn’t so much the method that got the album out there, it was what was contained therein. Who can argue its potential to smack you awake and open your mind a bit more to the world around you? And whatever you may think of their politics, no one can deny that, musically, this record is like a bomb going off in your stereo. It’s forceful, even brutal, and definitely loud. It is impossible to play this at a low volume.

rage against the machine went on to make other records, some of which contained great songs, but this first release of theirs remains the template, the epitome of their sound and thought, strong from its bass-driven start to its crashing feedback finish.

I am wholly in favour of anything that is a call to Wake Up. To re-evaluate your life, situation, ways of thinking, everything. This record was one of those wake-up calls. I won’t ever be without it.

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