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Taranna Trip: Preface

TARANNA: As I mentioned in an earlier post, my Dad and I made were in Taranna recently. I bought musics, and will tell you about all of it. I plan to keep the posts super short, and to try to hone my Briefly Telling You Something Informatively skills.

(ARGUABLY UNNECESSARY) RESCUE MISSIONS: I keep a .txt list of all my music (artists and titles) on my phone. Apparently it needs an overhaul because on this last trip I bought a few items I already own. They were:


Rheostatics – Greatest Hits. I will forever love the Rheos, and not only because they called their first album their Greatest Hits. Turns out I already had this CD. And the LP.

Atoms For Peace – Amok (Deluxe Edition). I already own the CD. And the LP. But this was a shiny lovely deluxe fold-out CD edition for cheap, which I did not have. Unnecessary? Yes but also no.


Rollins Band – Nice (Advance CD). This is just the album (which I already own), with some promotional content added to the CD (which I also already own). This was a rescue mission (and my third copy). Because ROLLINS.

Mounties – Thrash Rock Legacy. I already own this CD, but it’s Hawksley (et al.) and it was in the clearance for $2.99 so I could not leave it to languish. I will find it a good home.

OK. First CD from BMV posts tomorrow.

Mounties – Thrash Rock Legacy

I am very, very excited about this record!

The Mounties are:

Steve Bays (of Hot Hot Heat)
Ryan Dahle (of Limblifter)
Hawksley Workman (of Hawksley awesomesauce)

I call it a supergroup ‘cos they are super. And a group.

Thrash Rock Legcy is a great album title. I wish my first album was called this. Granted, the album hasn’t much to do with thrash rock at all, but who cares? It’s the legacy that matters.

So, put these three people together and what do you get? Great rawk, with electronics mixed in nicely (not annoyingly). And let me say that the sound on this album is huge, great production all around!

Pretty Respectable starts us off with a cool rock tune, stomping along happily. There’s an 80’s sound here, too.

Headphones has a video and boy do I love this trip out song. It’s slinky, gentle, but also not. It’s also catchy as hell. A lovely ode to blocking out the world and grooving to tunes. With cowbell! George Carlin would have totally disagreed with this song (remember his rant about people with headphones on?). Haha.

Tokyo Summer is a bit mellower, but still rocks enough. The melody line is classic, the synths pick it up. This is a great song. I wish I could spend a summer in Tokyo!

If This Dance Catches On is more sweet pop rock with a great beat to which you cannot help but nod your head and smile. I can hear Immaculate Machine doing this song up right. That’s a compliment, a very very good thing.

The Twig & The Tree brings the electronics to the fore. This is totally an 80s dance track. And yet, still, it fits perfectly on the record.

Made Up My Mind has a great bass guitar line, the whole tune zips along over a sweet drum beat served up rapid-fire. Yummy.

Minimum Effort is another 80s sythn dance-out. It’s a fairly simple melody line. When the chorus (which goes “Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah”) hits, you could be forgiven for thinking this is where they applied the Minimum Effort. It’s a wall of noise at that point, though.

Waking Up On Time is an ethereal, floaty-type song with a steady beat. Plinky keys. Nice.

Edible Cannibal is a short (1:26) instrumental of weirdo, wonky synths.

Hall & Oates is a love note to the duo, and even quotes their music. “I’m f-e-e-l-i-n-g something for you I can’t explain.” Haha cool. Quite an homage.

Feeling Low is a sweet little rocker with a haunting piano bit, on occasion. I really liked this one.

Guaranteed Blonde Enough is another mid-tempo rocker with a slinky synth thread, and fuzz guitar. It’s almost all instrumental, and a fun workout. Were those helicopter noises? I think they were!

Latch Key Kids is a slower exploration track, with all the same elements. It plods, but it’s still interesting.

Late Nights is another album fave of mine. It almost sounds like a Bowie track, this slow thing that howls and crashes and freaks out a bit. Perfect album closer. Loved it!

In Sum: Awesome work! This is a great, great CD. It has a real feel and sound all its own, even though it’s like it swallowed the 80s and Immaculate Machine and coughed it all back up as only these three excellent musicians could do it. You might think that’s a bad thing, or that I’m being unfair or cruel, but I’m not! It’s truly a compliment, just trying to describe the sound. Anyway, I played this twice in a row, I loved it so much. This could be the Album Of The Summer for me, this year!


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