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KMA2493 Judas Priest – Firepower




KMA1223 Judas Priest – Painkiller

I bought this CD for $5 at my local crap HMV a while back, largely on the recommendation of Mike. It’s taken me a bit of time to get to it – as you can tell (from the number of recent postings on the site), I’ve been listening to a lot around here, lately.

But am I ever glad I got this CD. Yesterday, I was listening to it in the office (the cockpit of our Subaru), and I texted Mike, saying I could review this CD in three words. He guessed “kicks my ass?” I told him it was something close to that, but left my answer for the review, so here are those three words: “THIS FUCKING RULES!”

Those drums! That was the first thing I noticed, and not just because they blast you in the skull right from the intro of the first song. No, all throughout this album, my ear constantly was drawn to the drums. Exquisite work. And the rest of the band is right there with them, hitting every note like they’re stabbing an enemy soldier with a bayonet while the vocals growl and soar over top of the melee.

That’s it, right there. This music the soundtrack to a battle scene! Adrenaline-fuelled men rushing over a hill and into the fray, hearts pumping and swords swinging in glory and bloodlust. This CD is fucking EPIC. I loved it so much, every song, my goodness.

Even the tracks, later in the disc, where it slows down to half-speed rockers, it’s still bloody and majestic as though we should all welcome our new Viking overlords.

Highest possible rating. I loved this album.

KMA1210 Judas Priest – Demolition

On our annual Mike And Aaron Go To Toronto trip this year, Mike and I also did our annual swapping of goodies. This is as much fun as the trip itself, saving stuff up we know the other will like. This year, Mike gave me a bunch of CDs. Awesomely, this one was in the batch!

Machine Man sets an absolutely punishing pace. HEAVY YEAH!! One On One has a satisfying electronic-edged chug to it. Hell Is Home’s acoustic intro becomes a satisfying screamer. Jekyll And Hyde is another great stomper. A bit disappointed it wasn’t more the typical 90s quiet/loud thing, given the song’s title.

Close To You is the heavy slow ballad track. Great guitar work. Devil Digger whisper builds into a fast rocker that half-times it, on occasion. Yes! Bloodsuckers is a slow heavy quiet/loud track. It has a really epic sound, I liked this one. Feed On Me’s intro is totally Rob Zombie-fied, but it becomes a Priest ripper before long.

Subterfuge is a huge wall of sound that is even more Zombie. Lost And Found is a pretty acoustic ballad track that builds to the full band joining in before the 2:30 mark. I’d swear it sounds like a song I know from the 80s but I’ll be damned if I can tell you what it is. Cyberface builds into another bluesy metal chugger. Metal Messiah sounds like Faith no More but with Priest in the mix.

This edition came with two bonus tracks. I had to double-check with Mike that he didn’t accidentally send me home with the wrong edition – I know how he feels about the bonus tracks! But he assured me that this was indeed the one he meant to send! He has another edition that covers this and (probably) much more.

Rapid Fire (Re-recorded version)… HELL YES! This is probably my favourite track here… which is probably sad, considering it’s off another album entirely… But oh man, that howl! And The Green Manilishi (Re-recorded version) is a tune even I know to be a classic, what a killer track! Cool!

In Sum:

This whole record is recorded very well – I liked the huge sound. And live? These tracks would really be sure those speakers were pushing air. When this guy screams, he sounds like Axl. There’s a lot of electronics here, but it’s still very very heavy, and that’s what I wanted. A very satisfying album. Thanks heaps, Mike!!

KMA1085 Judas Priest – British Steel

Today is the 11th anniversary for the wedding of my lovely wife and I.

She’s a brave lady, lemme tell you.

Now, according to Hallmark and the rest who want you to buy shit every year, the 11th anniversary is steel. Honestly, I don’t know who came up with this stuff, I mean, it could just as easily be sod. However, this year (so say the people who make this shit up), it’s steel.

So, of course, I had to write-up this record for today. Right? RIGHT.

You know, usually, I write up an album song by song, throwing in my thoughts, witty comments, and things I noticed as I went along in my listening. Well, as soon as Rapid Fire hit, all of that went right out the fucking window. I turned it up, then turned it up louder again, and away we went.

You know this album. Hell, you probably own this album. I don’t need to tell you a damn thing about this album. Let me just tell you that I am with you. It is awesome. The big hits (Breaking The Law and Living After Midnight) stand equally beside all the rest. You knew that. This entire thing’s huge.

Here is all that needs to be said about it:

Rapid Fire / Metal Gods / Breaking The Law / Grinder / United / You Don’t Have To Be Old To Be Wise / Living After Midnight / The Rage / Steeler

Mine is the bonus track remaster, so it has:

Red, White & Blue / Grinder (live)

Oh yes.

Happy anniversary INDEED!  \m/  \m/

KMA1012 Judas Priest – Redeemer Of Souls

Far more insightful reviews of this can be found at Mike’s (review Part One and Part Two), and also at Scott’s too (review). Go read those if you want actual Priest fan perspective and knowledge.

Me? This is the 7th Priest record I own, but I would not ever claim to be an expert. Proceed accordingly.

I’m just gonna go from the gut. With the good headphones on. As always.

Let’s give ‘er:

What we have here is 13 tracks of real metal, from people who know what the hell they are doing as they go about it. There is no kidding around, here. This album is fucking STRONG.

When I started out listening, I intended to review each track, but I just kept writing variations of ‘this is bluesy as hell metal’ and ‘wow what a riff/guitar solo’ and ‘damn he can still scream,’ as well as lots of descriptors like chug, stomp and swing. I did notice a couple of the songs sounded like other bands (March Of The Damned = Ozzy, or Battle Cry = Maiden). But who cares? What matters is that this whole thing is 13 tracks of pure, well-conceived bloody fucking greatness.

Of course, the 2CD version was the only way to go, with 5 bonus tracks. And what great tracks they are! On a lot of releases, the bonus tracks are afterthoughts, or things only hardcore fans could care about. But I believe these songs to be as strong as the album tracks. It’s awesome.

In fact, I totally think of the album proper as the concert, and the bonus disc as the encore. Think about it. It fits!

What’s not to like about this? It’s operatic, it’s theatrical, and it’s seriously great fucking metal. I’d give two thumbs way up but my hands are permanently frozen in metal horns.


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