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Sonic Youth – Screaming Fields Of Sonic Love

My Dad picked this up for me (on my request) during a trip to London (ON) a while back. He brought it to me when they came up to watch the kids while we went to Toronto, so given the time frame, I count this as a Toronto score!

Sonic Youth – Screaming Fields Of Sonic Love

I owned this CD years ago and loved it to pieces. My copy got scratched up somehow, which made me feel ill. But now I have a replacement and it’s a glorious, wondrous thing.

Collecting 17 tracks from Confusion Is Sex, Bad Moon Rising, EVOL, Sister, The Whitey Album and Daydream Nation (1983-1988), this is a stellar Hits overview of a crucial period in Sonic Youth’s long, weird and ultimately awesome history. As soon as I dropped the needle, er, laser on this one, I knew I was right to get it back into my life.

I was surprised, in looking up reviews of this album, that many people feel it was a bit of a waste of time. They say Sonic Youth fans are known completists (true), and that many tracks that should be here are missing (also likely true, but this is a common complaint with hits sets), and that these tracks, taken out of context of their album homes, don’t work well together (also true of many hits sets). They say just buy the albums.

Well duh, I could say I should just have bought up all the records, but this hits CD is an old friend of mine that has filled my ears many many times, and serves as a great stop-gap until I can (indeed) find those albums proper.

Anyone interested in the early years should definitely check this out.

Track List:

Teen Age Riot / Eric’s Trip / Candle / Into The Groove(y) / G-Force / Beauty Lies in The Eye / Kotton Krown / Shadow Of A Doubt / Expressway To Yr Skull / Starpower / Death Valley ’69 / Halloween / Flower / Inhuman / Making The Nature Scene / Brother James / I Dreamed A Dream

screaming fields

Sonic Youth – 100%

Sonic Youth – 100%

Here’s another BMV score, found during my recent foray into the wilds of Taranna. This single, from 1992 (placing it in the era of Dirty), really kicks some ass.

The title track, of course, is noisy pop rock bliss. This track makes every SY compilation I ever created. Next is Crème Brûlée, which starts out with noise and screaming before becoming a wonky plodder that really evokes what a drug trip might feel like (I wouldn’t know, I’m a good boy). It’s the last track on Dirty, and what a great closer it is!

Next we have two (previously) unreleased tracks:

Genetic is a great straight up fuzz punk tune, until about halfway through when it becomes more of a Pavement-style wonk-rocker. So awesome. And lastly is the wonderfully-titled Hendrix Necro, which is another great in-your-face punk rocker and stomper as only SY can do it. Why were these two tracks never on the album? They’re fantastic!

I am very, very happy with this find.

100% awesome.

100% awesome.

Sonic Youth – The Destroyed Room: B-Sides And Rarities

Ah, Sonic Youth. They have been many things over the years, as you well know, but accessible has not usually been high on the list of words that would best describe them. For fans, their prolific history has been a boon, and for the collectors among those legions, searching out the more obscure tracks has indeed been challenging.

Fortunately for the rest of us, Destroyed Room collects a lot of songs that we would not have otherwise heard. In all their glory, here we have experimental fuzz-noise instrumentals, tuneful b-sides that really should have been on an album, somewhere, before now, and all those jangly, senses-jarring experiences that only Sonic Youth can successfully provide.

Only the hardcore fans will play this one with any sort of regularity, but then again the same could probably be said of most of their albums. Amazingly, most of the songs here stand well with and up against each other, somehow crafting a cohesive-sounding album out of songs recorded at different times and for different projects.

We expect no less from these pop-punk-noise pioneers. Of course, knowing how many off-tracks and rare things are probably out there somewhere, the band could likely (and hopefully will, someday) release a boxed-set of at least 4 or 5 whole discs of highlights from their various projects. But I’m sure not complaining that this record is a single disc. Not in the least. It’s yummy, indeed.


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