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Sebastian Bach – Angel Down

Mike and I are posting this album simultaneously. Lucky you, you can go get his superior review right here!!

I got this CD for $3 from a cut-out bin at our shite HMV. They cut the spine of the case, but not all the way through to the paper, so all I had to do was replace the case and voilà, I have a brand new copy of this CD for $3!

Angel Down takes half a minute to get past its intro, but when it hits holy hell it’s heavy. There’s no warming up here, we go straight into full shriek from the get-go! I played this record twice through and, at the risk of seeming sweeping and simple, this was brilliant. This record hits fucking hard, and Bach’s sense of what rocks is absolutely unerring. From the full-on shriek of Angel Down right through to the heavy ballad of Falling Into You, there isn’t a song here that isn’t crushingly, brain-searingly brilliant.

The ballad had to happen, and By Your Side gets out your cigarette lighter (using a cellphone is for pussies) and makes you sway back and forth. But the other 13 tracks here are built to peel paint off your walls and melt steel while they rattle your friggin’ cage.

We even get a 3-fer of duets with the one and only batshit G’n’R front man Axl Rose. Back In The Saddle is, of course, a cover the Aerosmith classic. Were they trying to make the Universe implode with throat-shredding awesomeness? I think yes! It’s a solid, heavy version. (Love Is) A Bitchslap ramps up the pace, sounding like a G’n’R song (and that’s a good thing). Stuck Inside mixes heavy with atmospheric with aplomb. I gotta say, I think Sebs came out on top in this 3-round vocal match.

In Sum:

Bloody and brilliant. Bloody brilliant.

Sebastian Bach – Give ‘Em Hell

On the way home from the recent Kvelertak/Gojira/Mastodon show in Toronto, Craig blasted this new Sebastian Bach album and I really liked what I heard! Now a copy is here in my hot little hands and it still sounds great! This is a full, killer record.

When Bach is involved, you know it’ll rawk huge, and this album has it all. There’s even a cute little disclaimer on the packaging, stating that “Sebastian Bach is supported by no one, for nothing, & it’s my fucking album.” As for thank yous, “There are no thank you’s (sic) in HELL.”

And now you know where we stand!

There was a sticker on the shrink wrap, listing the players who joined Bach on this project:

John 5 (Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie)
Steve Stevens (Billy Idol)
Devin Bronson (Avril Lavigne, Pink)
Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Riot, Fates Warning)

Also: Duff McKagan appears on several tracks here, on guitar and/or bass. Yes!

Hell Inside My Head rocks us hard, right out of the gate. It’s catchy, it’s heavy, it’s awesome! Harmony keeps the unrelenting heavy rock, with Baz’ full screams and another stadium-ready chorus. All My Friends Are Dead rocks steady. I think this was the single? I saw a video for it on youtubes, anyway. I love the bit at 2:50 YEAH!

Temptation chugs along crunchily, a bit more melodic but no less heavy. Push Away does the 90s quieter-verse, louder full-wail chorus thing. Still a cool track! Dominator carries on Push Away’s work, another big track with yet another heavy riff. Damn, this whole thing hits hard!

Had Enough is the ballad, and it’s a good one. Gun To Knife Fight brings back the muscular rawk, and it’s a huge tune. Damn, I played this twice! Rock N Roll Is A Vicious Game throws a curveball, acoustic guitar, piano and harmonica! Of course, the full band comes in eventually and it rocks out well enough. Pretty tune.

Taking Back Tomorrow brings back the full sound, in every possible way. Just a huge track. Disengaged is even heavier! Holy fuck, I liked this track a lot. Why is this buried way down as penultimate song? This deserves to ride high in the track listing. Damn! And finally, we have Forget You, which slows things down a bit for a menacing, heavy crunchfest with wailing backing vocals. This track is a monster. Excellent.

In sum: If you don’t have this already, GET IT. This is a truly excellent record that deserves to be talked about for a long time to come.

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