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Mail From Cataraqui: KMA Edition

Mail From Cataraqui: KMA Edition

subtitle: The AAAA Welcomes New Residents!

Recently, Mike received awesomeness in the mail from the illustrious Geoff over at stephen1001. Well, it appears stephen1001 has been very busy because a parcel arrived here at the KMA’s Ontario offices this week as well!

First, let me express incalculable thanks to Geoff for these goodies!! Holy crap, man, I couldn’t believe it!

As Mike said in the intro to his post on the parcel he received, “The only thing sweeter than the arrival of an Amazon order, or that of imported Transformers toys from China, is surprise mail from a fellow music lover.” I couldn’t agree more. Now, Mike reports that he had received a cryptic email from Geoff about possible items for his collection… I don’t recall receiving such emails, so this parcel arrived out of the blue!

And what an amazing collection of items it is!

1) Chart Club Magazine CD1: Sloan – Work Cut Out (1998)

Listed as “1 of 8500 released with May, 1998 issue of CHART MAGAZINE,” this Limited Edition promo contains the excellent Sloan track Work Cut Out. Originally, this song was an exclusive track on the Japanese edition of the album Navy Blues. I know I never heard it, back in 1998! Years went by and, finally, Sloan released this on their digital-only B-Sides Win compilation in 2010. I did get that compilation, but this is the first physical copy of the song I’ve ever seen. I have to think is is fairly rare.* Sloan fans unite!! HOLY CRAP THANK YOU GEOFF!

2) Watchmen – Beach Tunes (1996)

I did not even know this CD existed. On the front cover it says it’s “A Limited Edition CD Single For Fans Only.” Discogs doesn’t list it. A quick Google search only coughed up a request on a Pearl Jam message board for anyone owning one these to consider selling it.*

Listed as MCA Canada MCADS 9629, it says right on the CD that it was promotional-only. I’m thinking fan club? Can anyone confirm this guess? Oh my goodness, this is incredible.

The tracks were all exclusive:

01 Lucky As I Am (previously unreleased)^
02 Boneyard Tree (live)^^
03 I’m Still Gone (live)^^^

^ I did a Google search, and only found lyrics for it, and a Youtube video (audio only). I guess it’s rare?
^^ Recorded live in Hiversum, Holland, May 1995.
^^^ Recorded live at Sunfest ’94, Gimli, Manitoba

Oh my goodness. I cannot wait to hear all of this goodness!

Geoff. Geoff! GEOFF!! These are truly stunning gifts. THANK YOU!! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!


If you’ve Googled your way to this post in your own search for a copy of these CDs, sorry, I won’t ever sell these pieces of gold. But rest assured, they are living in a loving home with a huge Sloan and Watchmen fan. Good luck to you in your search!

Watchmen – Slomotion

I’ve already raved about the Watchmen in these pages. What a band, I love ’em! So when I picked up this 2CD set in the 3 For $10 bin on my trip to Toronto with Mike this year, it seemed a no-brainer that this would be awesome!

I was half-right.

For CD1, which is 8 new songs and a remix of their hit song Stereo, they’d lost their drummer, Sammy Kohn. Allow me to quote Wiki about what happened for this portion:

The loss of their drummer and original member would alter the band’s songwriting and sound. With Kohn gone, the various Watchmen hooked up their Macintosh computers with Pro Tools software and began experimenting with samples, backbeats and tape loops to create a collection of electronic tracks shot through with the band’s trademark melodies. This change in direction divided fans and critics.

I’m looking at my notes, made as I listened to this, and after Holiday, track 1, I wrote “Um, guys?” And after track 2, Absolutely Anytime which was the single, I wrote THIS IS NOT DADDY’S WATCHMEN.

OK, OK. That’s harsh. It’s still interesting enough, and their trademark melodies are there, but as for the drum machines I say NO THANKS!


For CD2, all was forgotten as I got 9 tracks of hits spanning their first four studio albums. Fuck yeah! Kinda sad, isn’t it, when I’m way more excited about a CD of songs I already have and know that I love?

All respect to the Watchmen, they are/were one of Canada’s hardest-working, most-deserving-of-success bands, and their albums up til this point (2001) kicked all kinds of ass. But a drum machine? I think NOT! How hard would it have been to find another drumer, in this country? Fuck, I would’ve done it for you! For FREE!

Haiku Vol. 2! Nick & Norah, Tom Waits, Watchmen, Verve and Tanglefoot

I didn’t receive any online comments about the first batch of haiku telling me to knock it off, which I take as license to keep firing away, so here’s some more!

Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist

calculated quirkiness
movie and songs like Cera
so predictable

Tom Waits – Mule Variations

complete masterpiece
grit gravel and dusty soul
worthy of all praise

Watchmen Soundtrack

not what I think of
when I remember the book
but what do I know?

The Verve Story (boxset)

so many classics
it almost boggles the mind
I could live like this

Tanglefoot – A Grain Of Salt

excellent debut
folk sea shanty brilliance
proud Canadians

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