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The Best Fucking Collaboration Week Ever, Pt.2 – Rachel Fuller Presents: In The Attic

Hey folks! It’s The Best Fucking Collaboration Week Ever, Pt. 2! Just like last time, Mike and Aaron will be doing simultaneous daily reviews of albums. This time, they’re covering stuff these two intrepid music reporters have sent to each other. Buckle up, buttercups, it’s gonna be a blast!

To get Mike’s surely far more insightful take on this set, click this big long link right here to go to his wonderful site and read all about it! Yup. Just click anywhere on this gigantic link! Go! Go! GO!

Rachel Fuller Presents: In The Attic, with Pete Townsend & Friends

Well over a year ago… maybe two? Longer? Who knows, at this point… I was at a local shop looking for something else, and happened past a big bin of DVDs. Most of it was crap. But I pulled out three brand new copies of this 1DVD/2CD set for $1 each. How could I leave them behind?^

I mailed one to Mike and one to Scott, our Heavy Metal Overlord (long may he reign in blood), knowing they like Mr. Townsend too. I kept one for me. Over all that time, more than one offer of a 3-way collab post on this set were politely declined. Folks are busy, I get that! It went onto a shelf and was forgotten.

But now here is a collab with Mike and I on this damn thing. Funny, I just opened the shrink wrap for this review… Go figure.

Let give ‘er!


This really reminded me of the feel of the Knox Acoustic Café shows our friends Irwin and Susan used to run here in our town. Except with much bigger-name musicians, of course. But the intimate club feel, all the acoustic guitars, the tunes themselves… yup.

Recording during The Who’s 2006/2007 tour for Endless Wire, this was happening on the side of the main gig, for Townsend. Fuller, his long-time partner, arranged a caravan and a satellite and they broadcast all of these sets with special guests during the big European festivals on the Who tour on her blog. When they got to America, they booked a few tiny clubs to keep the intimate feeling, and that’s what we have here in this set, songs from Los Angeles, mainly, and New York as well.

So many great moments, tons of wonderful tunes. Townsend joined in on many of the tunes (and the other performers were suitably thrilled), and Rachel Fuller on some, too. I started out writing about each track, but realized it’s just too damn hard to capture it all. Honestly, you wouldn’t read it all, not in as much detail as I wanted to share.

Suffice it to say, each artist brought their own strength and beauty to their tunes, and some old Who classics. Townsend’s soloing was incredible (it was crazy seeing him as a supporting role for these other players, but he totally nailed it). Ben Harper brought violins(!), Tenacious D did their funny thing, and Purdy and Murdoch really proved the troubadour thing is alive and well. When Townsend did his songs, you knew who the real fucking deal was. Wow.

This is just one of those special nights, you know? The acts are brilliant, the energy is good, the sound quality is excellent. It felt like a beautiful cocoon of great tunes and comeraderie. One telling moment is when Harper is singing I’m One with Townsend and, in a sweet moment, he points at Townsend like a kid and just has to exclaim mid-song “I want this to last a really long time!” Damn straight, Ben.

The DVD: Live From The Hotel Café
Tenacious D – Tribute
Tenacious D – Tommy Medley
Joe Purdy – Daisy (w. Dave Purdy, his Dad)
Joe Purdy – Let My Love Open The Door*
Joe Purdy – Talk About Suffering*
Rachel Fuller – Sir Walter Raleigh
Alexi Murdoch – Dream About Flying
Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky**
Ben Harper – Please Bleed
Ben Harper – Diamonds On The Inside**
Ben Harper – I’m One*
Pete Townsend – The Real Me
Pete Townsend – Acid Queen
Pete Townsend – Drowned
Pete Townsend – Won’t Get Fooled Again

Special Bonus Footage Live From Joe’s Pub
(in black and white only)

Amos Lee – What’s Been Going On*
Rachel Fuller – Cigarettes And Homework
Jimmy Fallon – Carwash For Peace
Rachel Yamagata – Paper Doll**
Lou Reed – White Light/White Heat*
Lou Reed – Pale Blue Eyes*


CD1 – The Hotel Café
Tenacious D – Tommy Medley
Joe Purdy – Let My Love Open The Door*
Joe Purdy (w. Dave Purdy) – Daisy
Rachel Fuller – Sir Walter Raleigh
Rachel Fuller – I Can Fly
Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky**
Alexi Murdoch – Dream About Flying
Ben Harper – Please Bleed
Ben Harper – Diamonds On The Inside**
Pete Townsend – The Real Me
Pete Townsend – Drowned

CD2 – Joe’s Pub
Amos Lee – What’s Been Going On*
Amos Lee – Freedom
Rachel Yamagata (w. Kevin Salem and Chris Giraldi) – Be Be Your Love
Rachel Yamagata – Paper Doll**
Jimmy Fallon – Carwash For Peace
Jimmy Fallon – President’s Day
Rachel Fuller – Jigsaw
Rachel Fuller – Cigarettes And Housework
Pete Townsend – Acid Queen
Pete Townsend – Won’t Get Fooled Again
Lou Reed – White Light/White Heat*
Lou Reed – Pale Blue Eyes*

^ copies on Amazon now are $22-$90.
* performed with Pete Townsend
** performed with Pete Townsend and Rachel Fuller


Wow. I wish you all could have a copy of this so you could see it. I wish I could play like that! Haha. I wish all of the songs from the nights (on the CD) were on DVD as well, so I could see the whole thing! Ah well, I’m grateful for what we have here, and I regret leaving this one on the shelf for too damn long.


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