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Wanna Go To Taranna Pt.2: The Ones That Got Away

As I mentioned a couple of times in yesterday’s posts, I could easily have spent a whole lot more in BMV and Sonic Boom than I did. Actually, I feel I showed excellent restraint, even though I still got a pile of great tunes! Man, given unlimited funds, I’d have told them to back up a truck and we could start loading it up…

Anyway, there were too many great records I left behind to list them all, but three come to mind as worthy of mention…

1 – Refused – The Shape Of Punk To Come (2CD/1DVD set), at BMV. It was only $9.99. The second CD was a live set, and the DVD had the videos and a documentary.

But I reasoned that I already own the CD itself, and would I use the other discs that much when it’s the album I really love? I left it, in favour of spending that $10 on other things.



2 – Pavement – Wowee Zowee (original LP), at BMV. It was a new arrival. The guy said it was $25 because it was VG or VG+. Woulda been more if it was in better shape (he said). But there was some wear on the jacket and the LPs were OK but not VG+ in my mind. Still, how often do you see an original Pavement LP? Because I never see them! It was reeeeaaaallllly tempting because I love Pavement so much, but I left it because that was a lot for one LP and not the nicest copy (yet still the only copy I’ve ever seen). You see my dilemma. I texted Mike and he said it’s about that price online but the shipping kills. Gah!



3 – Dillinger Escape Plan – Instrumentalist 7″ (RSD 2017), at Sonic Boom. I didn’t get any RSD stuff this year, and I am a fan of DEP. But apparently not the biggest fan as I had this $12.99 7″ in my hand a while before finally putting it back. It was only two songs, and $6.50 per song is steep when I already had a basket full of other goodies. I dunno, it was real tempting, but how much would I play it? But it’s awesome and collectible… Gah!



In Sum:

A few times today, I feel like I probably shoulda just bought them anyway. I’d have been happy with all of them. And I know that they’ll be looong gone by the time I get back there, likely in the fall, with Mike. Ah well. I’m super-happy with what I did bring home, so these will be the ones that got away!

Pavement – Quarantine The Past

I am as happy as anybody that Pavement got their shit together and have been schlepping their (now) classic songs around the world again. Sure, some of the members have been active individually during the hiatus, particularly Stephen Malkmus (Jicks) and Spiral Stairs (Preston School Of Industry). But to have Pavement back together again, well, it’s akin to how excited I became when the Pixies blew the dust off and hit the stage a few years ago. Unlike the Pixies, though, I was unable to catch Pavement when they were in Toronto this month. Broken Social Scene opened for them, too. Would’ve been a helluva great show.

Anyway, a recent copy of one of the free Toronto papers, snagged on our trip there last week, proclaimed Pavement to be “Your favourite band’s favourite band,” meaning that the entire generation behind us needs to be introduced to these geniuses of slacker rock. Kind of like in the mid-90’s when Dookie-addled Green Day fans had to be dragged by their snotty little noses to the Ramones and Stiff Little Fingers. Fair enough, and this Pavement hits collection would serve our budding hipsters well as the gateway to just buying (or, more likely) downloading the band’s entire catalogue. Not to sound holier than thou or anything, but in my collection I have almost all the original singles and EPs, as well as the albums, just waiting for another spin (and they usually get it, at some point). You should start your own collection! Then again, you’d do just as well to go buy the gorgeous re-issues of the records, which cover all the extra tracks anyway. Either way, you win!

These 23 tracks are largely what I would have chosen were I tasked to pick representative songs for a retrospective like this, although of course I can think of many more that aren’t here, too… Glad they chose Summer Babe (Winter Version), that tracks slays me every time I hear it. The only song that’s been omitted about which I will loudly bitch is Rattled By The Rush. I mean, C’MON! How could they leave off that blast of wondrousness? Yeesh.

Oh well. Kids, if this is your introduction to this band that totally matters, enjoy this disc and then take your skinny little hipster ass to iTunes and buy all of the rest. You can thank the KMA when your eyes are open fully. By the way, to your future you: you’re welcome. Long live Pavement!

A Trip To The Big Smoke

Back from a fairly successful trip to Toronto this past Saturday. Hadn’t been down to the city for a couple of years, so I was suitably overwhelmed by the ridiculously packed 401 and Yorkdale, and the cacophony of cultures, sights, sounds and smells in the downtown area. Been in the sticks too long, I guess. But it was also good to get the city under our feet again, see what was new.

Hit Sonic Boom, of course, and scored some gems there, and got a couple of cool discs in the basement at BMV. Made a trip along College to Soundscapes, a shop which was new to me (oops, there goes my street cred!). It’s lovely. They’ve got a great selection, very tasteful and completist. I’d go back there especially when there was something harder to find I wanted, chances are they’d have it.

And my musics haul from this trip? Here’s a list (reviews forthcoming for some of them)…

Rollins Band – Nice (advance promo cd with epk footage)
Jack Johnson – Wasting Time (promo single)
Paddy Casey – Addicted To Company Pt. 1 (remember him?!)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Acme Plus
Lee Ranaldo with Dave Dyment – New Life After Fire (for Tom Thompson)
Pavement – Quarantine The Past (hits collection)
Tribute – Everything Is Ending Here – A Tribute To Pavement
Tribute – Borrowed Tunes – A Tribute To Neil Young

I also have the new Gord Downie (The Grand Bounce), so I think I might do a series like I did for the Hip, listen to all 3 of his solo efforts in sequence…

Get ready, more is coming shortly!

PAVEMENT!!!!!!!! White Stripes too!


Oh my goodness this is awesome awesome awesome. I was so excited when the Pixies got back together but this… THIS! Oh baby, this is the best news in ages! And it was Shena at Mint who told me about it. Thanks, Shena!

Check out the Matador site for all the yummy news.

Pavement’s tour dates in 2010 as announced so far are as follows:

Mar 01 Auckland, NZ Auckland Town Hall
Mar 04 Sydney, AU Enmore Theatre
Mar 05 Sydney, AU Enmore Theatre
Mar 06 Meredith, AU Golden Plains Festival
Mar 07 Adelaide, AU Thebarton Theatre
Mar 08 Northbridge, AU Metro City
Mar 10 Brisbane, AU The Tivoli
Mar 12 Melbourne, AU Palace Theatre
Mar 14 Melbourne, AU Palace Theatre
Apr 07 Tokyo, JP Studio Coast
Apr 08 Tokyo, JP Studio Coast
Apr 10 Osaka, JP Zepp
Apr 12 Nagoya, JP Zepp
Apr 18 Indio, CA Coachella Festival
May 04 Dublin, IE Tripod
May 05 Glasgow, UK Barrowland
May 07 Paris, FR Le Zenith
May 08 Amsterdam, NL Paradiso
May 10 London, UK Brixton Academy
May 11 London, UK Brixton Academy
May 12 London, UK Brixton Academy
May 13 London, UK Brixton Academy
May 15 Minehead, UK All Tomorrow’s Parties
May 18 Brussels, BE Ancienne Belgique
May 19 Berlin, DE Astra
May 20 Prague, CZ Palac Akropolis
May 21 Vienna, AT Arena
May 22 Munich, DE Muffathalle
May 24 Rome, IT Atlantico
May 25 Bologna, IT Estragon
May 28 Barcelona, ES Primavera Festival – Main Stage
Jun 19 Toronto, ON Olympic Island
Jun 25 Berkeley, CA Greek Theatre
Jul 04 Roskilde, DK Roskilde Festival
Aug 12 Oslo, NO Oya Festival
Aug 14 Gothenberg, SE Way Out West Festival
Sep 21 New York, NY Rumsey Playfield/Central Park
Sep 22 New York, NY Rumsey Playfield/Central Park
Sep 23 New York, NY Rumsey Playfield/Central Park
Sep 24 New York, NY Rumsey Playfield/Central Park

White Stripes Take On The Airforce

White Stripes claim the U.S. Air Force used (without permission, of course) the tune of Fell In Love With A Girl for an ad that ran during the Superbowl. On the link below you can check it out for yourself.

To these ears it’s pretty blatant.

Gibberish, Road Rage, Disney Pop Tarts, Pavement and Stubbs (oh my!)

Gibberish Is Apparently Rather Catchy

Subjected once again to the shite on the radio, I noticed this evening at work that the Police’s song De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da is really very insulting to our intelligence. I can see how the non-listeners who have it on in the background would just accept its existence, especially given how many times we’ve heard over the past few decades. But when I really listened to it, it pissed me off.

And how did this tripe become a classic track, included on every Greatest Hits collection by this band? Because the track itself shows the band laying down one helluva groove. But they should’ve chucked that goof out on his ear the night he brought those lyrics to practice. It’s toothless ranting about politicians and being raped by words (?!?!) surrounded by a chorus of baby talk. Seriously, if that’s all you want to say to us, Sting, why make a song about it? Why not just stagger down rain-soaked streets in a drunken stupor and slur it at people? Yeesh.

Cuttin’ Back On The Ol’ Road Rage Reflex

Idiots. I know you’re out there. Blithely trundling along, oblivious to the world around you, negligent of the fact that you just made a right-hand turn from the left-hand lane DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME. I see you on your cell phone. I see you fixing your hair. Yes, while you’re driving you’re doing this! And I know you’re usually lucky to be able to simultaneously walk and breathe, so why you imagine you can multi-task further is beyond my ken. Nevertheless, I know you’re out there, and the temptation to run you off the road, drag you back onto it and then run you off of it again is so very strong indeed.

But, I am above you. Oh yes! I will not stoop to your dung-licking, sock-sucking level. No, I have filled my portable MP3 player, Weed King, with all the Jack Johnson albums. So now when you cut me off, I just shake my head and smile, knowing that you’ll go off on your ignorantly insignificant little way and have your life-altering (surely someone else’s fault, right?) accident somewhere else, on your own time. It affects me no more. You cannot burst my bubble. Turns out, Jack Johnson is the ultimate fuck you.

When I Am King, You Will Be First Against The Wall

Hahaha Miley Cyrus is all upset ‘cos radiohead wouldn’t meet her backstage at the Grammys. She even said she’d “ruin them,” by word of mouth! Ooooo, I’ll bet they’re really scared. You know, sometimes there’s stuff in the music news that just makes me laugh until my sides hurt, and this is definitely one of those times. What a tool.

We Can All Only Dream, For Now

I love Pavement. I know you do, too. Their inevitable split was a sad, sad period for music. I don’t know if they’ll ever get back together, but even just the thought of (almost) all of them in the same room together made me very very happy, indeed. And congrats, Bob!

Stubbs BBQ Just Became A Shrine

You know how you have those dreams, the one where the perfect concert experience happens and you’re front-row center? You can fill in your own blanks with your own specifics, I know you’ve daydreamed about whatever floats your boat in this scenario many times.

To me, it’s hard to pick just one. But seeing Metallica in Stubbs BBQ with 2100 of my closest friends would bloody well be right the hell up there.

Imagine it. Look at that set-list. Jeez, Louise. Fuckin’ A.

Robert Pollard, Pavement, TV On The Radio, Danny Michel, Rolling Stones

Robert Pollard – The Crawling Distance

Hooray! New Pollard again! Frankly, my raving about a new Pollard effort in these pages is redundant, by now. So just consider this notice that this album is released and you should definitely buy it! This 10 song collection has all the trademark sounds of the master at work: the brit-rock vocals, the odd lyrics, the interesting structures and key changes. It’s all here. The man is unstoppable.

Pavement – Brighten The Corners: Nicene Creed Edition

Whomever had the idea to re-release all the Pavement records with all kinds of extra goodies thrown in deserves a medal. They’re gorgeous. This most recent addition to the series has so much extra stuff it’s boggling: a re-mastered original album, b-sides to several EPs, compilation appearance tracks, radio sessions, studio outtakes, photos, essays, you name it. There’s enough in this 2 disc set to keep a person occupied for weeks, and it’s all fantastic.

Man, I miss Pavement. I know it had to end, and I know we’ve been fortunate that a couple of the members have carried on with other projects, but a part of me still really misses the magic these guys created. Sets like this are a nice reminder of what once was.

TV On The Radio – Dear Science

Here we have a dance-y, trance-y, indie homage to 80’s pop music. It’s got drum machines, falsetto vocals, the works. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, as far as it goes, I enjoyed this record for the creative effort that it is. I ultimately sort of held it at a distance, though, since it’s really not my cup of tea. I honestly did enjoy it, but I doubt I’d play it often. Man, talk about a backhanded compliment. Lots of people like this stuff. If you do, power to you. Get out your jelly shoes, hair crimper and neon stretch pants and rock it often. Whatever floats your boat.

Danny Michel – Welcome Home (1997-2007)

I can sum this up quickly: Danny Michel rules, as you all already know, and this set is the perfect collection of a decade of his amazing songs, played on acoustic guitar. Every track is a gem. Seriously, head over to and get this so you can check this out. You won’t regret a single second of it.

Rolling Stones – Shine A Light

Watching this movie, I realized for the millionth time that, dammit man, I love this band. I don’t care how old they get, or how corny their song lyrics can get sometimes, or that watching Mick Jagger perform is akin to watching a skinny little man being electrocuted. It’s that sound, that magic that is the Stones in flight. It’s jangly, it’s messy, it’s bluesy and it fucking rocks.

Scorcese had his work cut out for him, capturing this spectacle, at which he both succeeds and fails. We’re treated to incredible footage from great angles, and the picture quality is fantastic. But it’s mostly like watching a strobe-light being swung around the room. Too many camera-switches makes it impossible to actually enjoy a lot of the footage. It’s a shame. In his panic to give us everything, Scorcese hurt my eyes and offered up only fleeting flashes of greatness.

Nevermind, the music is phenomenal, the guests are interesting, and that one of a kind Stones energy is definitely present. And that’s all that matters.

*NB: There’s more favourites coming up next, so be ready!

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