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Tortoise – Standards

Pride Of Taranna Series Pt. 5: BMV #5 – Tortoise – Standards

Tortoise’s fourth album is one I’ve eyed but never bought, for 17 years.. ever since I saw a dude on a metro station platform in Montreal in 2001, pawing his new, shrink-wrapped purchase and raving excitedly to his ever-patient girlfriend* about how he couldn’t wait to get the record home so he could hear it. That couple’s image has stuck in my mind, and it made me want the record. Funny how the mind works.

And the music? Holy shit, this is some interesting, excellent instrumental work, and how. I’ve never heard a band make electronic music that sounds quite like this. I sat here transfixed, unsure of where each track was going to go next, but riveted and excited to find out, all the same. And it paid off big, too.     

Back in 2001, we probably heard this in some restaurant on St-Denis and didn’t even realize who or what it was**. That dude in the metro was right, it’s worth it to be excited about this album. 

Hit It Or Quit It? Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was worth the wait: I came away from this in awe. Hit!


* Many of us are fortunate to have such beautiful, understanding, patient partners in our lives. I am married to the most patient of them all (for she puts up with me).

** If it was played as background music in a restaurant, that’s unfair to the music. It deserves full attention.

Reach The Rock OMPS

Here’s another great disc I found in Taranna during our anniversary trip there with my lovely wife!

The Racy Lacy Anniversary Series, Part 5 (CD)

Finding this soundtrack for $2.99 was a score. Never seen the movie, but I love the music! It’s pretty mellow, but still has great energy… does that sound impossible? It’s not!

John McEntire (Tortoise) nails this whole thing, with track after track of cool vibe. We also get sweet songs from Bundy K. Brown, Sea And Cake, Polvo and Dianogah.

It’s atmospheric and intriguing, great music for the good headphones! If you like post-rock, add this one to your collection!

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