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Andrew Vincent, Anjani, Armed And Hammered

Alright, here we go with the new look! Lemme know (in the comments) what you think!

Andrew Vincent – Rotten Pear

I bought this CD on the strength of one excellent song I heard by chance on CBC radio, called Canadian Dream. The rest of the CD turned out to be just as infectious and beautiful, full of sharply smart songs, some acoustic and tender, some full band rock outs, all superbly done like an Eric’s Trip or a Hayden but also uniquely his own. Cannot recommend it enough, this Dude oughta be massively famous.

Andrew Vincent – Diane/D.I.A.N.E.

This 3-song single is available for free download on his bandcamp site. First is a band version of Diane that’s different enough and equally cool, then a sweet live version of Rotten Pear on electric guitar (versus the album version’s accordion (I think – or maybe it was a synth), and D.I.A.N.E. reprises the title track with almost-rapped, altered lyrics. Cool.

Andrew Vincent – Some Songs (1998-2011)

Available for free download on his bandcamp site, this collects tracks from seven of his releases, repeats the live Rotten Pear track from the Diane/D.I.A.N.E. single, and includes an unreleased track too. Listening to these sampler songs has made me want to go and order all of his awesomeness immediately! I love every song here. This guy’s great! Why isn’t he huge and everywhere? Good question!

Anjani – Blue Alert

Leonard Cohen collaborator Anjani offers up a very pleasing record of minimal lite jazz. She sings in a breathy, torch singer voice. Reminds me very much of Holly Cole, actually. Highlight tracks for me were the title track, and the sweet waltzing Thanks For The Dance. Cohen co-produced this, and gave her access to his writings for lyric ideas, so his influence is all over it so large one could be forgiven for thinking she was just singing his songs. This is late night gentle music, and very well done, at that.

Armed & Hammered – It’s About Fucking Time

I’ve owned this for years and love it every time I spin it. This is live off the floor punk from a band that is bloody, smart and tight. The original songs are fucking great, and the covers of English Dogs’ ‘Bastard’ and Motörhead’s ‘Ace Of Spades’ are great too. From the same Kensington Market (Toronto) scene as another fave of mine, the Bunchofuckingoofs, this band and this CD are punk brilliance. Go go go!

Rollins, Dropkicks, Pollard, Zippers and the Canadian Dream

James Parker – Turned On: A Biography Of Henry Rollins

That title should read ‘unauthorized’ biography – apparently Hank wanted nothing to do with this 1998 book. I suppose it’s because he spends his entire spoken word thing (and many of his diary-style books) giving out snippets of biography anyway. Or it could be because this book purports that he used a lot of acid in the Black Flag days, which undermines Rollins’ straight-edge stance. Frankly, if it’s true I really don’t care. What puzzles me is why he’d hide it when he claims to be so up front about everything else. Admit it, move on. Whatever. Anyway, the book is otherwise a well-written re-hashing of the early DC punk and Black Flag days, as well as beyond, most of which has been documented in other places.

Dropkick Murphys – Do Or Die

I’ve had this CD for years (since I got it as a Valentine’s gift – I know, my wife rules!), and have played it to death. Rocked it again while working out yesterday and loved it all over again. They’ve never matched this album in its entirety again, though there have been great individual songs since. A fave for sure, essential listening.

Robert Pollard – The Devil Went Home And Puked

An all-dancing, all-singing, all-drinking highly creative video collage of Robert Pollard and his band of merrily drunk mofos, recorded throughout Pollard’s incredibly prolific and happily lengthy career. Sure, this 67 minutes of weirdness is probably for fans only, but that’s me, baby! Wahoo!

Squirrel Nut Zippers – Perennial Favourites

Yeah, this CD’s been out forever but it’s awesome. My wife put it on today so our son could have some lively music to jump along with in the Jolly Jumper. It worked like a charm. You know, I loved that swing revival in the 90’s, when bands blew the dust of their grandparent’s music collections and let ‘er rip. It should happen again. Actually, it should never go away. To me, swing and big band is a constant. Just saying.

Andrew Vincent – Canadian Dream

You should look this guy up. His song, Canadian Dream, is really rather excellent. It says a lot about our generation, for better or worse (depending on your opinion in the matter). My sister says we’re all doomed to be Prince Charles for the rest of our lives, that the Boomers will never get out of the way. Talk about priorities. Anyway, I’m rambling. Great song. Go hear it on his Myspace. Thanks to CBC radio for introducing me to this man’s work.

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