Wanna Go To Taranna Pt.2: The Ones That Got Away

As I mentioned a couple of times in yesterday’s posts, I could easily have spent a whole lot more in BMV and Sonic Boom than I did. Actually, I feel I showed excellent restraint, even though I still got a pile of great tunes! Man, given unlimited funds, I’d have told them to back up a truck and we could start loading it up…

Anyway, there were too many great records I left behind to list them all, but three come to mind as worthy of mention…

1 – Refused – The Shape Of Punk To Come (2CD/1DVD set), at BMV. It was only $9.99. The second CD was a live set, and the DVD had the videos and a documentary.

But I reasoned that I already own the CD itself, and would I use the other discs that much when it’s the album I really love? I left it, in favour of spending that $10 on other things.



2 – Pavement – Wowee Zowee (original LP), at BMV. It was a new arrival. The guy said it was $25 because it was VG or VG+. Woulda been more if it was in better shape (he said). But there was some wear on the jacket and the LPs were OK but not VG+ in my mind. Still, how often do you see an original Pavement LP? Because I never see them! It was reeeeaaaallllly tempting because I love Pavement so much, but I left it because that was a lot for one LP and not the nicest copy (yet still the only copy I’ve ever seen). You see my dilemma. I texted Mike and he said it’s about that price online but the shipping kills. Gah!



3 – Dillinger Escape Plan – Instrumentalist 7″ (RSD 2017), at Sonic Boom. I didn’t get any RSD stuff this year, and I am a fan of DEP. But apparently not the biggest fan as I had this $12.99 7″ in my hand a while before finally putting it back. It was only two songs, and $6.50 per song is steep when I already had a basket full of other goodies. I dunno, it was real tempting, but how much would I play it? But it’s awesome and collectible… Gah!



In Sum:

A few times today, I feel like I probably shoulda just bought them anyway. I’d have been happy with all of them. And I know that they’ll be looong gone by the time I get back there, likely in the fall, with Mike. Ah well. I’m super-happy with what I did bring home, so these will be the ones that got away!

14 thoughts on “Wanna Go To Taranna Pt.2: The Ones That Got Away

  1. mikeladano says:

    That’s about the going rate for an RSD single these days. The most important thing isn’t the price so much as the rarity of the tracks. Are they exclusive? Most importantly, will they remain exclusive?


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Good to know their price was about right! Pretty sure one of the two tracks was exclusive to the 7″, and will likely stay that way as the band is calling it quits. A b-sides/rare tracks comp would be awesome someday, but who knows.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. mikeladano says:

        I hate when I buy something like that, and find out the B-sides/rare tracks comp is coming in a few months. It happens so often that I don’t often buy RSD singles and rarely without doing due diligence first! I saved a lot of money that way…


        1. keepsmealive says:

          Well, the 7″ would still be exclusive even if it hits CD later, but if Dillinger releases a b-sides/rarities disc I’ll be surprised. They might, someday, but I think they’ll be moving on to other things pretty quickly.


  2. boppinsblog says:

    The more rare the album, the more forgiving I am on the quality. If I have not seen it in my travels, I may settle on a lesser graded copy.
    I used to grab whatever (that’s what she said) but am getting much more selective as my collection gets yuuuge.
    I once saw a rare blues album, and I really wanted it, but it was scratched to shit. They wanted $40 so I had to pass. But I still thought about it and lingered for a real long time.
    I asked at the counter but the owner was not in, so I could not talk them down.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      That sucks, about that blues record. They should let it go.

      I was really tempted to just grab the damn Pavement record. I mean, first one I ever saw in a shoppe! But as I texted to Mike, I already own the original CD AND the 2CD set for each of their five albums, so the LP would also have been overkill, and at $25, I could have had 5 more albums otherwise, ya know?

      That one’ll bug me a good long while, still.


  3. boppinsblog says:

    I am shocked at BMV grading the Pavement LP like that. I usually fins them very strict on their grading. Either grading it worse than it really is or bang on. I have seen tons there and none ever graded that way.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah I dunno, maybe I walked away from a gem and it was just my perception of what VG or VG+ oughta be. The dude behind the counter didn’t say a word but I could tell he was pretty enamoured over it… maybe he was eyeing it for himself or something. Who knows.


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