Pixies – Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim

This weekend, while cleaning up around the house, my wife and I wanted musics by which to work. It had to be energetic and fun (and loud!), to make the job seem to go faster. It was no surprise to me at all that my hand stopped at this, one of my favourite albums of all time. It should be noted that while I make that last statement, this record was not on my Deserted Island Top 5 list… but it sure maybe should’ve been. In fact, I’d take this one over the Pistols, in retrospect…

Anyway, the Pixies. What a great band, and this CD remains my favourite from them. There are great songs on the other records, but this one is brilliant from start to finish. Just look at the track list here. Every one of these songs should pop into your mind fully formed, and any one of them can get you happily grooving in no time. I’d even bet that you’d know those songs you don’t think you know by name, once you heard them again. Played at significant volume, this record can (and will) blow your mind.

I have fond memories, too, of finally getting to see the Pixies in concert. See, I wasn’t cool or hip enough to see them in their original incarnation (I was the jazz kid in high school), but a whole bunch of friends got together and went to the Saskatoon show, early in their reunion tour. What a blast. I sang along with every word, and waved devil horns at Frank Black, and spent the whole time trying to remind my disbelieving self that yes, it was actually happening – the Pixies were right there in front of me, playing all my favourite songs. Oh man. To fuckery with your drug of choice –  that was all the high anybody could ever need.

So yeah, the Pixies. Man, they’re bloody awesome. And this record is the proof.

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