Roots, and a binge on the Killers

The Roots – Rising Down

There are some really sweet grooves on this disc, and I’ve always loved that the Roots use live instruments in their music. More rap acts should try it. Anyway, it’s a shame that this is such an angry record, both politically and socially in the lyrics, and in the tone of the music as well. Even the cover art is dark. Rising Down has something to say, and it’s worth hearing, although by the end I was pretty tired of it. It’s no Things Fall Apart, but it’s still damn good.

Killers – Hot Fuss

This is a fun record that makes me think of summer. Somehow, I want to be at the beach when these songs are playing. It could be the swirl of influences to be found layered in these tracks (even if a lot of it is shameless 80’s revivalism), or it could be the irrepressible result of this effort. Or it could be I’d just rather be at the beach. Hm. Still, this is a very tasty debut.

Killers – Sam’s Town

Sophmore efforts are so hard. Do you keep to the formula that worked on your debut? Do you try to grow and see what happens? Sam’s Town does a bit of both, and succeeds quite handily. The sound remains from Hot Fuss, as does the fascination with synthesizers and music that recalls huge hair. But the band’s inability to sit still pushes them further and further towards the horizon, too. A worthy successor.

Killers – Sawdust

Interesting that they already had enough material for a b-sides disc so early on, but it speaks to their ability to whip out track after delicious track of post-punk passion. Still, it’s awfully nice of them to release it to us, rather than uselessly stockpiling it. There’s a bunch of covers, and some import only stuff too. If you’re a fan, you have this already. But if you just got on this bus, you’d be hard-pressed to tell it’s not an album of new material. It’s that good.

Killers – Day And Age

This latest release is a culmination of their past attempts to forge a sound of their own from the vast pile of their influences. On Day And Age they’ve finally gotten it perfect. This disc is its own party and you’re all invited. Highly recommended.

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