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Alright, here we go:

1537  **All on vinyl, natch**

Cope, Julian – Jehovakill
Cope, Julian – Krautrocker (Book, not music)
Dylan, Bob – The Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3
Endless Boogie – Focus Level
Manic Street Preachers – Lipstick Traces


DEEP PURPLE – Smoke On My Megamix (single)
HELIX – Live At The Marquee EP
IRON MAIDEN – Best of the Beast (6 LP condition)
IRON MAIDEN – Virus (12″ single)
IRON MAIDEN – The Soundhouse Tapes (not a bootleg)
IRON MAIDEN – Live!! + One EP
KISS – Chikara
MARILLION – Happy Christmas Everybody
MARILLION – Marillion.Christmas
PAVAROTTI & FRIENDS – For Afghanistan
THIN LIZZY – The Continuing Saga Of The Aging Orphans (LP)
BLUE RODEO – Live In Stratford 2006-01-13 (has 2006-01-14)


Dixon, Willie – Giant Of The Blues (will pay $20 USD)
Nelson, Bill – The Practice Of Everyday Life (box set)*

* Must be mint under $70 incl. shipping!


C.K. LENDT – Kiss and Sell: The Making of a Supergroup (1997 Billboard Books)

SARCA (CD, max. $10 each):

Cash, Andrew – Time and Place
Cash, Andrew – Boomtown
Lyell, Ray and the Storm – S/T
Zappacosta – S/T

JAMES (all on CD):

Sorbara, Martina – Unplaceables
Springsteen, Bruce – Blood Brothers EP

WILF (on CD):

Crucial Youth – Singles Going Straight (not Posi Machine, he has that)

CRAIG (all on LP):

Black Crowes – Shake Your Moneymaker
Cynic – Focus

dvd – The Five Pennies

AARON (all on CD unless noted as 7″ or LP, etc):

20 Miles – Let Every Town Furnish Its Own Women (CD EP Japan Epitaph ESCA 8150)
Berner, Geoff – Live In Oslo
Bird – Chrome Reflection
*Black Sabbath – Eternal Idol, Headless Cross, Tyr
*Black Sabbath – Cross Purposes, Forbidden
Blue Rodeo – Live In Stratford 2006-01-13 (has 2006-01-14)
Captain Beefheart – The Dust Blows Forward: Anthology
*Case, Neko – Canadian Amp
Cash, Johnny – Unearthed (5CD box set)
Crunt – Crunt (Russell Simins, JSBX drummer side project)
Death Of Samantha – If Memory Serves Us Well
Eyesinweasel – demos and outtakes (2LP only?)
Gem – Your Heroes Hate You
Gem – Sunglare Serenades
Gillard, Doug – Parade On
Gowan – Solo Live: No Kilt Tonight
Graffin, Greg – American Lesion
Guided by Voices – Bee Thousand (LP)
Guided By Voices – GBV/Superchunk split EP
Guided By Voices – GBV/Grifters split EP (7″ only?)
Mark, Carolyn & Tolan McNeil – At Home On Tour
Mascott & Doug Gillard – Please Please Please
McNeil, Tolan – Give ‘Er
Moore, Kevin – Rainmaker (Keb’ Mo’ solo debut) (LP only?)
*Mount Eerie – Lost Wisdom (w. Julie Doiron, Fred Squire)
My Dad Is Dead – Chopping Down The Family Tree (and any others by them)
Neuseiland – Neuseiland
Pier, Ford – 12-Step Plan, 11-Step Pier
Platinum Blonde – Platinum Blonde
Platinum Blonde – Standing In The Dark
Platinum Blonde – Alien Shores
Refreshments – Lo, Our Much Praised Yet Not All Together Satisfactory Lady EP
Refreshments – Wheelie
Roots, The – Organix (not a remaster, if possible)
RZA – Ghost Dog OMPS [Japanese, white cover]
Sally Crewe & The Sudden Moves – Transmit/Receive EP
Skydiggers – There And Back (live)
Slipknot – Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.
Tielli, Martin – The Ghost Of Danny Gross Parts 1 & 2
Tool – Salival
Various – Borrowed Tunes: A Tribute To Neil Young 1 (2CD)
Various – Borrowed Tunes: A Tribute To Neil Young 2 (2CD)

Also, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes 7″:

Denver, Billy, Barry, Diamond, Elton, Bob, Steven,
Shannon, Stevie, Jackson, Dolly, Cash.

* means could maybe be found online at reasonable price, and I’ll do that!



  1. Harrison says:

    If anyone can find a good condition copy of Black Sabbath’s Cross Purposes Live (CD only is fine although both CD and VHS are preferred) I would be very grateful and willing to pay up to $50 (Australian Dollars) depending on condition and whether it is CD only


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Hey Harrison, sorry it took me so long to find this comment! I will add this to the Grail List! I’ve never seen a CD/VHS of Sabbath. I do own a CD/VHS of the Ramones though, it’s pretty wild.

      For those interested, as of today (December 4, 2017), that upper limit of $50 AUS is roughly par in CDN ($48.38), $38.20 USD, and £28.35 in the UK.


  2. KamerTunesBlog (by Rich Kamerman) says:

    I have another item to add to my list. For a couple of years I’ve been looking for a good comprehensive Willie Dixon compilation. There’s a 2008 release called “Giant Of The Blues” that has 46 songs on 2 CDs, but it’s out of print and the current low marketplace price at Amazon is just under $80. If I could find this gem for $20 I would be very pleased. I just ordered a similar compilation of Big Bill Broonzy for less than $8 (including shipping), and a few years ago I got amazing 2-CD comps by Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf. Constantly filling in the holes in my collection, and these are all essential artists.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Consider it added! I seem to recall an LP-sized box set from Chess for Willie Dixon. Grey box… I know there was a Muddy Waters one, and I think Howlin’ Wolf too…

      I was given an AMAZING 3-CD Howlin’ Wolf set for Christmas last year, Blues From Hell. I reviewed it here in KMA – it’s freaking brilliant. I also got a 4-CD Blind Lemon Jefferson as a gift (all 90+ of his sides in one place!). Also, nice find: Big Bill Broonzy for $8 rules.

      Man, there are so many holes in my collection, you could drive a tank through most of them. But yeah, the old blues guys are non-negotiable essential.


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