KMA Sunday Service Week 29

Welcome to the Sunday Service!

It is true that the bulk of my listening from this week has already been reported yesterday, in the KMA Saturday Service Week 28 6/7. But there were a few odds and sods to clear up, and a couple of other great CDs I heard, so I thought I’d slap up this (admittedly shorter than usual) Sunday Service just to keep us all up to date!


Sunday Funny

This is doubly awesome because I just posted yesterday about my find of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack CD…















Sunday Serious

Y’all know this already. But, on Thursday of this week, Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted on all charges of sexual assault.

I’ve been following this trial enough to know this is gonna cause a shitstorm.

Go have a read for yourselves HERE  HERE  or HERE.



Iron Maiden Is Imminent!

That’s right, folks. One week from today, Sunday April 3, at 7:30 pm, I will be ensconced in my seat at the Air Canada Center in Toronto and ready to be thrilled by the mighty Iron Maiden!

In fact, if you click this link (or on the Countdown To Iron Maiden link in the sidebar at the top of this page), you can see how much longer I have to wait right down from days to hours, minutes and seconds!

One week to go!! Up The Irons!   \m/    \m/


Hit It Or Quit It!

I did not get any LPs spun this week, as already evidenced by the three LPs from my Taranna scores that went unplayed. Nope, this week it had to be MP3, mobile. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to sit in the Man Cave. I’ll rectify this issue shortly, I promise.

All the records on the chopping block got a week-long stay of execution haha!


Parenting: You’re Doing It Right!

Our kids made handmade cards for my in-laws, most of whom have birthdays in April and May. So the kids got out the markers and went to town decorating. One drawing my daughter (she’s 4) did made us ask what it was. Was it a fish? A skateboard? “No,” she said brightly, “it’s the blimp from the song in the car!”

She had drawn the R101 from the Iron Maiden epic Empire of The Clouds, a track she adores and asks for in the car.

It’s moments like this where you realize, with parenting, you definitely do get out of it what you put in. 🙂

Up the Irons! \m/  \m/

Also interesting: My son loved this comparison chart, showing the relative size of the R101. Like the song says, the Titanic would fit inside! As a 6 year old boy, this kind of thing blows his mind, because he actually tries to imagine putting a whole ship inside a balloon! So awesome. I wish we’d never lost our child-like sense of wonder…











Also In My Ears This Week

Yes, I am crazy, this week. I have played music almost non-stop, as yesterday’s post of all my Toronto scores will attest. But there’s more, you say? Yup. Here’s what I heard this week that wasn’t part of the Taranna haul!

Bruce Springsteen – Wrecking Ball

I’m far too biased to be objective with this guy’s output, by now. But I do have to say that this is one of the strongest later-years albums I’ve heard from him. Every song feels perfect, whether he’s making you dance, think, question, cry…

In fact, I get some anger out of this record. He was looking at his country (and the world), seeing what was going on, and telling us to wake up. Like always. No one else can do it like Bruce can, because that anger and indignation comes packed with hope, understanding, and the offer of a helping hand.

At this point, the man is a master at what he does, and this disc fits proudly in his discography. I really liked it.

NB: There is another version that has two bonus tracks on it, which of course I would prefer to have, but I got this one for $1 and that’s good enough for me, for now!

The Hand Of Doom Orchestra Plays Iron Maiden’s Piece Of Mind

Haha this was a fun thrift shop score. And you know something, this is ably done. They do all of the tracks from Piece Of Mind in order and, while you’d think it wouldn’t work well, there’s something in Maiden’s music that lends itself to classical interpretation, so it actually totally does work!

I do not mind at all that I paid $1 for this one.


John Williams And London Symphony Orchestra – Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (2CD)

I’ve had this one in the car all week (when I’m not playing Maiden in preparation for the upcoming show!), and it’s just so bloody gorgeous. Same as the Star Wars: A New Hope that I covered in Sunday Service Week 25, it’s absolutely perfect music, no one could have done it better for feel and emotion and power. And all this for what many consider to be the best film of the series!

This was another thrift shop score (I know!), so now all I need is for someone to turn in the Return Of The Jedi set in the same edition, and I’ll be all set!

Izzy Stradlin – 117°

I’ve already talked (raved) about this album in these pages. But we had occasion to make the drive to the in-laws this weekend for Easter (an awesome trip, all around) and this album came up in the cue while we rolled down the highway.

We all know it’s an excellent record. But for whatever reason, my lovely wife had never heard it before, and she really, really dug it. Every song that came on, she’d say “oh I like this one!”

I knew she was a keeper! 🙂


Like I said, this Sunday Service was a shorter batch of remainders, but I’m glad we’re all caught up! If you need more KMA (and who doesn’t, let’s be honest!), check out yesterday’s post about my Taranna trip scores.

Thanks so much for tuning in, and keep the tunes rockin’!

18 thoughts on “KMA Sunday Service Week 29

  1. 1537 says:

    Interesting, I couldn’t get on with that Springsteen – I might just be more of a ‘classic era’ boss (casual) fan.

    I’ve got a bit of a professional interest in aspects of that trial and whilst your justice system has worked and found him not guilty, the manner in which complainants are treated and allowed to be treated in court seems, to an outsider, to be where a number of countries used to be a while ago. Not a criticism per se, just an observation.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      You and J., not digging the newer Boss! It’s all good, we’re holding an intervention. You and J. c’mon over for drinks… 🙂 Hahaha

      Yeah this trial has been something. The defense totally played it right – they told Ghomeshi to not open his dumbass mouth (remember his ‘defense’ on facebook? Haha dude just stop talking), and the accusers totally did withhold information, and conspire amongst themselves (when they shouldn’t have) so all they had to do was point that out. Voila, reasonable doubt. The character assassination of the accusers, though, is a bit of a stomach turner. Reminds me too much of our politics. What could Canadian law do to update the system, though? Is it a major overhaul or is it something elegant and simple and full of commen sense? I hope for the latter…

      Liked by 1 person

        1. keepsmealive says:

          Would it work, when precedents have already been set? Sounds like it would create an endless quagmire of ‘yeah, but what about that time when…’

          I just need to become Supreme Dictator and Overall Ruler Of All Things Canuck. Then watch the sweeping changes! haha

          Liked by 1 person

      1. James Kalyn says:

        I was disappointed that Ghomeshi walked, but not surprised. I didn’t think he’d be convicted. Sexual assault is a very difficult thing to get a conviction for. But when the judge complained of the “dangerous false assumption that sexual assault complainants are always truthful” – well, it tells you why more victims/survivors don’t come forward. Not once did Ghomeshi or his team ever bother saying “he didn’t do it.” They didn’t have to. He was never the one on trial.


  2. deKE says:

    Cool that your boy digs Balloons! Ha! Like Bruce states on Empire Of The Clouds you could fit the Titanic in it! That’s crazeeeeee! One week to go to Maiden! Awesome….look forward to the after show review!
    Springsteen whether you dig his new stuff or old stuff or both stuff you got to hand it to him a guy pushing 70 doing 4 hour shows…..nuts..


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah, my boy digs all vehicles. Always has. If he wasn’t so into wanting to be a firefighter I’d say he’d become an engineer who designs vehicles. He sketches designs on paper and then builds from his own designs with Lego. Crazy stuff!

      You should hear my daughter in the back seat, sing/humming along with that intro to EotC. She nails it, knows it by heart!

      Yup, one week today and I’ll be fired up to see Maiden in action! All reports online suggest they are absolutely killing it on this tour. I CAN’T WAIT!!! \m/ \m/

      Yeah Springsteen is still going strong. As evidenced by that free show back in January!

      Thanks for reading Deke!!! Sincerely, your own Knowlton Nash. 🙂


  3. J. says:

    You know my feelings on that Izzy album! Glad you dig it. Glad your good lady digs it also. It’s a diggable album for sure!

    Never enjoyed Wrecking Ball. I don’t much care for what the Boss has been selling since the turn of the millennium. Still, a $1! Jings!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha yeah I had your recommend in mind when I reported back on Izzy. It was a hit!

      Huh, I really liked the Bruce. What is it about the newer stuff you don’t enjoy? Inquiring minds wanna know! 😉


      1. J. says:

        I haven’t fully enjoyed much Bruce has released since The Rising (some good songs on that one, but it’s a bit bloated). It’s all formulaic. Boss by numbers stuff. I just don’t buy what he’s singing. But then, it works for him. He’s a premier purveyor in multimillionaire ‘blue collar rock’.


        1. keepsmealive says:

          What you say is certainly true. After all these years, I suppose the line between guy from the streets and multi-millionaire singing about being from the streets has blurred, but I still let myself believe him. He sells it in a way no one else does.

          I’ve got that boxed set of all the early Bruce albums and listening along to the years since, I know it’s all of a piece. No different than Neil Young, or Bob Dylan. They aren’t always so believable either, but I still like them. 🙂

          But you’re right to critically think about what he’s doing. Maybe it’s just gone past the point where people are well aware he’s doing what he’s doing, and they’re now at the point of just being along for the ride and the fun and the rock? I dunno.


          1. J. says:

            I still listen to Born To Run, Darkness On The Edge Of Town, and Nebraska a whole lot. The River not so much, but those are the ones I still own.

            Not that I’m a massive fan of Dylan, but I think he’s varied his output over the years. But yeah, aside from a few exceptions, I haven’t been all that engaged with Young’s output either.

            I’d like to hear the Boss explore something else. But then he’d be out his comfort zone and it’s kinda clear he’s not a man for challenging himself creatively (in my opinion). Great back catalogue, though.


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