KMA1847 2016 So Far

I don’t look at our site stats, hardly ever, although I will post our year-end stats when they email them to us. WP tracks that stuff, I say go ahead if you want to, WP!

However, inspired by Deke’s recent post about stats on his excellent site, I thought I’d blow the dust off this portion of the blog and have a peek to see what’s been popular for us in 2016 so far…


Our top ten posts/pages so far (views):

1. Home page / Archives (1110)

This makes sense to me, people coming to the main page to see the newest post, or clicking the banner at the top to come back to the main page.

2. KMA Sunday Service Week 4 (123)

This post reminded folks about our (then upcoming) Top 15 Albums Of All Time collaborative posts, talked about Alan Frew’s stroke, my bottle of the Tragically Hip wine (as of today, still not opened!), and how awesome my kids are. Also, how too many tags seem like spam to WP, and mention of my new (to me) Sony walkman for cassettes.

I did blurbs on Bill Evans’ Symbiosis, Led Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti 3LP deluxe, Rolling Stones – From the Vault: The Marquee Club Live in 1971 CD/DVD, and some new releases that excited me greatly.

3. Another January Death (104)

This was my rant about René Angelil.

4. Iron Maiden 2016-04-03

Up the irons! My fantastic trip to see Iron Maiden in concert!

5. R.I.P. Paul MacLeod (84)

I’m glad this one is on this list, it means many people checked out the sad news and, hopefully, grew closer in the midst of the loss.

6. KMA Sunday Service Week 39 (77)

In this one, I did blurbs on Seven Mary Three – American Satndard, Rusty – Sophomoric, Soundgarden, down on the upside, I Mother Earth – Dig (which I later reviewed again in a group effort), Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil Remix single, and Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms.

7. SLCR #242: George Thorogood & The Destroyers 20016-04-29 (73)

James picture-laden post was a success! And well it should be, it sounds like it was a great show!

8. Best Sounding Albums (73)

I asked our dear Readers what they thought were the best-sounding albums. Not most popular, Imeant in terms of production values and sound.

9. Hillary (68)

A recounting of my efforts to get a copy of Keith Richards’ Cross-Eyed Heart from Amazon, and the amazing lady who heloed me sort out a whole mess.

10. Possession (63)

My post about one of the creepiest songs I know.


Hits By Countries:

3872 Canada
1162 United Kingdom
1147 United States
184 Germany
130 Australia
113 France
101 Romania
73 Brazil
33 Russia
23 Italy

I am thrilled that we have Readers in all of these countries! Thanks, everyone!


And to make Mike proud…

Our top 10 search terms that led people to the KMA:

1. 94.5 the bull

This must be from my radio rant series, where I listened to a local station per day, for an hour, and reported on what I heard. Someone at the Bull must be ego-Googling pretty damn hard.

2. jessica leonard photo album 100 and roy and ro 100

What? I Googled Jessica and it seems she was an overweight girl who died young. I am confused as to how this led anyone to our music site.

3. amazon music foo fighters b sides

Awesome, I like the Foos! But I don’t think I’ve talked much about b-sides of theirs…

4. sun brinnk milk and fucking video mom and sun

I don’t even want to know.

5. lyrics and poems book

I can get behind this! I know I covered books by John K. Samson, Ani DiFranco, and Gord Downie…

6. marillion hell

If hell is Marillion, I’m gonna sin a lot more before I die.

7. lighthouse hotel gah@lliee rite

Um, OK? How did this bring you here?

8. best fucking in the week

I appreciate what you were seeking, but how did you end up on our site with that search term?

9. who is the woman on scorpions love at first sting original album cover?

I don’t know who she is! Also, I never wrote about Love At First Sting… I did Animal Magnetism, Face The Heat, and Best Of Rockers And Ballads.

10. keepsmealive

This also makes sense. People who know the site, searching for it. Then they can bookmark it!


Thanks to all of you for reading. Without our dear Readers, we’d just be yammering unheard into the ether. We appreciate each and every one of you!

4 thoughts on “KMA1847 2016 So Far

  1. deKE says:

    Awesome Stuff still wonder about #8 under searches! 👍
    I recall under my searches where the search was for ” whose the fat guy in the Wave Babies video”! Ha!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      #8 is tame compared to what Lebrain gets over at his blog! If I scroll down a little further I get some other interesting ones: evry thing man animall fuking

      Um… no thanks.

      —i shook a banana today tragically hip

      This would be because of when we saw the Hip in Montreal and Gord had his banana shaker on stage.

      —heavy metal song i am necrolust

      I had to Google it, all I found was Mayhem’s ‘Necrolust.’ I dunno, did I write about Mayhem? Or was this search about something else entirely?

      —is there a heavy metal version of root down

      Not to my knowledge, but there sure should be!

      —kma fu pace katoon


      Liked by 1 person

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