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Welcome to the massive group effort Film [Soundtrack] Festival! From November 1-14, we’re covering all sorts of movie soundtracks. There’ll surely be lots for everybody! Huge thanks to Bruce at THE VINYL CONNECTION for this fantastic group post idea! COMMUNITY!

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Here we go with my second entry for this series!

This is a weird CD for me. I find a lot of the other rappers on here are just trying to sound like Eminem (and failing). In a way, it makes sense, to make a flow of the mix, but why give up your own way just to try to keep pace with a guy who is clearly (8) miles ahead of you?

Also, some of the songs I love, as you’ll see, but others I don’t like at all. And yet somehow it all plays well as a mix. Boiled down, if I’ve got the good headphones on so I can pay attention, I only like some of it. But if it’s on in the background, I can tolerate most it well enough.

Let’s have a listen, shall we…

I bought this CD for one song – album opener Lose Yourself, by Eminem. I don’t care who you are, what kind of music you like, I doubt you could fail to be lifted by this track. It’s the whole movie in one song, too. Crazy good.

Love Me is next, again Eminem featuring Obie Trice and 50 Cent. It has a catchy hook, but its misogyny and hate are tiring and awful. Eminem is up again with 8 Mile, and it’s catchy as hell. Of course. Eminem has a knack. There’s a reason he outsells everybody. It’s tracks like this. Then it’s back to Obie Trice, with Adrenaline Rush. The music is cool, but it’s just boasting. Yawn.

50 Cent’s Places To Go is repetitive on one idea, musically and is, therefore, hard to listen to all the way through. I have tried 50 Cent before, and never really took to him in a way that makes me want to play him more often. D12’s Rap Game is next. It has a great driving beat, and some of the rapping is cool. This has better energy, and when Eminem takes the mic it’s all over.

8 Miles And Runnin’ is Jay-Z’s entry, featuring Freeway. There’s some weird noises behind the chorus part. It’s alright, but not a huge track. Xzibit’s Spit Shine rolls in next, which is a decent dance track, but again it’s just boasting.

Then, weirdly, Macy Gray and her yawn-fest music is next, breaking up the flow completely. I suppose there had to be a track like this here for those expecting it, but it doesn’t belong. and it is, frankly, pretty bad. NAS is next, with U Wanna Be Me. It’s a cool enough grrove, but it’s just more boasting and some pretty far reaches in the lyrics.

50 Cent comes back, with Wanksta. I don’t like it at all. He has something lethargic in what he does, and the tune is just too repetitive. Boomkat’s Wasting My Time is Kellin and Taryn Manning (who was in the film)’s breathy r&b slow track. The title’s pretty apt, here. Rakim’s really went out on a limb naming his boast track R.A.K.I.M., and I couldn’t listen to it all the way through – there’s a dumb noise banging throughout that wrecks it.

Young Zee’s That’s My Nigga For Real is a real slow, annoying track. The tune would be OK if his voice was different and he had something to say. No thanks. Gang Starr’s Battle takes a 4-bar idea and stretches it out for 3 minutes. Meh. And then, finally, Eminem comes back to save the second half of this dying record. Rabbit Run is boasting, just like the rest, but when he does it there’s something to it. Oh that’s right, it’s talent.

In Sum:

I dislike more of this record than I like, but the stuff I do like is all really good (and involves Eminem). The rest of it is pretty skippable, unless you want background tunes you can’t really hear clearly.

Bonus Round:

Turns out, I’d already done this one 2014-04-29, and I still agree with myself.

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  1. I don’t much like Eminem, I’m afraid. Few good tracks in his catalogue (Lose Yourself being one of them), but he’s a tad overrated. You always have to account for a fair bit of posturing with the genre, but Eminem was never convincing or explosive (unlike 50 Cent, for example – though he never quite hit the heights he could have artistically).

    Anyhoo, I found the film and soundtrack a little half-cooked. I dare say you’re more kind than I would be.


    • I like Eminem, though not constant play, but I could see how he’s not everyone’s cup of tea! As for explosive, I never liked 50 Cent, so I guess we’re opposites!

      The Eminem tracks here are the reason for buying it, the rest… nah. 🙂


      • I know you don’t like radio so you probably won’t remember this, but when this came out (or around that time) Eminem was a cross over artist. He was on pop and rock radio.
        Possibly a first for a rap artist.

        I don’t know about USA or elsewhere in the world,but in Canada for sure.


  2. Like most people that shelled out money for this, we felt cheated. One song dows not a good album make.
    Not the first time and surely not the last.
    Quite possibly Eminem’s best song.

    P.S. Do you know how to remove mom’s spaghetti from my sweater?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like all three Eminem songs here, but yeah, the rest is a bit of a drag. I suppose tie-ins to the film mean other people’s tracks had to be here? I dunno.

      I’d help with your laundry but my knees are weak.


  3. Before my daughter & I performed at the school’s coffeehouse, a couple of my students were saying I looked nervous, saying look at Mr. Stephen, “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.”
    I was pleased to be able to reply, we’ve only got one shot, one opportunity!

    You’re right Aaron, it’s tough not to like that song, too bad the rest of the album’s even tougher to like!


  4. I suspect the gorgeous orange neon in the cover pic would be my favourite part. Never quite ‘got’ rap. Still, just love the variety we are generating!


    • So for you, the neon sign is an anagram for how much rap you enjoy: NONE.

      The variety is amazing. This is a great idea you’ve had, Bruce!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Very clever A. And accurate!


        • Haha I just had a flash of Fight Club, and this conversation…

          “Narrator: Tyler, you are by far the most interesting single-serving friend I’ve ever met… see I have this thing: everything on a plane is single-serving…

          Tyler Durden: Oh I get it, it’s very clever.

          Narrator: Thank you.

          Tyler Durden: How’s that working out for you?

          Narrator: What?

          Tyler Durden: Being clever.

          Narrator: Great.

          Tyler Durden: Keep it up then…”

          Liked by 1 person

  5. And two years later I still haven’t seen this movie!

    I like Eminem more and more as time goes on. He did a great job spoofing himself in The Interview.


    • At this rate, Dude, you may never see it! haha

      I don’t know about the Interview, and he causes a lot of division between people (love him or hate him), but he certainly is a fascinating artist. I still need to hear the part 2 of Marshall Mathers LP…


  6. Tangled Up In Music

    If you’re into the technical aspects of rapping, check out this rhyme scheme of Lose Yourself (the words colored the same rhyme with each other):



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