sandbox – A Murder In The Glee Club

I Wanna Taranna Pt. 38: She Said Boom! #5, $1 Deal #3: sandbox – A Murder In The Glee Club

I’ll get to my impressions of this album in a moment, but first here’s Wiki and Mike!

A Murder in the Glee Club is the second album released by the now-defunct Halifax, Nova Scotia rock group Sandbox. It is a concept album revolving around the storyline of a murderer haunted by his actions. The final track of their previous album, “…and the Mood Changes” from Bionic, has a spoken word segment that is meant as a direct lead-in to this album.” (Wiki)

And you should go read MIKE’S WHOLE REVIEW, wherein he succinctly says: “Setting the scene is the title track, “A Murder in the Glee Club”; but is all what it appears to be?  The liner notes state:

“Recorded as in introduction to a play in 1932 by Freddie Corn and the Ohioans, the song has sat dormant on a shelf for the past 65 years.  Shortly after it was recorded, the production was cancelled and the song was never released or published.  The version you hear on this record is the original recording, sonically enhanced and embellished using mordern technology.”


An online search for “Freddie Corn and the Ohioans” reveals only one hit: an old interview with Mike Smith from the University of Western Ontario, which is only quoting the liner notes.

I always wondered if Sandbox were trying to pull the wool over our eyes a little bit with those liner notes.  You can draw your own conclusions but “A Murder in the Glee Club” does lull you in to the concept of the album:  Altered states of consciousness and mental illness eventually lead to murder.  Then, the murderer becomes haunted by the crimes he has committed.  That “1932 recording” really sets the mood right.” Mike goes on to cover each track individually really, really well. Seriously. GO READ IT.

As for my impressions of this album? I loved it. That 90s east coast (Halifax) pop rock sound is strong and true here, so much so that I was immediately transported back to when I had a pretty steady diet of this sort of thing. Sadly, I don’t think I owned any sandbox at the time, at least not this one I’m pretty sure?, but if I had, I would have loved it! And hell, I do now love it, too. Probably my favourite was the higher energy of Melt, but the whole damn thing is good.

The concept, the strong songs, the full-on investment in their sound and concept, all of it rocks. This is so much more than Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys’ old band. These guys were the real thing, and it’s a real shame they didn’t keep making records. Maybe they would have fizzled out when interest in this sound waned eventually, but this is the sound of a band that has it going on, and I totally dug it.

2 thoughts on “sandbox – A Murder In The Glee Club

  1. jprobichaud says:

    I liked the debut album better but there were a couple choice tracks on here. I remember the video for the lead single was shot at Oshawa’s Parkwood…


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