The Dead South – Good Company

UPDATE! James saw the Dead South in concert last year, and he wrote about his experience RIGHT HERE!


James rocks. You knew this.

He sent me this awesome CD as one of two (!) birthday prezzies this year. Near as I can tell, this is a 2019 re-release of this Regina act’s 2014 original, with a bonus track included!

An obvious comparison would be Mumford & Sons, and that whole raft of bluegrass-inspired, banjo-rocking country-ish stuff from a few years ago. Other times it sounds like Irish drinking music, or Eastern European traditional tunes, or straight-up down-south bluegrass. But where, as one example, the radio-ready Mumford ends is where Dead South picks up, especially in (my favourite) the latter half of the record. There’s real grit, here, and not just in Nate Hilts’ vocals. Lyrically and musically, this is often darker, heavier, more poignant and real, echoing that harrowing old country feel. Real attention has paid to the sound of the album here, too, big and roomy and booming, yet crisp and sharp as a well-honed knife.

I saw it described as “gothic country,” online, and that’s very apt. 

Damn, I really like this album. Thanks heaps, James!


YouTube has you covered, here’s a vinyl rip of the whole 2014 release:


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