Helix – Wild In The Streets

I recently went to Toronto with Mike (video parts one and two). Not only did I score a bunch of awesome tunes myself, but Mike awesomely gave me another metric shit-ton of tunes, old CDs he no longer needed as he upgraded to deluxe editions, or just didn’t want them anymore. I intend to write about all of these gifts in the near future, here at the KMA, so let’s just let this little intro suffice for all of them, ‘kay? Great, thanks!

This disc came with a story, though, and I highly recommend you read it. You know those albums, the ones for which you search forever, and when you find them finally you cannot believe your good fortune. Well, as you just read, this was one of those for Mike. And now I am the proud keeper of that disc. It will always have a warm and welcoming home here. When I told Mike I was thinking of writing this up, he was glad, though he hasn’t even done so himself yet and I seem to be beating him to the punch on this one. I don’t have a whole lot of frame of reference for these guys, just the hits I’d have heard on small-town radio in the 80s. And wasn’t 1984’s Rock You (from Walkin’ The Razor’s Edge) on Video Hits? God, I’m old… I went to the youtubes to look that one up, as I remembered a dude surrounded by fire with a crazy look on his face, and I was not disappointed. I can guarantee that this was not the Video Hits version: NSFW because it has lots of naked boobies in it (gasp oh no!).

Anyway, I said I’d go from my gut as I always do here at the KMA. It’s why you love me, I just know it. So, here we go:

Oh man, Helix. This takes me back. And the songs are just such fun! The title track screamed AC/DC at me, and that’s a good thing! The guitar line, the vocals, yeah. Cool track. Never Gonna Stop The Rock is a slinky funky rocker that totally fits here, and Dream On is one I know well, as surely do you. Oh man, 80s rawk band ballads. You just gotta love ’em. Just picture high school students swaying back and forth in each others’ arms in the sweaty gym… What Ya Bringin’ To The Party rocks things back up, very bluesy and full of blistering guitar parts. I loved the bluesy intro to High Voltage Kicks, but it doesn’t last long before it tears off on a mission to make you want to drive really fast while you scream along. Wooo!

Give ‘Em Hell brings the AC/DC feel back, with fun sing-along bits. This would have been a hoot in a concert setting. Shot Full Of Love has got to be my favourite track on this disc. The energy, that wailing guitar! My goodness. What a track! Love Hungry Eyes is a mid-tempo rocker that ought to have had a video (did it?)… Picture one of those cheesy pastel 80s sets with band playing, fans blowing their big hair, then cut to a beach, band playing there, and all throughout there’s a lovely young girl writhing on things, then walking around and looking back over her shoulder… Damn, I can see the whole thing in my head. If it wasn’t made, it should’ve been. She’s Too Tough brings the rock, with that awesome only-heard-in-the-80s echoey double-handclap sound every once in a while. How did they make that noise? I always wondered. And bringing up the rear is Kiss It Goodbye, with it’s very funky bits tied neatly to the straight-on rock of the rest. A great tune. I imagine this was a concert staple.

And there you have it. From the gut, the first time I have ever heard Helix’ Wild In The Streets (1987) just now, in 2013. I’m only 26 years late to the party, but now that I know it’s here, I’ll be coming back again and again.

Thanks heaps to Mike. This is a great CD, and I love that it has a history. Recommended listening, when you wanna get your rawk on.

7 thoughts on “Helix – Wild In The Streets

  1. Deke says:

    This is awesome…I should change my wordpress to Never Stop The Blog!
    Hahahaha…..thanks for linking me to this great read!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Hopefully someone will come across this who knows the answer to the handclap thing, and can tell us! It was in a lot of 80s songs…

      I was just hoping I could do the album justice, after all that build-up. Turns out it was pretty easy, it was a great listen!

      Total oversight on no video for that song. C’mon Helix, hire me! I have no idea what I’m doing at all but I had a vision! Hahaha


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