Pantera – Cowboys From Hell

I do love me some metal. And Pantera scratches that itch every time. Scott, our almighty Heavy Metal Overlord, was recently discussing picking up the re-issue of Far Beyond Driven on his super-awesome site. With the band in mind, I threw this record on and let it carry me away…

Now, I have to admit, this is the only album of theirs that I own. Quite possibly this a glaring oversiiiight and I should correct it as soon as possible. I’ll take any and all recommendations as to where to go next in their discography (drop them in the Comments!). Anyway, I got this for $5 (brand new) in a sale bin ages ago, and it’s pretty damn huge.

I’m not even sure I’d know how to intelligently write about this record, in a way that metalheads would nod along knowingly. No way could I come up with something that hasn’t already been said about Pantera or this album. All I know is that this record makes me want to drive really fast somewhere, and when I get there I wanna break stuff.

I bought this too, of course, for Cemetery Gates and the hilarity of The Art Of Shredding. I loved Heresy, and Shattered is very very clearly not a Stones cover. Fair enough. I liked the chug of Medicine Man, and the all-over creativity of Message In Blood. Oh hell, I liked the whole thing. Am I the only one who hears some Hetfield in the vocals, here and there? Hm.

This album has a very crisp, technical sound to it. It’s in the playing as much as it is in the production. It’s very… crunchy. I liked it.

\m/  \m/  

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