KMA Sunday Service Week 4

KMA Sunday Service 4

sunday sevice main pic

Thank you for once again joining the congregation at our Sunday KMA Service, where we give thanks for that which Keeps Us Alive (that sweet, sweet music!!).

Roll a few Js and lean back into the couch (like you had a choice, eh?). It’s been a busy week around here, and I haven’t had a whole lot of time to listen (at least, not as much as I’d like), and even less time to write about what I’ve heard. But there’s still a heap of things to address, so let’s get to it! We hope you enjoy this week’s blather from the pulpit!


happy-birthday-fireworks-oFirst off, Happy Happy!

My happiest sincerest birthday wishes to my KMA brother James for August 21. I hope it was Awesome Goodness Extraordinaire, All Day Long!


top 15Secondly, A Reminder:

On September 15th, as many bloggers as would like to participate will be posting their Top 15 Albums Of All Time on their own sites. I hope we get lots of people involved and make it tons of fun! I’ll be linking to as many others as I can here at the KMA, and you are absolutely invited to do up your own list on your own site. The only rule is it has to be your Top 15 Of All Time, not as defined by some magazine or web site out there, or by your friends or whatever. These are YOUR picks. After that, there are no rules. It could even be 15 albums all by one band, if that truly is all your favourites (AC/DC, amiright, Mr. 1537? \m/   \m/ ), or all different bands, or a mix thereof. Whatever are your best of the best. Post them up on September 15th and let’s have a blast!

Old fedora felt hat with a press card

And now for some other stuff:

Quite a few bits of news, updates and other stuff this week. Let’s give ‘er!




Mike’s buddy Craig sent him news (and Mike to me) that Alan Frew of Glass Tiger recently suffered a stroke. That’s shitty news, but Frew remains optimistic. Here’s his social media comment:

This my friends is one of the toughest stories I have ever had to write not only because I am right- handed and I am typing to you with my left but because what I am going to tell you is very difficult for me but I want you to hear it from me directly and not from the rumour mill. On Thursday I suffered a stroke. That’s right. A clot in my brain. This will now be the fight of my life. I am alive, obviously , and have all my brain power. I have suffered right-sided trauma but I am fighting the Warrior’s fight already. I AM A WARRIOR make no mistake about that and I WILL release the beautiful CD I have worked so hard on and I WILL perform it live for you ASAP ….this I promise you. Those of you who pray by all means do so and those of you like me who don’t send me your energy and I will use it all to return to you as soon as I can. Stroke is NOT an age disease be you 15, 25, or 55. Stroke is a human condition . I am lucky and I will treasure that . I will see you all soon enough when I PERISCOPE one day and I WILL sing for you again, fear not. You guys are a major part of my journey back. Peace & Love Alan

He is a WARRIOR! He will PERISCOPE! Attaboy, Al.

Also, Alan Frew is 58. That means I am old too. Goodness.

Also, I sent this news to James, who said there’s a Healing Hands joke in there somewhere. I said it’s too soon, but maybe Someday. He laughed. I then said I hoped my joke didn’t cross some sort of social nicety Thin Red Line. The point of Alan’s message, after all, was to Send Your Love so he doesn’t have to Suffer In Silence. It couldn’t be a more Simple Mission.

fully completelyHip Wine

Results from the informal poll I ran last week indicate I ought to drink the Hip wine. Life is for the living! I am still undecided, though. Ah well, it’s not going anywhere. If I do decide to drink it, you can bet I’ll tell you all about the experience!



kids are awesomeShantiKids are Awesome

My three years as Stay At Home Dad are coming to an end. School starts in a couple of weeks, and this year both kids are off to attend. I’ll be bereft! My lovely wife has already booked the first day of school off from work, because she knows I’m going to be a wreck. And to try to distract myself from the inevitable, I’m doing my best to make these last days at home with the kids as fun as possible…

Anyway, we had a rainy day this week, so the kids and I had a pajama day, and we curled up and watched the original Disney version of the Jungle Book (for the hundredth time, surely, it’s a favourite of theirs). I know the movie doesn’t end like Kipling’s book at all, but I’m a good Daddy and never tell them that bit.

So we got to the end scene where Baloo and Bagheera are taking Mowgli to the man village and they come across the stream where the young girl (her name is Shanti) is fetching water and singing that song of hers. I laugh every time when Baloo sees Mowgli notice the girl and says “Forget about those, they ain’t nothin’ but trouble.” Haha. Anyway, she makes those ‘come hither’ eyes at Mowgli and he gets all entranced by her and follows her into the village. You know the scene.

My son (he’s 6) turns to me, at this point in the movie, and says “Dad, I think she’s a vegetarian!” Hahaha what? That was out of left field. So I asked him, “Buddy, what about that scene makes you think she’s a vegetarian?” He laughed and said “I don’t know!” He paused for a minute, thinking. Then he says, “Dad What’s a vegetarian?” Oh man. Kids. They just blurt things. It’s awesome.

And now we ask Mr. 1537: Does vegetarianism improve your come hither powers? Dating advice experts the world over demand to know!


Sarca (rightly) pointed out that too many tags/categories on a post and WordPress will think I’m a spammer. These Sunday Service posts have definitely increased the number of tags on my posts, as we’ve always tagged by Artist and by Album Title. I really can’t see a way around it, I guess, unless we stopped tagging altogether. I know that tags are meant to draw people to you and increase traffic, but in the 8 years we’ve been doing this I doubt it’s tags that very often brought folks to us. I read some artices online that pretty much said they’re more hassle than they’re worth, for most blogs. And we’re certainly not going for massive audience here (though we absolutely appreciate all of you who do read)!

I dunno, what do you folks think? Do you ever use the tags on this site? Do you find they’re helpful on your own blogs? Right now, KMA only have two categories, Posts By James and Posts By Aaron. We could balete the tags and just have categories, like band name only, but even then WP thinks too many is spamming. The Search Bar brings up any band or album you’d want to find (provided we’ve covered it already) anyway, so maybe the tags are superfluous?

Your thoughts?

walkman(New-To-Me) Old School Toy

So I thought for sure that my old walkman from when I was a kid was still here in the house, somewhere. Fairly thorough searching reveals it is not (though it may still be in some place I haven’t thought of yet, I’ll let you know if it turns up). So at our local thrift shop this week I made my lovely wife’s eyes roll (yet again) by snagging this Sony WM-FX425 Walkman for $4. [There was also a Game Boy Colour protective carrying case in the bag, if anyone has a GBC let me know and the case is yours!]. Anyway, my lovely wife rolled her eyes because why the hell do I need a walkman? Because I still have a big pile of tapes. Because I have a tape deck hooked to the stereo, and that’s downstairs in the Man Cave. My computer, where I do all my writing, is upstairs. So now I can listen to tapes in both places. I am so lazy. And solving First World problems! Lazily!

Anyway, this machine works perfectly, and is an elegant beast of functionality. It has Mega Bass (Norm/Mid/Max), Dolby B Noise Reduction, Sony’s AVLS and an Anti-Rolling Mechanism. The radio has 20 presets, and the digital screen even has a clock! There’s even a Rewind button – most walkmans I had as a kid (all except 1) only had FF. It also has switches for selecting between Normal and CRO2/Metal tapes, single side or whole cassette looping, and tape direction. It’s got it all! This must’ve been a Cadillac, back in the day! There’s a DC-in but no cord with it (go figure, though I have an adapter that may work), and there’s a spot for a belt clip but that’s not here either. Doesn’t bother me, I never used those. There’s even a video of it on the Tubes Of You!

My first play of a tape (on fresh Duracells), which happened to be Phil Collins’ …But Seriously, made me think the sound was way too quiet, that there was some fault in the mecahnism (I’m a real techie!) and that that was why it got ditched at the thrift shop (and I’d just been hosed for $4). But then I turned off the AVLS and bam! Full volume. Otherwise, there are no issues with tape speed and it sounds great. The only issue I noticed was that there’s a wee bit of static crackle when adjusting the volume while a tape is playing, but that stops when the switch is left alone. I can live with that!

It’s 2015 and I bought a Sony cassette Walkman. My lovely wife said I am taking retro too far. I told her that, to me, tapes never went away – it’s just another method of getting musics into my ears. So, for $4, I’ll take that gamble every time. Retro nothing – these things are still in use!


Da Tunes

As I noted in the intro, there really hasn’t been a whole lot of time to do dedicated listening for reviews, this week. Haha reviews. These aren’t reviews! They’re farts! I know, I know. Anyway, I did get to play some really important (to me) albums, all of which were proper investments in time. So while there may not be quantity of music this week, there surely was quality. Let’s get to the music that did fill my ears this week!

symbiosisBill Evans – Symbiosis

I found this amazing disc at our thrift shop for $3, and bought it because BILL EVANS. When I got home, I was looking it up and discovered that it must be fairly rare. Only one copy on our Amazon, at over $140. CD Universe just links to the US Amazon where the cheapest used copy was about $60. Discogs doesn’t even have a copy on CD. I said to my lovely wife, “there’s money in the banana stand!”*

Recorded in 1974 (first time on CD, for this copy I have here from Verve, in 1994), the music itself is brilliant. Done in two movements, it’s really quite stunning. There’s a sweet push and pull between tension and gentle passages, times when it sounds like it’s searching and others when it’s just floating along beautifully. All of it is creative, complex, perfectly-realized, and I’m sure that on repeat-spins I will hear more to it that I missed the first time around. Total score!

Further Gratitude

There’s even more to be thankful for, with another beautiful birthday gift, this time from my own Mom & Dad. Of course, not knowing where to even begin with what I’m after, they asked what I wanted and I told them, and they totally came through… yes, I got another in the Zeppelin series!

CoverLed Zeppelin – Physical Graffiti  (3LP Deluxe)

The Album: Let’s be honest, here. It’s a classic. From Custard Pie to Sick Again, there’s nothing I can say here that hasn’t been said/thought/written by zillions before me. The packaging is stupendous in reproduction. And the remastering job sounds absolutely gorgeous to these ears, for sure. I am loving owning all of these records on gorgeous 180g vinyl, I’m not gonna lie.

The Companion Audio: I really look forward to the extras in these sets. There hasn’t been any live stuff since Led Zeppelin I (dammit!) but let’s see what we’ve got on this one!

Brandy & Coke [(Trampled Underfoot) Initial Rough Mix] really didn’t sound all that different to me (maybe my ears missed a bunch – probably). Sick Again (Early Version) is a rockin’ instrumental version. A bit of a different intro and then just groove along. I liked this! In My Time Of Dying (Initial Rough Mix) feels (to me) a bit slower, drawing out the blues a tad more. Love that slide guitar. Houses Of The Holy (Rough Mix With Overdubs) dulls the sound of the guitars and I prefer it this way – a bit muddier.

Everybody Makes It Through (In The Light) (Early Version in Transit) is a cool alternate version with different lyrics. And no weirdo bagpipe/synth thing or spacey vocals at the intro. This is the stuff we’re really after, I’d call this one a highlight of the companion audio so far. Boogie With Stu (Sunset Sound Mix) has an extra sweeter guitar part over the top – aw yes, now we’re cookin’! It was a cool stomper to begin with, but this mix is special. Better than the album version? Yup. And finally, Driving Through Kashmir (Kashmir Rough Orchestra Mix) is louder somehow (it could just be my ears). No matter, this is a classic tune that needs no introduction, surely.

In Sum:

Ha. You know what I’m gonna say. Buy this. And thank you so much Mom & Dad! You tolerate your collector son’s collecting!

Further Further Gratitude

And here we go yet again with another birthday gift! Yes! I totally got spoiled this year, and it’s wonderful. 🙂  This time thanks go out to my lovely wife for listening patiently to me as I rattled on, surely more than once, about this series, and for procuring the one I was most interested in!

marquee 1971Rolling Stones – From The Vault: The Marquee Club Live In 1971 (CD/DVD)

Really, all you need to do is read 1537’s review right here. He’s summed it up perfectly, I need not type a thing. But since we’re here, this is the Stones in a period of theirs I love very much. It’s beautifully raw, hairy, raunchy, bluesy, and balls-out rockin’.

The extra versions are worth the price of admission, and the DVD adds a sweet touch. It makes sense that it’s here, obviously, as this was a taping for a Swedish TV show. It’s fun watching how quickly the whole thing devolves into an Otis Redding-esque soul revue. Very cool to see them performing it as opposed to hearing it, and I say that knowing that if it had just been a CD release I’d have been as happy with it anyway.

Man, what a band. I sure do love ‘em.


New Releases That Excite Me Greatly



Our Thanks:

After all of that, if you’ve made it this far, we’d like to thank you very much for joining us for another KMA Sunday Service. We hope you enjoyed your stay, and that you’ll leave a small offering of a comment or two in the comment collection plate as it is passed around, though of course, as always, this is merely a suggestion and not an obligation. We invite you all to join us again next week, when we once again bring you the KMA Sunday Service!

* Extra points to you for recognizing the reference there.


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  1. Nice to see that you had a great bday!
    The Hip Wine: haha 🙂 Is there an album or concert anniversary coming up that you could toast?
    Top 15 on the 15th! Thanks for the reminder! I need to work on this.
    Tags: I use them but not sure it’s made a difference. Occasionally, I’ve searched the reader for keywords so they can be useful.
    Good to know that Physical Graffiti deluxe is awesome!
    The Srones’ Marquee Club Live 1971 — I want this one 🙂
    I like that Ghost Meloria cover.
    I didn’t get the reference….


    • It was the birthday that just kept giving, Danica! Incredible. As for an upcoming event for the wine, um, no? Not really. Nice try though! Looking forward to your 15 on the 15th!

      I’m with you on the tags. I’m not 100% certain they’re making much difference. The LZ is amazing (of course it is, PG is a great album!), and the Stones is all sorts of brilliant. I’m biased, of course. Long-time fan, over here.

      You really do read all the way to the bottom! We’ll wait and see who gets the refernce first… 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Geoff just nailed it, Danica. The reference is to the banana stand in Arrested Development. Which I suppose is only fair if you’ve seen the show. If not, it’d be all WTF? Haha. Also, if you haven’t seen it, that show comes highly recommended from several bloggers in this gang, surely. Get it and give ‘er!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not even that big a fan of The Stones and I still want those sets too, so I can imagine how excited you are by them!

    I use tags but no idea if they make any difference. Sometimes I like hiding wee jokes in there. But I don’t use many so I avoid the spam issue. I have categories for genre and the type of post (review, news etc…). I use tags just to group posts by anything that might link them but isn’t always mentioned in the post. (New Releases, Deluxe Editions, Classic Albums etc…) I don’t bother with artist or album title cause those are in the posts already so any searches are going to find those anyway. That’s how I do it. Not saying it’s the right way though!

    And I got the three new Zep reissues so I’m all up to date. I love the paper bag packaging with In Through the Out Door!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, the Stones thing was a goldmine for me. So many highlights.

      Well, yours seems to be another vote on tags not really be required (though maybe kinda sorta useful in spefici situations maybe?). Hm. If your way works for our evilest blackest Heavy Metal Overlord, it’s gotta be good enough for me! Haha. Anyway, I dunno what to do on that. I mean, do I really care if WP thinks I’m a spammer? I’m such a bad-ass all the time as it is…

      I still need the last three Zep re-ishs. I’m hoping maybe if Mike and I go to Taranna this fall I can snag one. Add the rest to the ol’ Christmas list!


  3. I really need to pick up that Stones LP. Ridiculous that I haven’t done that yet. Anyway, that’s a whole host of goodness on the horizon! The Black Crowes! Ghost! Lordy! Drink the wine!


    • Yup, the Stones is quite good! (Careful, my bias is showing).

      I’m excited for the Crowes on LP. It’s a stupid purchase for me, I already have the CDs. But still. Vinyl. Nice one!

      Haha the more people tell me to drink the wine, the more part of me says hold onto it. Jeez I’m a weirdo!


      • I went looking for it after Mr 1537’s post, but my local stores didn’t have it. I’ll get it, though.

        Those Crowes LP’s are gonna save me cash! I have them also, but want Southern and Amorica on vinyl. All-timers, those two.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Right on. I’m glad they slipped the DVD in with the LP.

          I’ll agree to Southern. You can keep Amorica. 😉


          • Haha. You’re not the first person that’s said that to me! I love that album!


            • Yeah, Mike too. I dunno it just never clicked with me. But power to those that enjoy it. Somebody’s gotta! 😉


              • Is it the only Crowes album you feel that way about?


                • It comes and goes. I was into them pretty deep for a while there, and then I came up for air. Ever since that, I still go for the first two records first. Just a personal preference. I don’t even own anything after Lions anymore. I’ve heard the later records, I liked them, just never bought them. Amorica never hit me right, and I liked some of Three Snakes well enough and then we saw them on that tour and.. well, let’s just say Chris could barely stand. It was pathetic. Total sour. I came back to it somewhat over the years. I dunno, I’m rambling. I don’t really have strong opinions about it anymore. If they come on in the mix, it’s all good. I might even buy the records I don’t have, at some point. 🙂


                  • I can’t remember the last time I listened to the first album. Don’t have it anymore. The three I keep going back to are Southern Harmony, Amorica and Three snakes. I like By Your Side enough (dare say on account of seeing them on that tour), but I haven’t really clicked with anything since. The best stuff is that with Marc Ford. He just added a warmth.

                    But aye, I go through periods where I listen to them non-stop. Really sad the way things ended up.


                    • Moneymaker is really raw and fun. If you’re buying the vinyls, you’d do well to snag it again.

                      I saw them on the By Your Side tour too – twice (Toronto and Detroit). The songs were WAY better live.* I found that record to be way overproduced. Same as something like Siamese Dream, just produced to the point that it squeaked it was so shiny.

                      Apparently they Chris Robinson Brotherhood kicks all sorts of ass (to hear my sister tell it, she loves ’em), and they’re touring and recording all the time.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • I agree with the assessment of By Your Side – really unfortunate production on that, but I am really fond of the songs on there. Dare say I wouldn’t dig it so much had I not caught them on that tour.

                      I’ve heard that the Chris Robinson Brotherhood are really pretty special, but I’ve yet to find something that really grabs me. Though I only gave their two 2012 albums a cursory listen. Nael Casal’s a great songwriter, too – a fine ‘replacement’ for Rich.


                    • There’s an acoustic version of Horsehead that’d knock you backwards. I think I might have it, lemme see…

                      My sis says CRB is worth it. I don’t own any of it, myself. Maybe Taranna.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Horsehead is one of my favourites. If it had the feel of Southern Harmony or Amorica it would have been perfect!


                    • Horsehead was a concert highlight, too. Try this!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • That’s not too bad, eh? Reckon I’m gonna go listen to By Your Side today …


                    • My work here is done! 😉

                      Liked by 1 person

                • Oop, tell a lie. I do have the Lost Crowes 2CD set here too, and that came after Lions. 😉

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  4. There’s always money in the banana stand (clicking noise) – George Bluth!
    LOVE Arrested Development, easily in my Top 5 shows, period.
    Congrats on the new-to-you walkman – I have one that I thought had bit the dust as the volume was funny, I’ll have to try your troubleshooting trick!
    A week of Zep & Stones is never a bad week.
    I’ll be thinking of you on the first day of school next week!


    • And Geoff wins the No Prize! Congratulations on correctly identifying Arrested Development as the reference. 🙂 We love that show around here, too. Love love love. It was James got us hooked on it, I do believe…

      The Walkman is pretty damn sweet. It’s been ages since i had one, and the wave of nostalgia was pretty strong. If all it takes is turning off the AVLS on your walkman, that’s advice FTW!

      A week of Zep and Stones… sound like every week around here. Just not every week I get to hear new-to-me Zep and Stones!

      Thanks for the first week of school thoughts. It’s crushing to think my little baby is off to school. She’s so big and yet still so little!

      Liked by 1 person

      • And she’ll have a great time at school, that’s terrific you got to spend a few years with them as a stay-at-home dad.

        The new-to-me of an old favourite is such a neat feeling, like seeing an Arrested Development episode from years ago that I somehow missed!


        • Oh I know, she’s quite ready to go to school. But Daddy’s not ready to send her! Man, it seems like only ten minutes ago I was looking down into that face moments after she was born. Gah. I felt the same way watching our boy troop into the school two years ago, his backpack as big as he was. You raise them so they don’t need you and letting them go do for themselves is the hardest part!

          I have Absolutely Loved these three years as stay-at-home-dad. Best job I ever had, bar none. It’s not even close, this one wins hands-down. Sure, it was more work than any job I’ve ever had, but still it was the best time ever. These are the coolest kids, and we had a blast.

          Hearing a new-to-me live recording of the Stones from 1971, a period of theirs I just adore, is a real gift. I believe I’ve already thanked my lovely wife several times for making sure I got a copy!

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  5. Oops, once correction! It was Brian/Boppin that originated the Alan Frew email. Craig merely added the comment “Don’t forget me when I’m gone? #toosoon”

    Hoping Alan comes back strong. I’ve been playing Glass Tiger a lot lately even before this. You never want to read that news…just ugh.

    Spam: As far as I can tell, my site has been tagged as a spammer for years now. I have used too many tags, and I have also linked to sites that sell things which is a big no-no. But I don’t care — I want to be able to say “here it is on Amazon”, or “here it is on Discogs”.

    I use 1-2 categories per post. Usually something like “Reviews” and maybe a subcategory like “Movies”. Tags, I use as many as I deem necessary. I like to tag all the band members, the musical genre, album title, and any significant songs or personnel. Like Scott I like to hide jokes in my tags, but I think we’re the only ones who notice anymore so I kind of stopped doing it, for the most part.

    Lastly – the mighty ZEP. Got that one for my birthday this year! Still have to break the seal though!


    • Ah, I’m not sure I saw Brian on the front of that. Ah well, good to acknowledge the start of the chain! Also, I thought the Don’t Forget Me thing wasn’t only too soon, but too much. He didn’t die, just had a stroke and is very much still alive.

      GT comes up in the mix now and again (as all the records are loaded into the ol’ iTunes, and it’s always a pleasant blast of nostalgia.

      So there’s no penalty or restrictions from WP for using too many tags? Well then, who cares? Ha. We only have two categories for the whole site (James’ posts and mine) and then tags were usually artist and album title, or if it was something blog related it’d be Site. Really complicated. And these Sunday posts fill it up quick! But if there’s no usage limits or warnings or whatever, I say blast away. Right on.

      I’ll be curious to hear what you think of the Companion Audio on PG! Did you get the CD or the LP?


      • Yeah it was too soon.

        I got the CD. I haven’t got any of the Zep LP sets, but I think the CD ones are all fantastic. Yeah, must delve in there soon!

        I think WP does have tag restrictions, but I don’t really care. They’ve already got me labelled as a spammer so I’m not going to change anything now. I think the way to tell is to see if you show up in your own reader. (Sarca is the expert and she told me that I wasn’t showing up in her reader and I was most likely considered spam.)

        But like I said I don’t really care that much, we got community working for us and I still get new readers via all of us. Danica for example — welcome to our rock community, however you found us!


        • The CD sets would be nice too, then I could get them in my iTunes! I don’t have a way to get LPs onto my computer! I’m rockin’ the Zep true old school. Haha.

          I don’t know that my posts have ever shown up in my own Reader. I may not have been paying attention, but in all these years I’ve not noticed it. I can’t have been a spammer ALL this time! Bah. Seems unnecessary anyway, since I’m the one that posted the bloody thing! Ha. Well, I’m still not convinced that the tags do anything, and you’re absolutely right. This blog ain’t gunning for millions of Readers, and even so, Community has brought us Readers, and they are all beautiful! COMMUNITY!


  6. OH and Crowes — will get Live at the Greek ’91.


  7. I have exactly one cassette tape and have not thought about it for a long time, now after reading this I need a Walkman. Thanks for that my wife will have something else to laugh at me for. Now I will have to get to that 15 albums list.


    • Hey, you’re welcome! And welcome back to the world of tapes! 🙂 I know some have said they dislike them because of speed and quality issues but I’ve never suffered that, so for me it’s just another way to get tunes in my ears, and an easy way to amass a lot of albums cheaply.

      Also, the eye-rolling thing: not to worry, my lovely wife rolled her eyes at me when I set it in the cart. It’s survivable and hey, if we didn’t give them little things to wonder about, they’d wonder about bigger things! 🙂

      Looking forward to your 15! My own list is a nightmare. I can’t whittle it down!


    • Also, I am super-curious as to what your one cassette is. Care to share? 🙂


  8. Oh, tagging: I’ve been trying to cut back on the tags. Dare say there’s posts that likely qualified me as a spammer. Used to tag everything. Really didn’t think it mattered much!


  9. Back in the day, I used to run with a Sony cassette Walkman. I had to strap it on with a Boy Scout belt–crazy! Now my iPod Shuffle 3 is almost weightless. Good score on Bill Evans!


    • Yeah those Sports models are beasts. I recently sent a blue one of those to Sarca! This unit I have here though is half the weight, and smaller. Would fit well enough in hand for running (so long as it wasn’t a long distance, which I never do anyway). It does have a spot for a belt clip, but for this unit that particular extra is long gone. Man, wouldn’t I be a sight, running the track at the gym with a cassette walkman! SO HOT!

      The Bill Evans ended up being a neat find. Not only did it (apparently) turn out to be somewhat more expensive to procure through the usual means, but it’s a bloody great album too. FTW!

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  10. Sorry I’m late reporting here Boss! Lots of stuff posted,great read dude and thanks for the Top 15 reminder!
    So your little one is off to school wow and my oldest is,starting college! Ha call me Geezer Deker! Seriously though your time will fill up quick with school stuff,appointments,sick days,just everyday living ……
    Those Crowes vinyls look Good…..great stuff again……


  11. I use shitloads of tags – never got me into trouble yet, I think. It’s how folk find me, mostly.

    Big thanks for the multiple shout-outs! And yes, I can confirm that vegetarianism multiplies anyone’s come hither powers by X3. True story.


  12. Does that mean my copy of Southern Companion won’t be worth shitloads any more? Bastards!!


  13. The Stones one is a must have, really nice package of loveliness.

    Are Ghost any good? I’ve always liked the idea of them.


  14. beatthemtodeathwiththeirownshoes

    First time I’ve dropped by for the Sunday Service – I was wearing a tie btw (nothing else). Very entertaining it was too. Love the bit from your kid. As 1537 has already affirmed, vegetable do make one more attractive to the opposite (and the same) sex. Rock bands for many years have been employing the sexual potency of vegetables (usually cucumbers) in their shorts. It’s a tip I’ve picked up and find that two pumpkin and a marrow do the job just nicely.They also have the added benefit (when hollowed out)as doubling as floats when I got to the beach.
    My kids have all grown up now, but the ‘funniest’ thing one of them said, was in a hotel lift in Los Angeles. A flamboyant cross-dresser got in with us and she said at the top of her voice ‘that man doesn’t look like a woman.’ They spat some insult at her and got out on the next floor. She was three. I was speechless… until the doors shut, then I allowed myself a little titter or two.


    • Thanks so much for stopping by! The Sunday Service ran several weeks and then, with the new year, I just went for a Post Whenever sort of approach, which leads to a lot more individual posts rather than all in one place. The jury is still out on whether people like it one way or the other! Haha had a good chuckle at the bowtie, and the pumpkins.

      Kids will say the damndest things, and usually right when there’s a lull in the conversation or a quiet moment, and usually rather loudly. I like their unfiltered approach. Definitely lots of laughter, with young ones around!

      Again, thanks for stopping by. Hope we keep offering up stuff you enjoy!


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