KMA1995 After The Burial – Dig Deep

There’s a new hire at work*, who arrived wearing a Gojira hoodie. I liked him immediately. We talked music. I gave him Magma. He loaned me this one. I’d never heard of them, but he swore I’d love it. He’s right.

This beast is full of heavy djent riffage, melodic lines, rubbery bass, guttural vocals and machine-gun drumming. Holy hell it’s heavy! I hear Slipknot and Sevendust, but also their own unique thing clearly. This would own, live. Fuck yeah!


* We have the same first name, so you know he’s a righteous dude.

2 thoughts on “KMA1995 After The Burial – Dig Deep

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha I know, it’s AWESOME! \M/ Always happy to meet another fan. My next project is to introduce him to the wonders of Isis’ Oceanic and Panopticon. He’s intrigued…


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