Witch – Witch

I know that I just got done covering all the stuff from my last trip to the city, but look at this, I got to go again! 

Mike, my Dad and I were in Taranna on Sunday! When we got to Bloor and Avenue Road, my Dad hopped out of the car with a wave and off he went, and we didn’t see him for hours. It’s just what he does – he walks everywhere and takes it all in, stopping wherever he wants to stop. Right on.

This was the first time in a couple of years Mike and I have managed to do this trip, and it was awesome. Thanks, Mike, for a great day!


I am calling this series, which covers my scores from the trip, Toasty Taranna, because holy hell it was hot that day. I do not do well in the heat generally (I am happiest when it snows), but being right downtown and surrounded by all that concrete made it seem even hotter than it probably was, though there was a humidex warning… at least we got the occasional breeze…

Toasty Taranna #1: BMV #1: Witch – Witch

I bought this without knowing how it would sound, but solely because it has J. Mascis on drums. How cool is that, right? Right.

Witch’s music sounds like Sabbath, straight up. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that, baby, not when it kicks as much ass as this does! There’s nothing mopey or downer about this slab of metal – this is a pure fuzzed-out rawk fest and I loved every second. It’s stoner psychedelic, it’s metal, it’s often played at high speed, and it’s huge and monstrous and glorious and heavy and some of the best damn rock you can put in your ears on any given day. 

Goddamn, this was GREAT!


Hit It Or Quit It? \m/  HIT!  \m/

10 thoughts on “Witch – Witch

  1. stephen1001 says:

    I remember in the video reveal, you were excited to see Mascis was involved in this one – so it doesn’t surprise me that you listened to it ASAP & found it to be excellent!


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