Barney Bentall – Gin Palace

The name Gin Palace evokes history, a place to go where everybody, er, knows your name, perhaps? And what happens there? Often, the bands crank up the rock. 

This 1995 album comes to us under the name Barney Bentall (no Legendary Hearts), yet most of the main band here are Legendary Hearts. Only Mike Crozier is different, so I suppose that is why they left off the name. 

Of course I’m gonna say this is awesome (because it is), and you should definitely hear it and buy it (because you should). A lot of the songs here have a harder, rockier edge. There’s just something about these songs, a feel, a feel like home and that somehow these guys just get it and everything is going to be OK. Even when the song subject isn’t the nicest, it still will. 

Bruce Cockburn co-wrote Atikokan Annie. Honourary Legendary Hearts listed include Cockburn, Paul Coffey and Darren McCarty. Let’s go! 








14 thoughts on “Barney Bentall – Gin Palace

    1. keepsmealive says:

      I Googled it and mostly just got the song lyrics. Whatever the case, it makes for a helluva tale in the song!

      Annie grew up in Atikokan, did alot of drinkin’ and alot of smokin.
      Home chemistry and alot of sex but Annie got bored and wondered what was next.
      I was raised in the sprawling city.
      It’s hard to be charming, it’s hard to witty.
      Room for success but I lacked the will.
      Where there once was a heart, there was a hole to fill.
      What do you stick in such a hole?
      Sex and drugs and rock and roll.
      You just get swallowed and flushed away.
      How do you fit into this shallow grave?
      Hey hey
      It doesn’t matter how we met.
      It was something we’d both rather forget.
      One day I looked around and I wasn’t alone, Annie had a demon that matched my own.
      We were napalm and missles in flight.
      Day followed day and night followed night.
      Like eyelids fluttering on a dreamers face, I’d like to see you live in that place.
      Atikokan Annie and me were never meant to be, ah ah ah ah.
      I’m looking for some comfort in a sea, full of memories.
      She’s on the carpet, boots in the mud.
      There was always money and sometimes blood.
      We never went out of our way to cause anyone pain but even a saint carries some kind of stain.
      Stars broke wild in the midnight sky.
      Annie took the money, she left me to die.
      But I bear no grudge, she bears no shame.
      I survived and anyways, I would have done the same.
      She put my feet on the ground like a woman can.
      She taught me to stand up and take it like a man.
      I gave her pride and I showed her the world.
      She put it on like a jacket made of pearls.
      Ya ya
      I’m doin alright in my Yukon home.
      Annie’s been in the backrooms and still feelin’ low.
      I still see her face, the ghost of her thighs but they’re all over now.
      I’m supposed to be wise.
      And it strikes me as something worth passing on.
      Between the need of the night and the dead of dawn that they way to get free of your lonesome greed is to answer, answer someone else’s need ya ya.
      Atikokan Annie and me were never meant to be, ah ah ah ah.
      I’m looking for some comfort in a sea full of memories, ah ah ah ah.
      Atikokan Annie and me were never meant to be, yayayayayaya.

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    1. keepsmealive says:

      Then my work here is done! Always happy to share the work of Mr. Bentall et al. with folks. I think they’re fantastic. He has some later solo albums I still need to get, too. Awesome stuff, enjoy!

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        1. keepsmealive says:

          I suppose, yeah, although I write about stuff from everywhere, if it’s in my collection or crosses my path. I’m fortunate, then, tht there is SO much good music being made by genuine hosers, right here in Canadialand. 😉

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