Back in October, I ordered the (then) latest Guided By Voices album release, Scalping The Guru from the official site. At the same time I ordered Robert Pollard’s latest collage artwork book, Eat 18. Yes, I own 1-17 already. Life is good.

And, because I am a collector-geek, I also ordered a second copy of Eat 13. Why? Because, back in 2016, my first copy arrived signed by Mr. Robert Pollard himself, and I have it kept separate from the rest of the collection in a special place. Of course. So, all along, I have wanted another copy to fill out the growing main collection. It was only $10, so it was no problem to throw it in.

AND I also pre-ordered the next (at the time) Guided By Voices album release, La La Land, due out this month (January, 2023). It promised to be a sweet, sweet delivery day, I thought, sometime in October/November…

Except it turns out that they hold orders from shipping until all items are ready, so back in October they dutifully set aside my CD of Scalping The Guru and the two Eat books to await the release of La La Land. In January. Yes, I’ve waited three months for this arrive.

Note to self: Make all pre-orders as separate orders!

Anyway, it’s all here as of yesterday, it’s all beautiful, and I am in a happy, happy place!


(Top row, l-r: Scalping The Guru, La La Land. Bottom row, l-r: Eat 13, Eat 18.)


  1. boppinsblog says:

    Combining.orders and ordering separately is a tricky thing. If shipping charges are involved, often is cheaper to combine, so you save $.
    Unless our gov’t gets involved and charges you duty at the border.
    Often items as low as $40-50 flag duty, but other times not. It’s a crap shoot.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I was just saying to Mike, I think (I’d have to confirm) it’s just a flat rate per item but I don’t remember. They’re really the only one I get from the States, and I’ve never had extra duty charges on an order in all these years.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I would have to look but I think they charge a flat rate for each item (from the U.S.), not one bulk rate, so really they could all be individual orders, if that’s the case. It’s been a few months since the order so I forget anyway lol.


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